Planet Kralg is a legendary planet, home to ruins of the Empire of the Kralgons. Once a huge, powerful civilisation world, no an old, ancient place which lacks life. The planet is currently undergoing "restoration" by order of the Kralgon Emperor.


The old KralgEdit

The Kralgon of old were born here. A friendly race which enjoyed studying the planet around them, the other, larger creatures tried to kill them off. So the Kralgons toughened uyp and became a harsher, more violent species. They eventually got right to the Space Stage, and formed the Empire of the Kralgons when they claimed 5 empires using their unique AI technology.

Space KralgEdit

Kralg in the space stage was home to billions of networked Kralgon Pods, and was the most densely populated planet in Ottzello.

Destroyed KralgEdit

During a lost war of old, Kralg was attacked by many bombers, and, ultimately, destroyed and made inhabitable. The planet became a lost, forgotten world, and the Galot came to the conclusion that the Kralgon are an old legend, and do not exist. They told people this, so Kralg was never visited again, aand the memory ofthe Kralgon faded away after a century or two.

It was general belief that Sector Kralgon was a random name based off the planet's name, and that the Empire of the Kralgons was just a myth. Until the Emperor awoke...


The planet is barren, rocky, and with little hydration or vegetation. Next to nothing has been seen growing here, living here, or breathing here. It is full of buildings that would have once looked beautiful, but are now little more than ruins no one cares for.

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