Matakoro is a small colony of the former Rambo Nation located in the Mid Colonial Sector. Once a green world with cities now a watery planet after plundering it natural resources caused a dramatic and drastic climate change. Most famous for being the main port of the Froramsilia Company Association and the headquarters of the broadcasting Corporation & Media-Services Provider known as the Quadrantia HoloNet.


Matakoro was inhabited by settles from Rambo Nation well before 2593 (227 BQF) and soon became a small but thriving place. Its remote location and peaceful nature drew attention of wealthy Rambo Serindia who settled down as well and raised the Quadrantia HoloNet in 2593, a profit-driven Broadcasting Corporation & Media-Services Provider that in the years to come would become the greatest and most important network within the Quadrant Galaxies.

During the Second Galactic War in 2798 (0 BQF) the planet suffered from severed trade routes and faced a period of near starvation. Due to this period the cult Asdran'Ari managed to gain a foothold on the planet for a period of time. During the Second Great Cyrannus War the planet was sieged by the Confederacy of Allied Systems. During the battle captain Rambam perished. Two months later, the planet was retaken and enjoyed a new period of prosper.

Around 2815 (17 AQF) the planet suffered an ecologic disaster when the seas suddenly rose and wiped away the settlements during the floods. The plundering of its natural resources disbalanced the ecological system and with rising carbon dioxide levels the polar areas melted causing the floodings. By 2820, the planet remained an important strategic location with the ever growing Praesidium Navlia, the military shipyards of the Froramsilia Company Association and current owner of the planet. During the occupation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus the shipyards continued to maintain both Ramboidae and Imperial vessels until its liberation.


Praesidium Navlia

Praesidium Navlia

The Shipyards of Matakoro, better known as the Praesidium Navlia are a ringed shipyard that encircles the planet belonging to the Froramsilia Company Association. The yards include Modular Constructions as well that are either attached to each other or to the ringed structure. The yards maintain and produce Ramboidae vessels like amongst others the former Constitution-Class and the Butterfly-Class line. Heavily defended by the fleet, defensive systems and shieldings the shipyards are besides a manufracturer of ships also a bastion to defend the Nation.

Besides its role as shipyard the ringed structure acts as a trade port as well. The Company processes all materials throughout the ringed structure before they are shipped elsewhere within the realm and as such is a major importer and exportor of materials and goods.

As such the Praesidium Navlia is a vital place for both the miltary and the economy of the realm and enjoys the protection of the military while being a private company.

Quadrantia HoloNet

Quadrantia HoloNet department and array at the rings of Matakoro

The Praesidium Navlia houses the Quadrantia HoloNet as well. The Broadcasting Observatory is the headquarters of the Quadrantia HoloNet and is an unique structure found at the massive ring. Originally the station was the main transmitter for broadcasting within Quadrant 82 and holds the offices, newsrooms and computer monitoring chambers. It also acts as a transmittor with its own solar panels for continues energy supplement. Connected to the main ring by a single elevator it is also holds the servers of the HoloNet that are seperated from those wihtin the ring. The QHoloNet section behind the observatory holds even more offices and storage rooms.

In orbit of the ring the Deep Space Transmitter, vital for the HoloNet its broadcasting and network can be found. The array is powerful enough to send transmission throughout the Cyrandia Cluster.


Shipping Company Port

Shipping Company Port

The Shipping Company Port is a section of the Praesidium Navlia provided by the Froramsilia Company Association to the Muunivelle Shipping Company and the Dutch Trade Company. The Company Port allows both shipping companies to import or export goods and materials that are processed in the ring throughout the Cluster for the clients of both shipping companies.

Though rivals, the Froramsilia Company Association often hires or contracts both shipping companies to support their own organisation due to its large size the Froramsillia Company Association itself is unable to ferry all cargo on its own.

Weapons and armament Port

Saurien Sector Corporation Weapons port

The Weapons and armament Port is a section of the Praesidium Navlia reserved for the transport vessels of the Saurien Sector Corporation. As the SSC provides and delivers the weaponry required to install on the military vessels their dock falls under restricted area and crossing the defense perimeter without permission results in imminent destruction of the vessel.


Though not yet implemented or provided to boost the econimic status and profit of the Praesidium Navlia a research is going on to provide other companies ports at the ringed structure.




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