The Western Forests is a large, forested region in the western area of Koldenwelt's eastern continent.


Through history, the Western Forests remained relatively untouched compared to the rest of the continent. The oldest inhabitants of the region include the Aithrena Elves, the Flora Drakes and the Kormacvarah, with the latter once having control over a very large empire which was eventually decimated by wars against Void Denizens. The Aithrena, alongside other elven races, would found the Sovereignty of Dryada at the Western Forests, which would with time become the largest and most influential elven empire in modernity. Younger races such as the Lagosi would also become prevalent and have their own affairs.


The Western Forests range from thick conifer forest where it borders the Polar Lands, to sparse deciduous woodland further south, where it eventually turns into subtropical forest. This region is considered to be where the Western Forests end and the Tropical Lands begin. Near the Sea of Sand, the forest opens out into a small region of heavy scrubland. While some areas of the Western Forests have been cleared by systematic deforestation by surrounding civilizations, dense regions of trees of every kind remain completely untouched. In the southern areas of the Western Forests, the Everwinter Highlands stand as a beacon that helps guide travelers as a mark of their location.


  • Location - East of the Forests
  • Affiliation - None

Eirland is a region of the Western Forests, in a temperate region with frequent rains. There is no major nation in Eierland, but is is dotted with various villages and tribes. The lowlands contain temperature forests, grasslands and meadows, the water ways create fens and marshes, while forest gives way to moorland and Taiga in the foggy mountain regions. Many animals and beasts, as well as cannibalistic tribes and thieves lurk in the darkest corners, where it is advised to not go alone.

  • Location - Southwest of the Forests
  • Affiliation - Multiple

The Everwinter Highlands are a mountainous region which makes up a significant portion of the southwest of Koldenwelt's Western Forests. Predominantly alpine in characteristics, the Highlands are largely mysterious and unexplored due to their cold temperature and terrain which is widely considered difficult to navigate.

  • Location - West of the Lands
  • Affiliation - Faz'ra

The Fernia Domain is a region between the Tropical lands and the Western Forests of Koldenwelt. The vegetation of the Domain is dense, but so the creatures usually live in the trees. Yet, creatures with can't climb can also easily move between the large ferns with cover the ground of this Jungle-like forest. Due to the many plants that live here, this region has seemingly massive amounts of wood, and various herbs with have healing effects. Life never runs out here, as once a member of a species is killed, another one just replaces him. The same thing counts for the flora, so deforestation never happens. It cause of this is Faz'ra, who hangs in the middle of the domain.

  • Location - Northeast of the Forests
  • Affiliation - Multiple

The Razewater Swamp is a large expansion of wetland located at the northeastern corners of the Western Forests. A wild landscape, untouched by the more civilized races of the world, the swamp is known for its main three inhabitants; tribes of gnolls, goblinoids and monkey beastfolk who have fought each other for control over the region for generations. Because of its less-than-hospitable natives and dangerous wildlife, only the most daring and well-equipped dare enter the place.




Aithrena Elf.png

The Aithrena Elves, otherwise known as the Wildwood Elves, Forest Elves, and Tree Elves, are a species of deiwos that reside primarily within the Western Forests of Koldenwelt. One of the most prominent races of elves, as well as one of the most influential within the walls of the Dryadali Sovereign, a society that they co-founded alongside other ancient elven species, the Aithrena are also perhaps one of the more outlandish due to their ethereal, almost alien appearance and their culture, which is infamous for practices of necromancy and cannibalism. However, the Aithrena, despite their proud and arrogant nature, are a pleasant people and respect nearly all other forms of life, both old and new, across the world as much as they pay homage to death, futility and inevitability.

Varkorian Goblin.png

The Varkorian Goblins are a race of goblinoids native of the Western Forests of Koldenwelt. Known for their aggressive and somewhat irrational behaviour, these creatures are often deemed as meddlesome pests by more developed cultures. The Varkorian Goblins hail from Razewater Swamp, located deep into the Western Forests, where they fiercely contest control with the Munkis. Their disorganized behaviour means they never managed to create long-standing empires or factions, with them all eventually falling apart due to the Goblins' tendency to fight each other. Wranploer bandits have seen use in these creatures and often employ them as servants due to the fact they are attracted to violence.

Vila Elves.png

The Vila Elves are a race of elven deiwos who originated from the Western Forests, but were pushed away to the Forlorn Peninsula north of the Frontier Land searching for magical power. Also known as the Twilight Elves, are often called "the Sovereignty's Shield". Aristocratic, proud, even arrogant at times, these crepuscular beings who live in a place where nights and days are long and unforgiving were unfortunate enough to have settled close to the domains of the Empire of Man, which grew to become the elves' greatest enemy. Now all Vila stand on a never-ending vigil, always ready to crush the savages from the East should they desire to wage war upon the Sovereignty.


Fantasyconis 1.png

The Draonoggr are a race of Kelodhros living in various, often reclusive places, on the planet Koldenwelt. A typical Draonoggr is often arrogent, prideful and posesses a sense of superiority over other species, possibly stemming from their lifespans and physical size. A member of the species often posesses a high intelligence and cunning. They are usually stoic and content to spend long periods of time on a single activity before moving on. Draonoggr in general are obsessive hoarders and are highly posessive. Each one keeps a personal hoard as a display of status and power to others and is highly protective over what they have. Compelled by greed it is common for two or more Draonoggr to fight over each-others' hoards, the value of which can vary depending on the tastes of the individual. This variation of taste means it is possible for some to amass mountains of a certain object only to be ridiculed by another who does not share their tastes.

Flora Drake.png

The Flora Drakes are one of the primordial kelodhros species of Koldenwelt. The smallest of the races of primordial dragons, yet by no means small by comparison to the standards of the species of deiwes and beastmen, the Flora Drakes also happen to be one of the least hostile, for they have lived alongside the most archaic of natives that reside within the Western Forests in harmonious, perhaps even symbiotic relationships, for they protect the region from the likes of their more destructive cousins and other outsiders that seek to afflict damage upon the welfare of their woodlands. The Flora Drakes, alongside their Fire Drake relatives, are one of the most common races of kelodhros and, while they are the least likely to kill out of any form of primal, natural urge or instinct, they are prudent and vigilant guardians of those arboreal landscapes that harbour life in all forms.

Lightning Drake.png

The Lightning Drakes are one of the races of True Dragons of Koldenwelt, having dominion over the school of electricity and thunder magic of the Source. Inhabitants of the mountains of the Western Forests, the Lightning Drakes are known for their benevolent behaviour, often being regarded as heralds of good tidings and as protectors of the land. They watch the civilizations of the land at the top of the land's largest summits or from the sky, always making sure their home is safe from hostile entities who may wish it harm. The Lightning Drakes are respected and sometimes worshipped as noble beings who ensure the safety of the Forests from the forces of darkness. Welcoming to outsiders, they are among the most affable and amiable of the True Dragons, though their rarity and tendency to live at remote regions means few have actually spoken to one.

Pus Dragon.png
  • Name - Pus Dragon
  • Affiliation - Neutral
  • Creator - OluapPlayer

The Pus Dragons are a race of terrible kelodhres whose ancestors suffered from the most deadly diseases of the Old Colossus Teratoma and survived, being transformed into ravenous, venomous beasts in the process. Malevolent and with an intense feeling of superiority over all other beings, these creatures thrive in assaulting and looting civilizations, amassing great treasures hoards in their lairs and consuming any who may oppose them. Their bodies are filled with rotting, festering wounds since birth, which leads many of them to die before hatching - but those who do are born with complete immunity to pain. Pus Dragons are so called by their iconic breath of magical, noxious pus which nauseates even the most strong-willed of beings.

Water Drake.png

The Water Drakes are one of the races of True Dragons of Koldenwelt, symbolizing the school of the water of the Source. Natives to the Grand River which separates the western and eastern continent, they were originally among the servants of the Old Colossus Tritonomarth and were members of the great underwater civilization of the Ondarei Mharinis before their eventual fall at the end of the Adamantine Age. In the modern day, they serve as the east's first line of defense against the Linnwyrms.


CRE Caharil-0ca874ef fulGALA.png

The Caharil are a species of bipedal birds native to the southern jungles of Koldenwelt. A typical caharil thinks on a group level and often cares just as much about those around them as they do themselves, sometimes moreso. They prefer staying in close family groups known as flights. A peculiar phenomenon in the makeup of a caharil brain: All caharili posess what they call a 'heartsong'(Chirridi: Pael'Thifani); a psycic echo present in all members of the species. This noise is said to take the form of an angelic choir and releases serotonin in the brain to the hearer.

Fantasy Coruhohun.png
  • Name - Coruhohun
  • Affiliation - Neutral
  • Creator - OluapPlayer

The Coruhohun are a species of man-sized owl-like creatures who live at the westmost portions of the Western Forests, near the shore with the Snake's River. These elusive creatures are known for their longevity and for their wisdom, with their elders keeping constant records of all events worthy of their notice. Because of this, the Coruhohun are often associated with the more positive aspects of Zran Kar, something they do not necessarily deny. Because of their nocturnal nature, many of their people can also be found at the Duskwoods of the Tropical Lands as well.


The Kormacvarah were an ancient race of immortal reptilian beastmen who lived at the Western Forests, being one of its oldest cultures. A militant people who lived at the deepest regions of the forests, they built their cities like fortresses to disallow the entrance of potentially dangerous outsiders and to stop invaders, they were also adamant protectors of nature, being self-proclaimed guardians of the world's biosphere alongside their closest allies and friends, the Flora Drakes. The realm of the Kormacvarah served as one of the safest parts of the west until the fall of their kingdom, which was slowly penetrated by the demons of the Void and eventually cast down by what is assumed to be the Lympharians. Their legacy lives on in the modern age through ruins and ancient texts recovered by the races which now call the Western Forests home, as well as the records of surviving races who lived at the region such as the Aithrena Elves.


The Lagosi, addressed in their own tongue as Ragoumin, are a race of lagomorphic beastmen that once inhabited the Western Forests of Koldenwelt, although they currently reside upon what have become known as the Kame Isles, a chain of island formations located some distance away from the continents of Koldenwelt. The Lagosi are renowned across the world for their mastery in the arts of combat and the perseverance of their ancient traditions, with their race having founded the civilization of Min Lagosi. With a history of war and feuding bloodshed at their backs, the Lagosi are solitary and intentionally restrain communication with the civilizations beyond their island homes for reasons regarding shame and dignity.


The Munki are a race of primates found through the entirely of the Western Forests, though their origins go back to the Razewater Swamp, at the central parts of the region. A short-lived and extremely mischievous race, the Munkis' culture is based on strength over brains and they spend their brief lives tormenting other races for their own amusement - they have been a thorn in the side of the Aithrena Elves, and especially the Lagosi, for countless generations. In their homeland, they are fierce enemies of the Varkorian Goblins and compete with them over control of the swamp in a constant basis. The more intelligent and educated Munkis tend to leave their primitive cousins behind to live in more civilized nations.

Fantasy Niaka.png

The Niaka are a race of very small, very fragile and short-tempered insectoid creatures and one of the Sovereignty of Dryada's vassal races. Natives of the northern forests, the Niaka notably possess tremendous magic potential for creatures of their size. In comparison, their physical strength is mediocre, to the point a Smeever can kill one by jumping on it. Being one of the least physically adept species on Koldenwelt, the Niaka have used their magic to create golem-like suits of armor made out of rocks, which they use to fight and work. The Niaka themselves hide inside these golems with only a space for eyes visible, making them almost totally defended from attacks. The golems' durability depends of the rocks they were created from, and while the Niaka can keep them active for long periods of time, continuous damage to them leaves the Niaka weakened and exhausted.








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