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Intervention is a common occurrence within our world. Political, cultural, geographical. Divine. But there are those who tread the line between mere intervention and control, and those who bound it with a colossal leap. Many worlds neighbour our own, each ruled by a different, individual intelligence. Even our own is subject to that law. ... Some claim these gods represent our own darkest, mortal aspects.

- High Fürst Hansfeldt Blackspine, ancient Mannazian ruler

The Simulacra of the Aethereal Firmament, also known by other names such as Twelve Devils, Twelve Gods or Twelve Pagans, are a group of deities who represent aspects of nature and life, and act as the masters of their own planes of existence. Noted for their generally dark origins and the influence they have upon the world, they are all held in high regard by those who worship or have experiences with them.


The Simulacra are characterized as being immensely powerful entities who act as the gods of their own planes of existences. Each Simulacra has full power over their domain, and they all act as representations of aspects of nature and life, such as emotions and concepts. All Simulacra possess an affiliated race of outsiders who call their plane of existence home, with those such as the Void Denizens, the Sanguinaries and the Idkin being commonly known as demons by the inhabitants of Koldenwelt. However, not all Simulacrum-made entities fall under this, as entities such as the Outworlders and the Wanes are often not referred to as demons; some, such as the Gardeners, are instead considered angels. The Simulacra are present in the religions of many races across the world, often seen as dark and malevolent entities although some cultures are known to worship their more light-hearted aspects.

The Simulacra contrast with the Colossi as they do not serve as representations of the magic elements they use. Additionally, the Simulacra do not possess definite sizes (e.g. Mortium has been seen taking forms smaller than humans, while Caligaduro Provectus is often regarded as the largest entity in reality) and none of them are natives of Koldenwelt, being all considered aliens natives of their own planes of existence. Despite their godly power, Simulacra are normally not able to freely traverse the barrier between their realms and Koldenwelt, and instead manifest through mortal avatars, or use mortal servants who summon them into the world.

The process of how a Simulacrum is "created" is not known, and scholars often assume they are eternal and constant entities who have always existed and cannot be deposed, and while some of them are directly related (e.g. Ramainaualmari and Kaicaiusarin being Caligaduro's creations), most of them are unique and independent. It is widely accepted that Simulacra cannot be permanently destroyed, only weakened at most.

The Simulacra[]

Caligaduro Provectus[]

  • Representation: Destruction, formlessness, infinity, void, patron god of all evil
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Plane of Existence: Nothing
  • Status: Dormant

You are all but dust borne from the void. You all belong to me.

Caligaduro Provectus is the Simulacrum of Destruction, as well as the primordial deity of the void in almost every existent religion on Koldenwelt. Amongst Simulacra context, Caligaduro Provectus is frequently referred to as his other moniker Ateronash Mordrakis (pictured left) in hard study to defer between his identity as the creator of Vargash and Kaicaiusarin and the god of destruction solely, as well as to name that which is often unutterable by those who wish not to invoke omens upon themselves. Worshipped by the Legion of Shiarchon and treated as the master of all the Chaosphere to those who also worship Vargash and Kaicaiusarin, Caligaduro Provectus is mostly regarded as the most abhorred and greatest of the Simulacra in power; entirely malevolent and driven to reduce all of the Thirteen Planes back to the Void, and destroying every other deity along with them.


  • Representation: Mind, insanity, domination, conquest, patron god of madness
  • Alignment: Lawful, Neutral and Chaotic Evil
  • Plane of Existence: Crystallis
  • Status: Various

The will of mortals is illusory. All is wrapped around the tendrils of dark.

Ramainaualmari is the collective name of the Simulacrum of Madness, representing the spheres of mind, insanity, domination and conquest, being affiliated to the plane of Crystallis. Unique among the Simulacra is that Ramainaualmari itself is not an entity, but a trio of incarnations which each encompass part of the Simulacrum's personality and powers: Vargash, Kaherihonar and Zhmagaralahtius. These trio of gods share the mind of Ramainaualmari, all while retaining physical and mental independence.


  • Representation: Fear, manipulation, paranoia, weakness, patron goddess of nightmares
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Plane of Existence: Pavor
  • Status: Imprisoned

I fall in between the lines of dogma and anarchy. I tug each string as if there were no difference between the two.

Kaicaiusarin is another extension of Caligaduro Provectus and is the Simulacrum of Fear. An immense, wraith-like entity which a bears vast, aptly nightmarish appearance, Kaicaiusarin is sometimes considered female and is the sister-entity to Vargash. Like 'her' master and 'brother', Kaicaiusarin was imprisoned under the earth of Koldenwelt. With powers similar to that of Vargash, Kaicaiusarin is capable of delivering nightmares and apparitions, and is known for great manipulative abilities, but differs upon the goal to control Koldenwelt, keeping it in an eternal state of terror much rather than convert all life into a maddened game.


  • Representation: Death, mortality, fragility, destiny, patron god of the end of all things
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Plane of Existence: Underworld
  • Status: Active

Your life is a thread of fabric which can be cut by the mere slip of my fingers.

Dominus Mortis, most known as Mortium is the God of Death of Koldenwelt, a personification of the end of all things. Representing mortality, death and destiny, Mortium reaps the souls of both mortals and immortals and keep them at his realm of Underworld, where they may stay for the rest of eternity. Mortium usually takes a form well known as the Grim Reaper, a tall scythe-wielding wraith who has come to be respected and feared across the races of Koldenwelt. As he represents a force of nature, Mortium is a neutral entity by default, but those who incur his wrath will learn why you should fear the Reaper.

The Crux[]

  • Representation: Instinct, violence, serial murder, war, patron god of carnivores
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Plane of Existence: Id
  • Status: Imprisoned

SH͈̤̘̪̹A̛̹̘T̹̰̩͇̹̞T̶̬̲E̛͚̫̬̗͈̫R͉̣̀ ͏̜̙̣̠̯̜O͔͉̬͢R̡͉̼̱D̢̖͎̤͚̜̺̙E̴̪̲̝Ŕ̤̺.̘͟

Khuamkira, otherwise more commonly known as the Crux, is the Simulacrum of instinct and base consciousness and is regarded as the god of violence, primal urges and basic instinct in many religions across Koldenwelt. Khuamkira is considered to be one of the eldest of Simulacra, coming into being alongside its plane of existence during the prehistoric age of Koldenwelt's history. Khuamkira directly opposes Isiris, as the latter embodies collective intelligence while the former embodies individual unintelligence. Khuamkira is currently imprisoned within its realm, Id, which can be accessed within an ethereal crevice found within the abyss of Koldenwelt's oceans, from which primal magic pours into the world.

Zran Kar[]

Zran Kar.png
  • Representation: Desire, control, knowledge, patron god of vampires
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Plane of Existence: Sanguine Hill
  • Status: Active

Everything there is to know...I know it all.

Analuhati, most known by the Kolden moniker Zran Kar, is the Simulacrum of Knowledge, representing spheres of knowledge, control and desire, and also serves as the patron deity of blood magic. Hailing from the bloody realm of Sanguine Hill, Zran Kar is an entity whose life is centered around gathering knowledge, experiences and records from all across reality so that he may add them to his immense library. Extremely manipulative and malevolent, he also thirsts for complete control of everything, seeing a reality with him at the top and everything else under him as his direct puppets being the most excellent future possible. He is notable for being the creator of vampirism.


  • Representation: Power, wealth, bargains, treachery
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Plane of Existence: Hypocrite's Rest
  • Status: Active

Quite often, mortals barter their soul for power. They cannot handle it, and therefore, I always win.

Asv-Aldz, sometimes called Avore-Asule is the Simulacrum of Power. Asv-Aldz is nonetheless treacherous nor fair. His most common forms of interference in mortal affairs is often trading one item for a glimpse of power; in most cases, their wealth is often brought from their soul. A seemingly unfair bargain, Asv-Aldz often only communes with those who will unknowingly give him a one sided bargain in his favour. In some cultures, Asv-Aldz is seen in a positive light as a bearer of great fortune and luck, and the rich often bear statues attributed to him as a charm. His realm, Hypocrite's Rest is a vast divine palace where hordes of wealth, and souls of those who were given to him, lay in permanent residence. Asv-Aldz' own throne is one made of great sums of precious jewels and metals. On few occasions does Asv-Aldz' bargains remain beneficial for mortals.


  • Representation: Chaos, emotion, passion, discord

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

  • Plane of Existence: Outworld
  • Status: Active

Passion will have its sacrifices.

A capricious goddess of primal passion, Kalisearan, known as Anaikya on Koldenwelt, is the feminine half of the Equlibrium, the two Simulacra that call the Outworld home, the other being Alar'xashan. Said to have originated when impurity and desire first marred Alar'xashan's realm in the beginning of time, the two have opposed each other since then. As an entity which is linked intricately with one's inner demons and sins, she is commonly associated with violence and cruelty, and most of her followers, such as changelings, are indeed malevolent, warped creatures. The inhabitants of the Outworld saw Kalisearan as a demonic entity, having suffered greatly from the constant invasions of her creations, and shunned her worshippers sending them to exile or even killing them. However, Kalisearan's domain also includes the positive aspects of passion like love and she is not considered to be truly malevolent; her name is often invoked by the ambitious and the lovestruck in those regions of Koldenwelt where her name is known.


  • Representation: Law, order, bobility, sacrifice

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

  • Plane of Existence: Outworld
  • Status: Active

No sacrifice without blood.

Some Simulacra are feared, others, admired, but to those few who are aware of the existence of the second Equilibrium Simulacrum, Alar'xashan, also known as Nirdesa or the Sacred Wyrm, he is a god. A powerful, magisterial and arrogant entity, Alar'xashan personifies order, law, tradition and faith - and from those who follow him, he expects nothing short of pure, unshaken loyalty and fervent faith. For ten thousand years, he had been reigning over the Outworld, forcing its people to sacrifice their souls to him in exchange for protection from Kalisearan's beasts of chaos, and now that his subjects are gone, the draconic deity is alone on the ravaged husk of his former realm, bound to fight his chaotic counterpart for all eternity. Only time will tell if he will ever turn his attention towards Koldenwelt and bring his tyranny of order to its people, but it is clear that his worshippers are already there, waiting for him...



  • Representation: Purity, protection, choice, truth, wrath
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Plane of Existence: Midnight
  • Status: Active

Upon those who threaten the sanctity of night, shall waves of wrath be brought down upon them.

Nalashtannylor is the Simulacrum of Purity. Originally an Echdrarothrayu from Midnight, Nalashtannyor underwent apotheosis after the disappearance of Aethereus. His soul merging with another phoenix, Kinmorunddraver, Nalashtannylor has existed in both body and spirit for over thirty thousand years as one of the leading forces against the Chaosphere. The current incarnation of Nalashtannylor is merged with the souls of Kinmorunddraver and Aethereus.


  • Representation: Fertility, growth, generosity, hope, patron goddess of life
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Plane of Existence: Garden of the Gods
  • Status: Active

The universe is my garden. Through it, I shall plant the seeds of life.

Eostraeya is the Simulacrum of Life, representing the spheres of fertility, growth, generosity and hope. Hailing from the realm known as the Garden of the Gods, Eostraeya is an entity dedicated to the growth and propagation of life, being hailed through the ages as the personification of nature itself. Representing life's tendency of spreading itself and the positive feelings granted from generous actions, she is perhaps the most empathetic of all Simulacra towards the plights of mortals.


  • Representation: Thrill, daring, the Hunt
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Plane of Existence: Hunter's Grove
  • Status: Active

The vast fields of Koldenwelt are ripe with prey. My prey.

Harstag, sometimes referred to as Dhaunoriil by the Arakai, is the Simulacrum of Hunt. A morally questionable being that resembles a horned theriocephali, Harstag takes great pleasure in hunting his prey which quite often are mortals that interest him. Completely indifferent to the fighting between the other Simulacra, he prefers to keep to himself and to focus on the mortal realm. Being one of the more good Simulacra, his worship is often much more, to a certain degree, accepted than those of the more diabolic ones. Harstag has a strong sense of honor and respects those who he chooses to be his prey, which can be easily seen by the fact that he always gives them a chance.

Simulacrum Realms[]


Nothing2015 HR.png

One would think that the realm of Nothing is empty. In one sense it is; empty of the gaze and presence of Isiris, though it is teeming with the soulless manifestations and tempestuous malice of the Adversary, suspended over complete oblivion. He sees you. Always.

- Kinmorunddraver

Nothing is the name of the realm ruled by the Simulacrum Caligaduro Provectus. Often treated as the deepest and most abhorrent of all realms and hells within the universe and beyond, Nothing sits at the very bottom of a cosmological domain known as the Chaosphere, which Caligaduro Provectus is thought to have supreme dominion over. According to ancient murals within the culture of the Void, Caligaduro Provectus stands through the direct centre of the Chaosphere and the realms within it, and realm of Nothing rests beneath his feet. Nothing is described as vast, suspended continents floating within complete blackness, with only vague astronomical phenomena dimly lighting the earth. The life within Nothing often manifest as ghostly entities inhabiting various kinds of bodies created from both flesh and darkstone, and vary in intelligence greatly. Despite the life that lives within it, Nothing has a complex governmental hierarchy that controls the population.



All is crystal. Maddening crystal at all directions. The Writhing Comet's glaring eye watches over it all. Forever.

- Unknown

Crystallis is the realm of Ramainaualmari, controlled equally by Vargash, Kaherihonar and Zhmagaralahtius. Typically described as the second deepest plane, located between Pavor and Nothing, Crystallis is an immense swamp with huge crystalline mountains and writhing tentacles which sprout out of its vile waters, inhabited by the souls of the Simulacrum's victims who mine the crystals of the realm in order to create Lympharians which are then sent to Koldenwelt. Few can last more than mere moments inside Crystallis without being driven mad by Ramainaualmari's cruel power, and those who do not are ripped apart by the Kruos demons who call the realm home.



Such a domain, to manifest the utmost fears of all that live in the world. Relentlessly searching for sleeping victims and then causing a somnolent terror...what did we all do to deserve it?

- Unknown

Pavor, known also as the Nightmare Realm is the realm ruled by the Simulacrum Kaicaiusarin. Usually described as the highest plane of the Chaosphere, Pavor is generally recognized as an ever changing domain that is forever chained to the concept of nightmares - mages often believe that to have a nightmare is to have one's mind drift into the realm of Pavor itself. Pavor's bizarre nature makes it difficult to fully ascertain the horrors that exist within it, though the denizens that have been conjured from Pavor suggest that almost every collective nightmare has a manifestation into a denizen of Pavor itself. The realm is guarded by the Honoured Lord Vanguard.



This realm is dead and it is all mortalkind's fault. Now they shall suffer in it for all eternity.

- Sepulchrus

The Underworld is the realm controlled by Mortium and perhaps one of the most widely known among the common folk, being the place where the souls of the deceased are sent to after being taken by the Grim Reaper. The Underworld is separated in two parts which consist of the Barren Wastelands, a battered, lifeless region where nothing but mountains of earth and bones dominate the landscape and the Radiant Heaven, a heavenly hall where the souls of Koldenwelt's greatest heroes are given eternal rest and bliss. The realm was originally entirely radiant and made to house the souls of the world's original immortals, but their deathless attributes left the Underworld in disuse and led to the birth of the Barren Wastelands. The current caretaker of the realm is the Revenant Lord Sepulchrus.



Ego is broken. Id is loose. Wretched id.

- Vestige

Id is the realm governed by the Crux and the universe's source of primal magic. It is depicted as a dense forest of non-euclidean nature, where the laws of gravity are not the same as those of Koldenwelt and entire land masses can exist upside-down, tilted or curved around in unnatural ways. The trees of Id are composed of strange flesh-like material, and its grass and land possess a reddened tint. Through the air is a dense red fog which obscures vision and typically makes the sky invisible. The Crux lies with the deepest, thickest, and most forested region of the realm, constantly watched over by his Vestige.

Hypocrite's Rest[]

Hypocrite's Rest

One barters in all things. Coin and treasures is always a favourite of mortal men. Though those who barter in souls, are forever doomed to walk the lavish halls of Hypocrite's Rest without ever basking in the God of Power's limitless hoard.

- Unknown

Hypocrite's Rest is the realm ruled by the Simulacrum Asv-Aldz. Described as a realm of a particular characteristic, Hypocrite's Rest is mostly a vast, strangely designed world in the shape of a ring, that contains the near endless wealth and those who have risked their souls poorly of the Simulacrum himself. Asv-Aldz has little concern for what may try to enter the realm or what may leave it, as long one does not leave with a portion of his treasures. It is said that to be well received by Asv-Aldz, one must add to the wealth of the Simulacrum in any form he may deem valuable. The realm has its own denizens who have built their own civilisations, though very little is known of them in the Koldenweltian study.

Sanguine Hill[]

Sanguine Hill

Look into the Library of Blood, where the All-Knowing is king.

- Unknown

Sanguine Hill is the realm controlled by the blood god Zran Kar and inhabited by his Sanguinary demons. Taking the form of a continent-sized hill surrounded by an infinite sea of fresh blood, its lands are filled with libraries where the Simulacrum keeps at least one copy of every document written in history, and at the top of the hill lies the throne of Zran Kar himself which houses the book of infinite knowledge known as the Incircumscriptus. Those who dwell into Sanguine Hill become as fascinated with its great bastions of knowledge as they become sickened by its macabre, blood state, and those who venture too deep into Zran Kar's knowledge are known to eventually lose their minds after discovering things no men, elf or beast were meant to know.



Whosoever was powerful and evil enough to force this plane's people to become what they are now rules over this shattered husk of a world, a king of a dead kingdom.

- Serenity Scrolls 5:23

Among all the Thirteen Planes of Existence known to mortals and immortals, the Maxolotzi, the Outworld, also known as the Third Moon for appearing on Koldenwelt's night sky, is unique in its qualities - the only Simulacrum plane to be ruled not by one, but by two: Alar'xashan, lord of unchanging order, and Kalisearan, mistress of all things mutable and chaotic. The Outworld is thus forever torn between these two powers - a blasted alien realm of eternal battle where creation and destruction collide every passing moment. Previously inhabited by humanoid beings known as the Outworlders or Phradesh-nath, believed to be the only creatures native to a Simulacrum realm that possessed complete free will, this race has since then fled their homeworld in a bid to escape the tyranny of their warring gods - only to become undead monstrosities in the process. With them gone, the Outworld now remains largely barren, Kalisearan's monstrosities and Alar'xashan's mindless legions the only form of life that continues to prosper in this mad realm.



One would have to admire the endless beauty of the realm of Midnight. There is an endless serenity there, much like the purity that its god so represents. One fears what else other than the Phoenixes came from this realm.

- Unknown

Midnight, known also as the Tempest Sphere is the realm ruled by the Simulacrum Nalashtannylor. Also the home of the Echdrarothrayu, Midnight is the only realm other than Outworld to be considered cosmologically above that of Koldenwelt itself, sometimes being referred to as the only 'angelic realm' among all the 'demonic realms' the other Simulacra control. Nalashtannylor assumed control of the realm and underwent apotheosis as the guardian of Midnight following the disappearance of the Celestial God Aethereus, and Kinmorunddraver (whilst merged with Nalashtannylor) was its only known inhabitant after the Echdrarothrayu were destroyed. Midnight is a flat plane, smaller than Koldenwelt, set in endless starlight. Little is known of the denizens of Midnight other than the Echdrarothrayu, though it is possible others exist there.

Garden of the Gods[]

The Garden of the Gods

Life is a cycle. It ends only to start anew.

- Unknown

The Garden of the Gods is the realm of Eostraeya and the home of her angelic Gardeners. It is an infinitely spanning combination of grassy planes, forests, jungles and marshes. At the center of the realm is a World Tree named Eondrassilia, a gargantuan plant whose branches breach the skies and can be seen from a distance virtually anywhere in the realm. Eostraeya's throne, known as the Temple of Life, is located at the base of the World Tree.

Hunter's Grove[]

Hunter's Grove

No matter if one is prey, a hunter or someone seeking to test their will against me, my realm welcomes all.

- Harstag

Hunter's Grove is the realm controlled by the Simulacrum Harstag. It is a vast landscape covered in forests and inhabited by Harstag's servants, the Wanes. Multiple Saiteir villages can be found throughout the realm. Hunter's Grove is also inhabited by many different kinds of wildlife, all of which were brought to the realm by the Saiteir - some mundane, others otherworldly. A grand temple, in which Harstag himself resides, rises high above the forests. There the Simulacrum sits upon a wooden throne watching over his realm and sometimes sending his Avatars of the Hunt on errands. Something that sets Hunter's Grove away from the other Simulacrum realms is that it is open for all mortals to visit any time they please.



Name: Avkhavrastaryan

Creator: Exalted Sovereigns

Type: Sword

Power: Ultimate

Status: 7,760 shards hidden
17 repossessed

Current User: Various

The Avkhavrastaryan, also known as the The Void's Scorn and the Gladiitenebris by most was the first artifacted created within the Void, made by the Exalted Sovereigns. It was sculpted from a fragment of the very chest of Caligaduro Provectus himself, and was placed within Koldenwelt by the Simulacrum during the very first invasion of the Void in times long before myth and history began. For much of its history, the Avkhavrastaryan was in the possession of a being named Rahusamsparza, a hateful spiritual manifestation who accumulated a personality from all the ancient spirits and beings that he had killed with the blade itself, and spent the rest of his life in isolation so that the blade could never be wielded by any other being. Following Caligaduro Provectus' imprisonment, the blade lost much of its original power, and Rahusamsparza was able to separate the blade into 7,777 shards at a cost of his own life. Only 18 of the 7,777 Avkhavrastaryan's shards have resurfaced following their concealment fifteen millennia ago, eleven of which have been relcaimed by Imperator Kalarah, five from Janos Omegon, and one in the possession of Pelagrios. One was found again within the Forgotten Lands, though was re-hidden shortly after.

Though the power of the Avkhavrastaryan was never fully exemplified, it is thought that the entirety of Caligaduro Provectus' power on Koldenwelt could have been used within the blade to tear the thirteen realms asunder. Even with five shards in the possession of Janos Omegon, he is able to cause city-wide destruction almost effortlessly. Possession of a shard grants immortality among many other benefits, though at a slow cost of losing one's own soul. A highly active shard contains a fragment of Caligaduro Provectus' consciousness and the shard can manifest a guardian in hopes of eventually reassembling itself into a weapon again.


Name: Void Matrices

Creator: Caligaduro Provectus

Type: Matrix of power

Power: Depends upon user

Status: 12 - 68 lost
9 in use

Current User: Various

The Void Matrices, also known as the Adversary's Gazing Stones are large, spherical objects created by Caligaduro Provectus that serve as limitless sources of energy when harnessed correctly, though products of widespread destruction when used for such means. Originally, Void Matrices were the sources of power that caused the activation and activity within Void Fortresses, which indicates that there are anywhere between twenty one and seventy seven Void Matrices across the world. Indestructible by nature, Void Matrices were also methods of indirect communication by Caligaduro Provectus to those who serve him. Nine of the known Void Matrices are in use by Caligaduro Provectus' servants: Akharavzund, Nagravaek, Mitaarek, Avkhamadrilund, Qarsirnaarek, Krattarsenzund and three of the seven Void Matrices of Osdaemonis are all in full activity. The rest have either remained within the ruins of the abandoned Void Fortresses, or have been sealed away.

Void Matrices vary in size and amplitude of power (and depend upon the user), though it is known that the Void Matrix of Mitaarek is the largest and most powerful currently activated. In times of old, the fortress of Avkhamasaarkon possesed an even larger and greater Void Matrix, though its whereabouts is unknown after the fortress was destroyed over 20,000 years ago.


Name: Chalice of Havoc

Creator: Caligaduro Provectus

Type: Phylactery

Power: Depends upon user

Status: In Imperator Kalarah's control

Current User: Imperator Kalarah

The Chalice of Havoc is an ancient cup created by Caligaduro Provectus that was discovered to have various properties, though a phylactery was its most common use among the mortal populace of Koldenwelt. The most notable user of the Chalice of Havoc was Ahdramilús the Immutable, a Dalmiric necromancer who used the Chalice of Havoc to sustain immortality for nearly two millennia. The means of using the chalice are almost completely unknown, though acquisition of the chalice is known to cause tremendous pain as the chalice physically impales the hands of whoever uses it, and fills the chalice with blood. Drinking from the chalice thereafter can relinquish the grasp of the user (though this can result in death), and that drinking the blood of others within the chalice fuels immortality at a cost of one's own soul being removed. As a void artifact, the Chalice of Havoc does not damage those from the void or aligned to it.


Name: Visage of the Drowned Dreamer

Creator: Kaicaiusarin

Type: Mask

Power: Average

Status: In Nalashtannylor's control

Current User: None

The Visage of the Drowned Dreamer is a mask created by Kaicaiusarin and originally intended for and worn by a Night Lord known as Partisan, though the Night Lord was defeated and destroyed millennia ago after the second Insomnolence was dissolved. The mask was passed on through many of the remnants of the Insomnolence through the years afterwards, though it reputedly went missing some years before the void's defeat on Koldenwelt. The mask's powers are granted to whomsoever wears it, though only when entering a state of sleep. The mask allows the wearer, should they withstand the terrors of the nightmares they face, to control elements of Pavor. This may vary from being able to use nightmarish illusions to fully summoning a denizen from Pavor to fight for them. However, continual use of the mask will eventually turn the user into a Night Lord themselves.

Name: Helm of Night Terrors

Creator: Kaicaiusarin

Type: Mask

Power: Very High

Status: In use

Current User: Vanguard

The Helm of Night Terrors is a mask created by Kaicaiusarin and is worn by the leader of the Night Lords, Vanguard. Vanguard has worn this mask since his arrival in Koldenwelt over three hundred millennia ago, and has used its powers to further present the void's dominance on Koldenwelt during the times of the Chaosphere Simulacrum terrorising it. Though much of Vanguard's existence has been without physical form, he has retained a willful possession over it. The Helm of Night Terrors is the most powerful of all the Night Lord Masks, and does not require a user to be sleeping to use its powers. Users of this mask, including Vanguard have the ability to traverse between Koldenwelt and Pavor, as well as dominion over the denizens of Pavor and the ability to enter the dreams of others. Much of Vanguard's power is native, though the mask grants him a strong physical form. Those who have used this mask in the past have succumbed to Vanguard's will and have become physical forms for the Night Lord, having been able to steal the body through a spiritual gate to Pavor.


Name: Hands of Asv-Aldz

Creator: Asv-Aldz

Type: Amulet

Power: Low

Status: In Asv-Aldz's control

Current User: None

The Hands of Asv-Aldz is a peculiar amulet created by Asv-Aldz. The amulet has remained vaguely unheard of in history, though it is known among Asv-Aldz' worshippers, and the very rich, to be thought of as among the most valuable items in existence. Though it is light as a feather in feel and almost with a frail touch to it, the Hands of Asv-Aldz is remarkably dangerous for its appearance - whilst whoever wears it is granted good fortunes and luck in any endeavours, the amulet makes the wearer highly visible to the Deathdealers, a caste of Repossessors that deal in souls, and various other dark spirits. The amulet cannot be taken off when it is put on, and attempts to take it off can eventually backfire and cause the amulet to strangle the wearer to death, among other methods such as incineration and transmutation into gold.

The All-Knowing.png

Name: The All-Knowing

Creator: Zran Kar

Type: Staff

Power: High

Status: Destroyed

Last User: Clothovera Moirai

The All-Knowing was a magic staff created by Zran Kar for the purpose of being wielding by his mortal heralds, which he granted to the witch Clothovera Moirai after he turned her into a vampire. Even after she defected from servitude, Zran Kar had allowed her to keep the staff for the purpose of corrupting her later, which eventually led to it being destroyed. The All-Knowing was an excellent tool for casting dark magic, being able to amplify the user's umbramancy potential in order for them to unleash more power than a normal staff would be able to achieve. The All-Knowing also granted the user the ability of summoning Sanguinaries and Blood Elementals to the mortal plane for temporary periods of time, with them obeying the orders of the person wielding the staff without question. The staff was decorated with many eyes, and some said these were Zran Kar's own eyes, always watching the wielder no matter where they may have hidden.

Name: Haemophagist

Creator: Leucocytus

Type: Sword

Power: Very High

Status: Guarded at Sanguine Hill

Current User: None

The Haemophagist is the weapon of choice of the Sanguine Dragon Leucocytus, being forged out of one of his fangs. During ancient times, the white demon used this sword to combat the servants of other Simulacra and also to control the Old Blood Colossus Behesanguis, with legends claiming Leucocytus stabbed the blade into the Colossus's head in order to give him directions. The Haemophagist can cut through all known materials at the cost of drawing some of the wielder's blood, and the effects of the strike vary depending of whether the target possesses blood or not. In a being who possesses blood, a strike of the Haemophagist causes them to permanently bleed from the wound, with no known means to make it stop until the victim dies of blood loss. In a bloodless being, a strike from the blade causes blood to manifest inside of their bodies at an extremely fast rate, eventually converting their insides into blood and causing the victim to drown in it.


Name: Nalashtannylor's Indignation

Creator: Nalashtannylor

Type: Staff

Power: Extremely High

Status: In Nalashtannylor's control

Current User: Kinmorunddraver (technically)

Nalashtannylor's Indignation is a staff created by Nalashtannylor and, for much of its history, was used by Kinmorunddraver World-Walker. Whilst Kinmorunddraver has possessed it for over thirty thousand years, records of its use are minimal. Having used it in the Flesh Forest against Vargash, Nalashtannylor's Indignation is able to coalesce a limitless weight of magic, seemingly of any kind (even Void Magic), and is able to direct it in whatever way the user deems fit. The power emanating from the staff is able to harm other Simulacra with their own magic, which makes it a greatly abhorred artifact among the Chaosphere Simulacra. Many have come to theorise that the use of the staff was pivotal in Kaicaiusarin's banishment, Caligaduro Provectus and Nalúnt's imprisonment, the shattering of the Avkhavrastaryan and possibly even the creation of the Eye. There are perhaps many other powers of the staff, though it is unknown.

Name: Phoenix' Eye

Creator: Nalashtannylor

Type: Orb

Power: Depends upon user

Status: In the Shadowrealm

Current User: Rakshaseshvara

The Phoenix' Eye is a seeing stone crafted by Nalashtannylor, and used by many in the history of Koldenwelt. During the Orichalcum and Adamantium Ages, the Phoenix' Eye traded hands of many oracles and priests who used the power of the Phoenix' Eye - that is, clairvoyance - as a means to protect themselves from the onslaught of the Void Denizens and to a lesser extent, their political enemies. Kinmorunddraver retrieved the artifact six hundred and fifty years ago after its severe misuse in the civil wars in the Dalmiric Kingdom, though in the present day, he reluctantly handed it over to the Shadow Drake known as Rakshaseshvara.

Name: The Catalyst

Creator: Nalashtannylor

Type: Conduit of power

Power: Depends upon user

Status: In use

Current User: Mhor Shima

Another artifact created by Nalashtannylor, the Catalyst is a conduit of aetheromantic power that was given to those who were skilled in Storm Magic. Owned by a vast number of champions who served Nalashtannylor in the past, the last champion who wielded the Catalyst to its arguably greatest degree was Maras the Destroyer. Following Maras' death six thousand years ago, ownership of The Catalyst varied massively, eventually finding its way back to the Orayu. The Orayu crafted a hammer, with Nalashtannylor's artifact as the centrepiece, and placed it in a mostly uncharted part of the world. Mhor acquired the hammer on one of his travels, naming it Cascade. Though he is somewhat aware that the hammer is a part of Nalashtannylor's collection, he is unaware of the Catalysts' potential due to his inability to use Storm Magic. Even in his possession however, the hammer possesses some magical capabilities.


Name: Windwailer

Creator: Harstag

Type: Arrow

Power: High

Status: Buried with its original wielder

Current User: None

The Windwailer is an arrow created by Harstag for his first Avatar of the Hunt - who, beforehand, had managed to defeat the Simulacrum in combat. The Avatar went on to wield the magical arrow as his weapon of choice for the rest of his life, and after his death, was buried alongside it. Distinctly, the arrow is not supposed to be fired from a bow, but is instead controlled through whistling. This has often been attributed in literature to inert aeromancy in the arrow that is activated by the sound of whistling, resulting in it being able to be controlled. The deadly power of the weapon, while highly dependent on its wielder's capability to whistle and one's understanding on how to command it effectively, has been noted through history as quite immense. Physical contact with the active arrow in flight usually results in a quick death as the arrow is capable of penetrating any material. This power is likely due to its origin as a piece from one of Harstag's horns - even if its actual appearance would have it be made out of copper and obsidian.



Colossi represent the elements of the world. But the Simulacra? They represent something deeper and much more sinister.

- Unknown

If your life has not been shifted by the cold gaze of the great demons, then you have not yet lived.

- Septimus


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