Koldenwelt has many sapient races, which come from multiple species and subspecies.

Main species Edit

Most of the beings on Koldenwelt are members of the hominid Deiwos races. They are divided into six types: Elves, Men, Dwarves, Giants, Goblins and Orcs.

Also common are the draconic Kelodhros races, divided into True Dragons, Greater Kelodhres and Lesser Kelodhres.

The Theriocephali are creatures resembling animals other than dragons. They are divided into Arthropods, Avians, Lacertilians, Mammalians, Piscines and Indeterminates.

The Elementals are an ancient clade of creatures composed of materials other than flesh, typically being highly magical in nature. They are divided in Pure, Primary, Secondary, Nature or Divine.

Botanicocephali Edit

Botanicocephali are species resembling plants and fungi, unlike the main races who possess animal forms.

The Botanicocephali races are:

Golems Edit

Golems are artificially-made creatures made of non-flesh materials, such as minerals including rocks, crystals or even metals. Golems are commonly used as servants of other races, given life through magic. Their artificial nature is what separates them from Elementals.

The Golem races are:

Fae Edit

Fae, also known as Fairies, are creatures with incredible magic potential, often small in size and humanoid, known to be mischievous and closely related to nature. They are also known to be the source of fairy dust.

The Fae races are:

Outsiders Edit

Outsiders, sometimes referred to as Aliens, are races not native of Koldenwelt who instead hail from other dimensional planes. Because of this, their appearances vary tremendously.

The Outsider races are:

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