The Tropical Lands is a large region composed mostly by tropical rainforests, located at the south of Koldenwelt's main continent.


During ancient times, the Tropical Lands were dominated by the Orichalcum Elf Imperium and the inhabitants of the Void. The Orichalcum Elves were the greatest civilizations of the south during their apex, but they eventually succumbed to Caligaduro Provectus and became the Shiarchon, who retreated to the land known as Abyssus. The Mad Simulacrum Vargash, during Caligaduro's reign, was located at the southern edge of the Tropical Lands until he was defeated and imprisoned away by the Colossi. Caligaduro himself was eventually defeated and imprisoned at the Archipelago, which at the time belonged to the main continent before it was separated.

In modern times, the Tropical Lands became the battlefield of the final battle of the War for the Eye, which sent the Shiarchon into seclusion for 31 years. The elves who called the Archipelago home were killed off, as well as races such as the Bizargar, who were destroyed by growing Lympharians hordes. In hope to make the region more economically active, the Merovar Dynasty settled on the region and built large port cities, creating a connection betwene the continent and the many southern islands.


The Tropical Lands are located at the south of Koldenwelt's main continent. They are located at south of the Sea of Sand, east of the Western Forest and southwest of the Eastern Plains. They possess long extensions of rainforests, jungles, mangroves and swamps, and at the shore, long extensions of sand-covered beaches can be found, which continue from those along the Western Forests.

The climate of the Tropical Lands is usually tropical, with long periods of rain during the entire year. The average of the temperature is around 18°C to 30°C, but those may change depending of the current season. The Lands are composed of plains, rivers, plateaus, cliffs and mountain ranges, with the largest mountain of the region being Abyssus' Sangua Mons, at 6637 meters tall.





The most south-eastern region of the world, Abyssus is a vast volcanic wasteland that is enclosed by the Southern Mountains and the Great Eastern Walls. It has been home of the Shiarchon race for nearly fifteen thousand years, and harbour a twenty million strong population within its walls - not only of Shiarchon, but their adherents. Abyssus is notorious for its inhospitable climate, abominable creatures that roam its wastes, and the alarmingly impressive architecture that remains from void denizens who constructed great fortresses within it. No one who claims to be enemies of the Shiarchon dare venture near it, as they adamantly guard its walls.


The Duskwoods

The Duskwoods are a region of the Tropical Lands composed of deep forest where the sun never shines. Rather, the region experiences an eternal night, with the sky being eternally starry and the moons Kaurlus and Mehnot can always be seen in non-rainy days. Despite the lack of sunlight, plant life thrives in the region just as well as anywhere else, but men or elves who inhabit it tend to grow pale due to a lack of exposure to the sun. Dark magic is greatly amplified in the Duskwoods while light and sun magic tend to be severely weakened, which leads to night-dwelling creatures such as vampires and werewolves to be drawn to the forest and thrive in it. At the center of the Duskwoods lies the Enigmar Rift, a cave which leads to an entrance to the Underworld.

Into the Flesh Forest

A Dark Caxildiz at the Fog Forest

The Fog Forest was a dreaded forest located at the southern coast of the Tropical Lands, eternally surrounded by a dense white fog. It served as the home of the maddened Dark Caxildiz, servants of the Cult of the Eclipse, and as a gateway to the Chaosphere realm of Crystallis. All who ventured into this forest have never returned, until the Flesh Forest Incident where Vargash started corrupting the land through the Forest. After an expedition led by the Sea Witch explored the forest, the Fog Forest ceased to be, the area where it once stood now housing the coastline.

Sea Witch's Lair

The Sea Witch's lair at the Great Cliffs

  • Location - South of the Lands
  • Affiliation - Sea Witch

The Great Cliffs are a region composed entirely of cliffs which end directly at the ocean. Above the highest cliff is the Skull Cave, a mysterious cave shaped like a fanged Deiwos skull which currently serves as the lair of the Sea Witch. The origins of the Skull Cave are uncertain, but according to the Sea Witch, the cave was filled with pagan and necromantic artifacts before she arrived, meaning the cave may have been created by a cult dedicated to worshiping a dark being, possibly a Simulacrum.


Mala Aurorum

  • Location - South of the Lands
  • Affiliation - None

Mala Aurorum is a prehistoric temple of great power located somewhere along a thin river valley on the Duritia Peninsula. The precise location - and indeed existence - of Mala Aurorum is known to very few individuals, and it is hidden by impenetrably dense jungle, although a grove of citrus trees (the "apples of gold" for which the temple is named) gives away its presence upon close approach. The temple itself consists of a ring of standing stones set upon raised circular earthworks, and inside this is a clearing filled with magical growths such as mushrooms, beanstalks, and gnarled roots. In the exact centre of the temple is a carnivorous tree, known either as the Arbor Vitae ("tree of life") or Te Vidi ("I have seen you") depending on one's own opinion of the plant.

Qliphoth, also known by the name of Black Westlands, is a large plateau region located at the far west of the Tropical Lands of Koldenwelt. A cursed wasteland, ridden with venomous plants and hostile beasts, it famously serves as the homeland of the Oevrumine people and seat of their unified nation, the Throne of Qliphoth. A place where only the strongest can survive, Qliphoth's current state is attributed to the birth of Xitannoth, one of the divine Colossi of the world, a thousand years before the beginning of the New Age.

Snakeblood Wilds

A sunrise in the Wilds.

On the north of the Tropical Lands, close enough to the mainstay Koldenweltian civilisation to maintain a connection with it yet distant enough to remain independent, lie the deadly Snakeblood Wilds, named so after the many deadly serpentine creatures - such as the cunning Alitien - that inhabit them. At first glance, this seemingly endless rainforest may seem to be a hostile, unhospitable place, devoid of any form of civilisation. Yet those who venture deeper would notice that there are roads within the jungle, and these roads lead to beautiful cities of gold and limestone; pyramids and ziggurats that reach into the sky; aureate fields of maize and sunflowers. These are all works of the Freelanders, a human nation of merchants and astronomers that has been calling the Wilds home long before the Empire of Man was formed.

Protected from invaders by their deadly flora and fauna, the Wilds serve as one of the main trade centers of the Tropical Lands. Many exotic wares, items and artifacts - some of which are demonic in origin - pass through the jungle's city states, and merchants of all races and civilisations can be found trading there. Thus the riches of Freelander kings, and the grandeur of their golden domains, continue to grow.


Archipelagan Market

The main trading centre of the Archipelago Elves before the War for the Eye, waiting for the day's business to begin.

The Archipelago is a chain of islands in the south of the Tropical Lands, and includes the southermost points of land in the known world. It extends westwards from the Archipelago Peninsula, which is the large hook-shaped subcontinent-sized region that marks the eastern and southern boundaries of Sprak Bay and includes the Great Cliffs and Fog Forest.

While the Razoa and Zerikumm are currently the only race to call the Archipelago home, the westernmost islands were inhabited by a race of Elves which were wiped out during the War for the Eye. The Archipelago is apparently also the location of a Source nexus, as evidenced by unusual phenomena in the area, not least of which being the fact that the region's geography has shifted considerably throughout the course of history.

Akriarion Island

Akriarion Island

Akriarion Island is an isolated island located far south of Abyssus and east of the Archipelago. A scorched, destroyed wasteland, it houses the Akriarion Volcano, capital of the Vulcanus Horde and the lair of the mad pyromancer Xacutus. Akriarion is not present in any maps and few survive travelling all the way to it, let alone surviving in it. Like the Archipelago, Akriarion used to be part of the main continent before it was separated by Vargash thousands of years in the past.

Hyperion Island

A small fraction of Hyperion Island

  • Location - North of the Archipelago
  • Affiliation - Neutral

Hyperion Island is an island located north of Khrokar Island which serves as the home of dozens of different races. The island's main inhabitants are the Mikmik fairies, who enjoy employing outsiders as hunters to get the tails out of the beasts of the island for them. Hyperion is famous for its gigantic wildlife which includes exotic beasts such as Poison Drakes, and it serves as a shared hub of hunting activity for all inhabitants of Koldenwelt.

Caxildiz in Khrokar Island

Caxildiz sailing to Khrokar Island

  • Location - North of the Archipelago
  • Affiliation - Neutral

Khrokar Island is the name given to the fossilized remains of the Tritonomarth after his death at the end of the war between the Old Colossi and Vargash. The island is composed mostly of jungles and incredibly huge spikes which appear to go nearly a kilometer in size. Khrokar Island has no native sentients on its surface, but the sea around it is heavily populated by Khrokar. In addition, the New Water Colossus Tangilaruka can be found swimming near this island more often than anywhere else on Koldenwelt. Because of this, sailing is extremely dangerous. Nonetheless, Caxildiz and Merovar settlements have been created on the island in hope of expanding territory and looking for profit.

Sprak Island

Sprak Island

  • Location - North of the Archipelago
  • Affiliation - Caxildiz Tribes

Sprak Island is the closest island to the Archipelago. A very large island, it serves as the home of the Caxildiz race and as the home of two of the last living Ondarei Mharinis, Karps and Harkin. The island is dominated by a large volcano known as Infernos Mons which, in ancient times, served as a Sea Giant treasury. Contact with the island is restricted to the Merovar and whoever else manages to sail to it.





A peculiar kind of goblin, the Abyssus Goblins have a rather unusual presence in Abyssus. It is not known whether they are native of Abyssus or not, though they are generally used by the Legion of Shiarchon as a workforce for construction. They are treated with the disrespect that the Shiarchon do with many other 'lesser' kinds, and general concern for their well-being is limited to very few. The Abyssus Goblins are very easy to please, with food being their primary concern for payment. Granted that they are loyal to the Shiarchon, their own independent civilisation goes unnoticed to their benefit.


Those that remained loyal to the Legion of Shiarchon in the initial migration to Abyssus five millennia ago also had their bodies deformed and twisted in a similar manner to the Shiarchon themselves. Abyssus Humans have particularly leathery and hardened skin, as is evident on the more open parts of their armour. Though their bodies have acclimatised to Abyssus' harsh environment, they are unable to brave the occasional sandstorm that blows through their territories, hence why they wear full-face respiratory masks with eye protection. Abyssus Humans are split into multiple clans, with some loyal to the Legion and some who are not.


Generally thought of in a similar light to the Goblins, Abyssus Trolls are used also as a workforce by the Shiarchon. Less intelligent than their goblin cousins, manipulating the Trolls into working is rather trivial for the Shiarchon. Though easy to control, Trolls themselves have a shorter temper than the Goblins, and Shiarchon over time have learnt to keep their distance from the Trolls as they are also rather easy to ire.


The Archipelago Elves were a race of elves who dwelt on the westernmost cluster of islands in the Archipelago, and whose position in the world was largely that of the very end of the great north-south trade routes of eastern Koldenwelt. The majority of the Archipelagans were exterminated early on in the War for the Eye by a Shiarchon invasion. The one survivor was their Chieftain and High Priestess, Arbor Vitae, who was taken captive by Shiarchon but soon escaped and survived until near the end of the conflict when she was ambushed and shot by Shiarchon archers.


The Seí-doteutā (Protodynastic Orichalcum: Lesser ilk), known as the Bronze Elves and less commonly Golden Dwarves are an ancient and hidden tribal elven culture within the Tropical Lands of Koldenwelt. In contrast to the Orichalcum Elves, the Bronze Elves are a significantly peaceful and hospitable culture, though were often particularly stubborn in the face of adversity and those who intended to do harm. The religion of the Bronze Elves, drastically different from the Orichalcum Elf religion implies that their kind follows a religious social code, abstaining from violence unless in the most necessary of situations.


The Enigmarans, otherwise called Enigmar Orcs are a reclusive race of orcish Deiwos who inhabit the Enigmar Rift, the densest forest of the Duskwoods. As mysterious as they are isolated from the rest of the world, this mysterious race of orcs have inhabited the Rift for hundreds of years, not making contact with outsiders who all have come to question their origins and objectives. The Enigmarans in fact hold a dark secret, being inhabitants of an entrance to the Underworld guarded by the legendary Kerberos.

Lord I'kan the Golden

The Freelanders, known in their tongue as Kani'xat, are a race of humans descended from the fugitive Sovereignty of Dryada slaves that fled the elven lands to settle in the Snakeblood Wilds circa 10,000 years BNA. Split into multiple city states led by hereditary lords, the Freelanders are an industrious, resourceful people with a penchant for commerce comparable to the Merovar, known for their great knowledge of mathematics, astronomy and architecture. Their wares, most notably their intricate and in many cases magical jewelery made from the arcane gold mined in the Wilds, are well known across the Tropical Lands and beyond.

Unlike most humans, Freelanders are on friendly terms with most nonhuman races, even the elves, and often study magic; their spellcasters, called thaumaturges, utilise ascetism, meditation and spiritual connection to the Source to bend it to their will. Because of these two facts, the Kani'xat refused to join the Empire of Man when Grand Monarch Indra II offered them such a choice. However, many Freeland lords neverthless maintain a number of trade agreements with the Imperials, and the Freelanders overall share a friendly relationship with the Empire's province of Karaçayople, who too once called the Tropical Lands home before a deadly fungal plague had devastated their lands.

Grim Goblin
  • Name - Grim Goblin
  • Affiliation - Neutral
  • Creator - OluapPlayer

Grim Goblins are a race of goblinoid found across the Duskwoods, often making their homes in large hollowed trees or empty tunnels. Sadistic and malevolent, these creatures thrive in harassing travelers or peasants who stray too far away from the protection of the cities's walls. Often wielding crude spears and shields, Grim Goblins are eager to cause mayhem and kill unsuspected prey, though they are not any safer from the hostile wildlife of the forest than the humans are.


One of the rare giant races of Koldenwelt, the Karkavarnir are a race that became of physical experimentation under Shiarchon blood magic and dark magic. Numerous in numbers, the Karkavarnir only possess basic instincts that allow them to be controlled by the Shiarchon and are often thought of as guards and tools to use in combat and constructon. Though loyal to the Shiarchon, they do not take too kindly to humans. Due to their nature, it is unknown whether the Karkavarnir have a diet, or even a face underneath their helms.

Khàrmurvahan Dwarf

The Khargrim Dwarves, otherwise known as the Red-Shield Dwarves, are a race of dwarves that reside within the Tropical Lands of Koldenwelt. One of the most archaic races of dwarvenkind and a progenitor of various others, the Red-Shield Dwarves are the founders of the Khargrim Greatholds and, due to their actions in the ancient times, have allowed dwarvenkind to become recognized and widespread across the world. The Khargrim primarily reside upon the surface, with their capital city residing within a mountain range known as the Khàrm Peaks, and are recognized globally for their fiery red hair, impressive fortress-cities and overall population that stretches across the continents of Koldenwelt, both in and outside of the Realm.

Imp Khoyan'Xa

For Imperios to fill.


Originally the Orichalcum Elves, the Shiarchon, sometimes named the Adravaelii and Dark Elves are immensely tall elves endowed with the power of magic from the Void. Devout followers of Caligaduro Provectus, the Shiarchon are a dreaded sight to all of Koldenwelt's inhabitants, who are master dark priests and warriors. They are headed by the almost divine Imperator Constantius, called Kalarah, who intends to spread his influence all over the world.


Smeevers are an incredibly abundant race of goblins who are natives of Koldenwelt's Tropical Lands. A race dedicated entirely for war, the Smeevers are warmongers by nature and wish nothing more than fight and kill everything in front of them for the sake of amusement. Spread across most of Koldenwelt's eastern continent, they have evolved through time enough to develop a number of magic-enhanced subspecies, dividing the species in the vicious Greens, the fire-breathing Reds, the furtive Purples and the water-dwelling Blues.

Southwhistle Gnomes

The Southwhistle Gnomes are a race of humanoids native to the Tropical Lands of Koldenwelt. Speculated to be a distant offshot of either dwarves, fae or both, their early existence was marked by raids of Bharloron preying upon their vulnerable kind. Following the interference of the Khargrim Dwarves, who pushed the raiders back and saved the Southwhistle Gnomes from destruciton, the race pledged itself to the Khargrim Greatholds, where they have since integrated themselves to pure dwarven society and culture.


The Tastgaris are a peculiar race of Deiwos-like monsters that inhabit the ashen plains of Abyssus. Unaligned to the Legion of Shiarchon, the Tastgaris are a largely independent faction with an excessively territorial and aggressive mindset towards the other inhabitants of the volcanic desert. The origin of the original Tastgaris, of which very few survive, are that they were once a collective of Deiwes - man, elven and orc, who had ventured too far into the wastes of Abyssus and fell prey to the corrupting influence of the volcanic wastes that was conjured by Imperator Kalarah.

Vulcanus Orc

The Vulcanus Orcs are a race of orcish creatures who were once the original natives of Akriarion Island. Delivering themselves to the Vulcanus Horde due to seeing the pyromancer Xacutus as a god, these orcs were turned into hybrids between Deiwos and lava Golems and have served the Horde ever since. Vulcanus Orcs are very strong and resilient beings who have lava running through their veins instead of blood, and they are all born from the magma of Akriarion Volcano, having lost their ability to reproduce normally thousands of years ago.


Water Drake OPVersion

The Deep Sea Dragons are a race of Greater Kelodhres who inhabit the deep sea, rarely venturing into dry land. While not True Drakes, the Deep Sea Dragons have solidified themselves as the most powerful race living in the Undine Sphere after the empire came to their aid when they found themselves attacked by the Merkan Underrealm. Deep Sea Dragons are graceful swimmers, moving through the water at high speeds via the beat of their fin-like wings, and they are also able to unleash powerful blasts of water from their mouths which are as effective underwater as it is out of it. Due to their aquatic adaptations, Deep Sea Dragons cannot fly nor can they stand being out of the water for prolonged periods of time.


A large society of Kelodhres living in the northeast of Abyssus, the Vaan-ei serve as Abyssus' largest minority demographic and the second most influential species in the Legion of Shiarchon. The Vaan-ei have their own set of customs and laws of which they have fought and died for over many centuries, though the Vaan-ei had earned the Shiarchon's respect (and secretly disdain) after it was decided that the Vaan-ei would rather be extinct than live under total Shiarchon rule. Despite their comparative independence, they still call themselves member of the Legion.



The Bharloron, otherwise referred to as the Southern Ogres, are a race of reptilian beastmen that originate from the Tropical Lands of Koldenwelt and are the founders of many tribes and clans across the expanse of the region, far outnumbering their predecessors within the tropics, although the largest and most renowned of such groups happens to be the Red-Axe Tribe. The Bharloron are infamous for their instinctive tendency for violence and bloodshed and are a species that thrives from generations of war and civil conflict, and while they may initially appear far from intellectual to outsiders due to their core values of killing, fighting and strong leaders, the Bharloron are a potent threat when underestimated. Housing a culture and society that promotes the growth of healthy and powerful individuals, the bloodthirsty and allegedly savage nature of the Bharloron is undoubtedly efficient and there is a consistent range of opposition to allow such primal methods to flourish to their benefit.


The Bizargar are a species of bird-like beastmen who once inhabited the southern Tropical Lands. A tribal race with little contact to outsiders, they have been nearly driven to extinction due to attacks from the Cult of the Eclipse, which has lowered their numbers to only a couple hundred individuals. Before that, they lived in large communities near the ocean shore, where they revere the elements while lead by figures known as the High Chieftains.


The Caxildiz are a species of isolated, bizarre creatures natives of Sprak Island. Having a piranha-like structure but at the same time features such as skeletal limbs, the Caxildiz are among the strangest inhabitants of the Tropical Lands. They are ruled by the Sea Giant Karps, who is often unwelcoming toward outsiders.


The Decayicca are a species of humanoid shrimp who inhabits the Undine Sphere, accepting to live under the rule of the Undine following alliances with their people. A powerful race, the Decayicca possess great physical strength, which leads them to be among the most common frontlike warriors of the Sphere, at the cost of their race being virtually magically inert - there are no known records of Decayicca ever manipulating the Source. Their race is one which greatly values the concept of loyalty, with traitors being seen as the greatest criminals of their people.


The Eburex are a race of elephantine Theriocephali native of the Tropical Lands. Once possessing one of Koldenwelt's largest empires roughly one thousand years ago, the Legion of Shiarchon invaded their territories and assimilated their kind into the Shiarchon's ranks. Despite their servitude to the Shiarchon, the Eburex maintain many of their cultural customs and freedoms as the Shiarchon have a personal fear of their martial and physical prowess. Though this is the case, the Eburex utterly despise their life in Shiarchon rule, and await the day they are freed from the Legion.


The Khorloron are a dark subspecies of Loron originated from the Bharloron who inhabits the neighbouring regions of the dreaded Abyssus. Under the rule of the warlord known as Kebra'Osos, the Khorloron compose the barbaric Black Bone Horde which has served as an ally of the Legion of Shiarchon for several decades. Feared across the tropics for their immense strength and great numbers, the Khorloron may not be very intelligent in most cases, but armies of warriors have fallen to these beasts for underestimating how cunning and brutal they can be when properly organized.


The Khalmartia, also known as Purple Lamias are a species of half-humanoid half-snake beasts natives of Qliphoth. Formerly a prideful and somewhat malevolent people, their defeat at the hands of the Oevrumine reduced them to only a mere fraction of their original numbers which currently lives as vassals of the Sovereignty of Dryada. The Khalmartia are known for being powerful users of poison magic as well for their affinity with serpents, being able to enchant even the most most vile serpents to their will. They are generally distrusted and shunned by most races, which leads to many of their races to live in isolation and develop depressive traits.


A barbaric race of tribesmen, the Loron are a race of both incredibly strong and incredibly numerous creatures who wander the planet. While mostly members of the Propa Big Loron Tribe, the Loron are found in villages all over the place. They are responsible for hunting, for raids, for village attacks, piracy, and much more, though their sheer lack of organization and any real forms of technology or magic are their main downfall.


The Merkan are a race of fishmen who serve as the masters of the Merkan Underrealm, one of the most feared empires in the oceans. They are the mortal servants of Zhmagaralahtius, one of the three facets of the dark Simulacrum Ramainaualmari, and worship him through blood sacrifices. Once every several months, the Merkan emerge from the sea and raid the coast, kidnapping populations and taking them to their territory so that they may sacrifice them to their terrible demon god, or worse, use dark magic arts to transform them into more of themselves.


The Oevrumine, otherwise known as Minotaurs, are a species of Theriocephali that reside largely within the Tropical Lands of Koldenwelt. A race that had once sported a colossal empire within their region of the world, it has since collapsed and caused the fracturing of the race, causing them to have spread across the Koldenwelti continents and found their own small kingdoms or mercenary bands. The Oevrumine are infamously renowned for their warlike tendencies and their desire for violence, although they are by no means as barbarically unintelligent as many portray them as, and they are prized for their seemingly-natural proficiency at combat thus making them valued assets in conflicts and wars - activities that they strive for.


For Imperios to fill.

Oceanic Razoa

The Razoa are a race native to the coastal waters of the Archipelago, though prior to the Archipelago's separation from the mainland the Razoa lived in warm coastal waters in the Tropical Lands. As a whole, the Razoa are sufficiently advanced compared to the other races of Koldenwelt, having built great citadels underwater and a respectable naval force. They also have a great appreciation for the arts and culture. They are usually extremely territorial, reacting aggressively against anyone who crosses their borders without permission. However, they are honorable and loyal to those who earn their trust.


The Sa'cila are a mysterious race of fishmen who inhabit the deep sea at the Tropical Lands, who serve as one of the less numerous members of the Undine Sphere. A species of intelligent anglerfish, they are known for their merrow-like body shape, though they are entirely fish rather than possessing a humanoid half. The Sa'cila are a physically poor race constantly harassed by their Merkan neighbours, but are well known for their proficient mages, with even infants of their people being able to cast arcane and sometimes elementals powers through the use of their anglerfish lures.

Southern Merrow
  • Name - Southern Merrow
  • Affiliation - Neutral
  • Creator - OluapPlayer

The Southern Merrow, otherwise called Southern Mermaids are one of the races of merrow of Koldenwelt, inhabiting the coasts of the Tropical Lands, predominantly found at the east. A female-only race, they are well known by the naval races in the region for often coming to the surface in order to flirt with sailors - and have mermaid children with the ones that particularly spark their interest. The Southern Merrow are a pacifistic culture and do not possess an overarching government, instead living in small tribes scattered across the coast. They are known allies of the Undine despite not being members of their empire, and are also known victims of the Merkan, who hunt them periodically for the purpose of devouring them.


  • Name - Agari
  • Affiliation - Neutral
  • Creator - OluapPlayer

The Agari are a species of sentient fungus native to the Tropical Lands who have spread across both east and west. Appearing like humanoid mushrooms, they rarely stand over a meter tall. They sprout out of mushroom fairy rings in great numbers and spend their times wandering around the land aimlessly. A primitive race which only uses the most basic tools and possesses no language, some cultures compare the Agari with children, for their mannerisms resemble those of innocent kids. Certain cultures, such as the Kyrsacov of the east, consider the Agari a delicacy as their bodily fluids can be used to create alcohol.

Chieftain Louihar
  • Name - Mikmik
  • Affiliation - Neutral
  • Creator - OluapPlayer

The Mikmik are plant-like fey creatures who arrived at Hyperion several hundred years in the past, taking it as their home. Their origins are unknown, but they do not seem to be hostile. Creating the large trading hub known as Olimarius, they live predominantly at the region of Theohelm. The Mikmik fairies make deals with hunters from other races, trading precious metals for beast tails, which is the core of Hyperion's economy. They come in a large variety of colours, with each colour having its own special properties.


The Undine are a race of Elementals who inhabit the southern seas of Koldenwelt and serve as the leading race of the Undine Sphere. A race of all-female nymphs, they are a relatively old presence in the world who used to once be a race of uncaring hedonists until they had their very souls stripped by Mortium, the Simulacrum of Death. This resulted in the Undine's society collapsing and most of their population being culled in the process. The Undine's presence in the continent is limited to the southern shores, as well as rivers and lakes which connect themselves to the ocean, and even then, they are a rare sight outside of the Tropical Lands.

Vulcanus Soldier

Vulcanus Men are golems created out of the lava from Akriarion Island. Given life by the pyromancer Xacutus, they are the main force of the Vulcanus Horde. Vulcanus Men can be divided either as soldiers or pyromancers, and by themselves, they are almost emotionless but extremely destructive creatures, who are always trying to burn down any life they may come across.








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