A land untouched by most civilizations. A lost world compared to ours. The Slumbering Lands are home to beasts unlike anything seen in the mainland, great lizards who dwarf even some races of dragons. Venturing into that place feels like going back in time, for some curious reason.

- Unknown

The Slumbering Lands is the name given to the largest island of the Sunset Isles, located at the far west of Koldenwelt. A land mainly composed of lush green forests and plains, it is also home to a volcanic desert at its south which serves as a significant contrast to the rest of the location. The island is widely famed to serve as the home of the animals known as dinosaurs.

The Slumbering Lands have been left mostly untouched by civilized nations through history, though some civilizations have turned their eyes to it due to its vast abundance of natural resources in the New Age. The island is also home to its own share of sapient races, and how the outsiders will react to their presence, as well as the presence of the land's massive fauna is yet to be seen.


The Slumbering Lands have little history in a world-wide scale. The lack of ancient civilizations settling in the area means much of its old history is ambiguous, but some scholars believed the volcanic deserts of the south are not a natural occurrence. The most popular theory is that a great evil once inhabited the area, draining its resources and corrupting the very land until it was destroyed in ages past, and indeed there are ruins in the area which confirm it used to be inhabited by something or someone. As of the New Age, civilizations such as the Merovar Dynasty have begun scouting the island to prepare for future colonization after discovering great amounts of riches and resources.


The Slumbering Lands are divided in two main areas: the lush, temperate forests which span north, east and west and the volcanic wasteland which spans south. Above the south, the island is dominated by a combination of forests, plains, plateaus and hills, some which reach great heights. The south, on the other hand, is an arid desert of brown and red sand which possesses ranges of mountains and active volcanoes, some possessing lava rivers which flow across the landscape. Due to the elevated temperature, plant and animal life is limited to those who can withstand it, and all who venture there are subject to being preyed on by Vulcardentron, the Fire Colossus.

The lands are inhabited by a great variety of wildlife which ranges from mammals to reptiles, but the main inhabitants of the island are most definitely the dinosaurs. They range from passive herbivores such as the Great Horned Ones, to giant sauropods such as the Lumbering Titans to theropod carnivores ranging from the small bird-like Swift Seizers, the formidable Tyrant King and the largest carnivores of the island, the Spined Demons. While dinosaurs are the most numerous animals in the island, it is also home to many other kinds of creatures, such as huge flightless birds, giant ground sloths, saber-tooth felines and giant gorillas. Thousands of smaller animal races also exist from all animal kingdoms which typically serve as the prey of larger predators.


Vulcardentron resting in his lair.

The lair of the Colossus of Fire Vulcardentron is located at the center of the battered volcanic lands of the Slumbering Island's south. Few animals inhabit this area due to a lack of plant life, and ruins can be found in the area, hinting it was at one point inhabited before the Colossus destroyed whoever lived there before it.



Fantasy Dimetraniorn.png
  • Name - Dimetraniorn
  • Affiliation - Neutral
  • Creator - OluapPlayer

The Dimetraniorn are one of the older races recorded in the Slumbering Lands. A species of humanoid dimetrodon hailing from the northern swamps of the island, they have established a kingdom which dates from about 4,000 years, which has expanded its influence through the coast. A peaceful race, the Dimetraniorn are perhaps the most welcoming of the Slumbering Lands's races regarding outsiders, with many of them preferring to stay on their good side in order to enter the island through their harbors. They have domesticated a number of the dinosaurs who call the northern regions home, making use of them as livestock and war beasts.

  • Name - Grokorock
  • Affiliation - Neutral
  • Creator - OluapPlayer

Grokorocks are a race of brutal, aggressive giants found at the Slumbering Lands. Towering nearly fifteen meters tall when adults, these rare cyclopes spend their time alone, claiming portions of land as their own and generally demanding tribute from those who venture into them at the threat of death. The torso of Grokorocks continues to grow as they get older while the legs do not, eventually forcing these giants to assume a gorilla-like stance to be able to walk. Because of the threat they pose, the civilized nations of the Slumbering Lands often make effort to wipe them out.

Khàrmurvahan Dwarf.png

The Kamate are a clan of Khargrim Dwarves who ventured into the Slumbering Lands seeking riches and resources. Living in large underground fortresses, the dwarves who would become the Kamate adapted to life at the Slumbering Lands by favoring the use of dinosaur bones and scales, as well as the hides of other animals over heavy steel armor as they came to realize it was disadvantageous in a place filled with such powerful and agile beasts. The Kamate Dwarves are worshippers of Thunardormir and revere him by building effigies in the form of totems, to which they practice sacred dances. In order to enhance their bone and leather equipment, they make use of rune magic as to empower it with arcane energies. The Kamate are allies of the Dimetraniorn as well as other dwarves at the east, who they keep contact with through trading ships.

  • Name - Troglodyte
  • Affiliation - Neutral
  • Creator - OluapPlayer

Troglodytes are savage, man-like creatures who inhabit the underground caverns of the Slumbering Lands. A primitive race, they only possess knowledge of the most basic tools and speak through grunts. Their cave-centered existence made them known by the name of "cave men" at the east, a name which has sometimes been used as an insult to humans in general. Troglodytes are marginally stronger than other humans in physical terms and are also quite numerous, with individual cavern complexes housing potentially hundreds of them, which makes them a potential threat to adventurers or settlers. Because of their abundance, they often attempt intruding into Kamate Dwarf fortresses, often leading to their own deaths.

  • Name - Vulcaraptor
  • Affiliation - Neutral
  • Creator - OluapPlayer

The Vulcaraptors are a race of intelligent and calculating dromaeosaurids who hail from the surroundings of Vulcardentron's lair. Considered one of the most dangerous races of the Slumbering Lands by the more civilized species of the island, the Vulcaraptors are potent predators whose culture revolve around demonstrations of power, and they are known to join up into large packs and go on hunts for other intelligent races for the purpose of devouring them. Standing as large as an orc and with enough strength to shred one to pieces with their claws and teeth, the Vulcaraptors are also well known for their affinity with fire magic, with even their newborn hatchlings being capable of breathing jets of flame from their jaws.


Ancestral Dragon.png
  • Name - Ancestral Dragon

Dating from the beginning of written history, Ancestral Dragons are a race of wild draconic creatures who inhabit the highest points of the Slumbering Lands, notable for their hunched stances and short forearms. They are non-elemental and completely non-sapient, but are fabled for being the ancient ancestors of Greater Kelodhres such as the Steelrust Dragons, the Deep Sea Dragons and the Pus Dragons.

  • Name - Great Horned One

The Great Horned Ones are large herbivorous dinosaurs, distinct for their massive horns and shield-shaped heads. Both the Dimetraniorn and the Kamate Dwarves have learned to tame these beasts, using them as livestock and as war mounts.

  • Name - Lumbering Titan

The largest creatures in the Slumbering Islands, the Lumbering Titans are gigantic herbivorous dinosaurs with immense necks, which they use to forage through particularly tall trees. Their giant size means most predators - save Vulcardentron - do not bother them, though they are somewhat shy and rarely if ever approach civilized areas.

  • Name - Spined Demon

The Spined Demons are the largest carnivorous dinosaurs in the Slumbering Islands, more often seen deeper into the mainland, near great lakes and rivers where they use their crocodile-like snouts to devour fish. While more massive than Tyrant Kings, they lack the latter's sheer brute strength, though they make up by possessing developed forearms with immense claws which they use in combat.

  • Name - Tyrant King

Tyrant Kings are one of the most famous of the Slumbering Lands' predators to the outside worlds. Distinct by their massive jaws and small arms, their bites are among the strongest of all animals in the Sunset Islands. When reaching adulthood, a layer of feathers covers them from the head all the way to their waists.




  • The Slumbering Lands were created due to the creator's wish to include extinct Earth species into the Fantasy Universe, especially dinosaurs.
  • Dinosaur models displayed on the page were made by Cyrannian and Dinoman82, and used with their permission.