If you wanna feel tiny, just volunteer to join Macronormus' science team. You'll get what I mean when you see it.

- Polar Crystal Alliance Scientist

Macronormus is a planet located in the Miniaris Sector of the Borealis Galaxy. Covered in many forests, it supports a wide range of wildlife that live in a mostly carnivorous biosphere. Macronormus is an uncivilized world dominated by large oceans and seas, although it is also home to five continents of rather small size where a majority of the fauna and flora inhabit, although there is a notable amount of life that inhabits the seas and other large bodies of water.

The weather on Macronormus is rather temperate, with not a lot of extremely hot or cold places aside from within the underground. Macronormus' natives often live either upon the surface or below ground, although there is always a large amount of life in any area of the planet. It is unknown how long the life on Macronormus has been evolving for, although extensive research shows that evolution has been flourished over the past few millions of years in rather strange ways due to the wide variety of life and ecosystems. The planet is also known for acting as an Essence damp; Essence users have their powers considerably weakened in Macronormus.


Ancient History[]

During the early stages of the planet's existence, Macronormus was a sterile, lifeless rock. Around 145 million years ago, the planet was colonized and partially terraformed by the Alvino Brood for the purpose of studying and gathering resources, but they would leave upon discovering the planet was sterile. Building a facility on the planet, the Alvino would evetually leave the planet behind. However, before they left, the Alvino left behind thousands of their spores on the planet's surface.

The planet would continue terraforming itself, and these Alvino spores would start developing independantly. As they were only spores, they were not linked to the same hivemind as the Alvino shared with the Borealis Grox Empire at the time. These spores, aided by the Alvino's already formidable evolutionary prowness, would evolve and expand through the terraformed Macronormus and become the species found today.

Recent History[]

The ambushed Borealis War veterans on Macronormus

The region around Macronormus would become famous around the ranks of Wranploer space pirates due to the Zoles and Niaka not having activity in the region out of fear of the Alvino Brood. These Wranploer took the effort of creating a species database for the planet, in case they needed to land and also for scientific purposes. The pirates used this planet to ambush or assassinate victims.

Following the end of the Second Borealis Galactic War, the pirates of this region got under the rule of Commander Zekuc. He would then prepare an ambush for the heroes of the Borealis War, with the intention of avenging General Volim. He sent invitations for the heroes to explore an unknown planet populated by gigantic beasts in enchange of several prizes. He managed to unite Baptarion Light, Uriel Ultanos, Sarec, Hachiman, Lemmo and Agent Nu and succeeded in making them crash land on the planet. However, as they survived, he decided to manipulate them to investigate a rumoured precursor facility on the planet, the same facility created by the Alvino. When later personally ambushing the group on-land, Zekuc was attacked by a Brukar Colossus and was forced to flee in a shuttle. Sarec possessed the Colossus' mind and took down his shuttle, causing him to crash land. Despite surviving the crash, Zekuc was killed by a swarm of Mikmik and fed to their Vorlora.

Following this incident, Macronormus became a wildlife sanctum under control of the Polar Crystal Alliance.


Macronormus has a status of being a somewhat small solid planet, having about 72% of Earth's mass. The planet mainly consists of one, large massive super-ocean which spans all across the planet. The land on the planet is divided into five small continents with different geological and environmental aspects; Theohelm, Vespasian, Blagun, Diodoros and Faris.

The continent Faris serves as Macronormus' south pole and is covered entirely in snow and ice, with near constant storms and blizzards in certain areas although it is still capable of supporting some forms of life. Theohelm, the first continent explored during the first expedition to the planet, is covered in tropical forests and serves as a basin for life, both flora and fauna, as well as being the largest of the five continents of the planets and is noted for both its size and bio-diversity. It is said to be one of the more desirable places on Macronormus geologically due to the amount of sunshine and moisture in the air, although it is currently the only continent that has been properly explored and noted in detail. Vespasian is slightly smaller than Theohelm and is covered nearly entirely in grasslands. Blagun is arguably the hottest of the continents, as nearly the entire landscape is a desert wasteland where only the toughest forms of life inhabit, as there is a clear absence of flora and water. Diodoros is a continent consisting almost entirely of mountain ranges and barren grasslands, although the air contains more moisture due to the fact that several areas of the continent are bombarded by rainstorms every so often, as well as the fact the mountains reach into the clouds.

The underground networks of each of the continents, including Faris to some extent, are geologically active. Underground caverns and caves, either created naturally or through some influence from the wildlife and flora of the planet, are common and often extend downwards in various levels, often inhabited by at least some form of life. These caves and caverns are usually volcanic in nature and some extend so far that creatures live by molten rock and large pools of lava.


Macronormus' air is often filled with moisture, with the exception of Blagun, as the continent is to hot to support liquid in the air, and Faris, which is too cold. This is often due to winds that originate from the massive super-ocean which passes over the continents. The cause for the moisture is also due to the large amounts of rain on the continents. Despite the fact that Theohelm and Vespasian are usually known for their sunshine, when rain strikes it literally bombards the continents for weeks, while Diadoros' rainstorms usually last for a shorter duration but are more numerous. Rainfall is often sudden and spontaneous, although is more common during the end and beginning of each month. Plants usually sustain themselves from the large amounts of rain that falls during these periods and can go for extended periods of time without it.

During the summer seasons, winds originating from Blagun often heat the air of the other continents, with winds from Faris often chilling the air of the other continents during the winter seasons, although it is uncommon to see snowfall within the other continents, while Faris remains extremely cold and harsh throughout most of the year and Blagun remains hot for most of the year.


A group of Mikmik observing some Routrith and a Migehew, just some of the fauna on Macronormus.

Main article: Macronormus Species

Despite Macronormus' size, there are no obvious signs of native civilizations on the planet. Industrialization is practically non-existant both on the surface and underground, thus this has allowed life to evolve at an amazing and diverse rate. The plants grow to amazing heights and often tower over even some of the tallest skyscrapers on the most industrious of planets, as they sustain themselves from long periods of torrential rain and long periods of sunshine afterwards. There is also an increase of oxygen in the air, which results in flora and fauna growing to stupendous sizes, often with carnivorous diets. There has only been few explorations of the planet and all had taken place on Theohelm, so a large majority of plant and animal life is undiscovered and uncatalogued.

The fauna on Macronormus is diverse in many aspects, yet all seem to share the aspect of large sizes. A majority of the wildlife is carnivorous and prey upon each other, with conflicts and battles between these creatures often ending up catastrophically for the local area due to the sheer size and strength of these creatures. The oxygen levels and the fact that the gravity is lower here than on Earth means that man-sized bugs can fly without problem for long periods of time while carrying heavy cargo, whether it'd be flora or prey. This also allows for carnivores to leap further, run longer and grow bigger.

There is currently no known sentient species on Macronormus, although scientists who have explored the planet have found that a certain family of plant-animal creatures, named the Mikmik, are on the path towards sentience as they seem to have social communication and can act independentaly, although how far this extends to is currently unknown. The Mikmik are the typical bottom of the food chain of a majority of all the other carnivorous creatures on Macronormus.


Everything is big, but there are no women here.

- Hachiman

A bowel of life, just waiting for that spark of sapience to ignite.

- Crispy

Despite it's looks, it is apparently a hellhole.

- Tyraz

Those little...whatever they are look annoying. Get them away from me.

- Agent Nu

Hmph. Never liked planets like that.

- Navarch Venoriel



  • Macronormus is a combination of the words macroscopic, meaning large, and enormous, another word for large. This is suitable as everything on the planet, including the planet itself, is massive.
  • The fauna on Macronormus, as well as some other aspects of the planet, were inspired by the popular Nintendo franchise, Pikmin.
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