The Polar Lands are a very large extension of land which makes up the entire north of the eastern continent of Koldenwelt, going from the seas bordering Talmyr to the Great Eastern Wall.


During ancient history, the Polar Lands served as home to the Storm Drakes, who were among the most powerful of True Draconic kind. The Néva are one of the oldest cultures in the continent and are native of the far northeast, but the Polar Lands are also thought to have been the first seat of power of Caligaduro Provectus during his attack on the planet before he moved to Abyssus, meaning the area spent many millenia under the control of Void Denizens, especially the Cult of the Eclipse who was first created in the region. During some point in history, the Ondarei Mharinis also colonized the region, likely as a form of scouting it to warn their main territories of moving Void Denizen hordes. After the fall of the Marinis Domain, their colonized region was sent to the surface through tectonic shifts, with the area becoming known as the Frontier Land after it was colonized by the Empire of Man.

Following the defeat of Caligaduro five thousand years in the past, the Nightshade Clan was created, leading to the birth of vampirism in Koldenwelt. The Endless Host arrived to Koldenwelt and settled at the Serenity Woods, turning it into a deathtrap to all living things while the Frontier Land suffered what is known as the Scarring, where part of it was covered in crystal.


The Polar Lands extend through the entirely of the northern part of Koldenwelt's eastern continent, going from the seas bordering Talmyr to the Great Eastern Wall. Neighbouring the Western Forests, the Sea of Sand and the Eastern Plains make the lower regions of the Polar Lands greatly varied in terrain, but the climate is predominantly taiga and tundra, possessing low numbers of trees the deeper one ventures into it and an average temperature of 13ºC to -28ºC depending of the season. The region has a high number of mountains, most of them being considered alpine tundra or possessing no vegetation at all due to being covered in snow, and the deeper regions of the Lands possess powerful, sometimes constant snowstorms.

The extremely cold climate of the Polar Lands make it one of the most inhospitable parts of the eastern continent, and temperatures going down to -75ºC have been reported at the deepest parts of the region, making it arguably the coldest landscape of Koldenwelt. Lakes and rivers commonly freeze during the winter except for the ones which neighbour other regions of the continent.



Algid Haven

The Algid Haven, also known as Saku-tekan'zaqqan in the language of the Septentrions, is the home of the Septentrion Governance and a vast majority of the Frost Drakes on Koldenwelt. An island stooped in millennia of mystery, the Algid Haven remains to the present day as one of the most un-contacted locations on Koldenwelt, which has led to thousands of years of tales and legends surrounding the island.

Arakai Mountains

Arakai Mountains

  • Location - West of the Lands
  • Affiliation - Arakai

Arakai Mountains is the home of the Arakai and the former home of the Qoranit, located in the western end of the Northern Mountains. Like its name suggests, the Arakai Mountains are primarily a mountainous region with few valleys and plains in its southern parts. Additionally, its northernmost parts are dominated by large glaciers that cover most of the northern coast. Underneath the Mountains, a large network of caverns traverse almost the entire length of the region and connect to an enormous cavern in the deepest point in the Mountains called the Deep Core, where the Qoranit built their capital and hid away their greatest artifacts.



Christmas is an island located in the Polar Lands of Koldenwelt. It is home to the eponymous Christmas Elves, who settled the island in the late 21st century BNA. Most of Christmas is covered in ice or tundra, where the Christmas Elves herd reindeer, but patches of taiga exist towards the south. In the north are large deposits of coal and metals, and nearby is an underground factory that was constructed in the 1660s BNA, whose presence is only made visible on the surface by the existence of an obelisk which serves as a magical portal to the interior. Ever since then, the factory has factory has produced children's toys which are traded in the south during midwinter religious festivals for alcoholic drinks, baked goods and root vegetables, as these cannot be procured on Christmas.

  • Location - Center of the Lands
  • Affiliation - Halifaxia

The Drodo Territories are a small area of land inhabited by a species of mammalian Theriocephali known as the Drodo. The Drodo Territories is a highly-forested area that suffers from long winters over much of its territory and hot though short springs and summers. The Territories are also highly divided amongst native kingdoms and factions. The entire area is in a perpetual state of war, as petty rivalries, succession conflicts, and competition for limited resources force the petty lords to fight for survival.


Forgotten Lands

  • Location - North of the Lands
  • Affiliation - Neutral

The Forgotten Lands is a north-eastern part of Koldenwelt which borders the Stormlands and Serenity Woods. It is one of the coldest places of on Koldenwelt. Most legends that were based on the Storm Drake Nalúnt Earth-Scorcher originated in are now what the Forgotten Lands - therefore, the Forgotten Lands were originally the lands of Nalúnt himself. Caligaduro Provectus had invaded the space, and destroyed the vast majority of the dragons there. Nalúnt succumbed to Caligaduro and became Ambhíqolosemos, and left the lands to wither and become forgotten for hundreds of thousands of years. Little to nothing stands of the former dragon lands. If anything, Ambhíqolosemos once took this as his fortress, until Caligaduro moved his powers to the south.

Frontier Land

Frontier Land

  • Location - East of the Lands
  • Affiliation - Multiple

One of the farthest colonies of the Empire of Man, the Frontier Land is a region on Koldenwelt that lies in the northeastern parts of the eastern continent, between the mysterious Storm Mountains and the dreaded Serenity Woods. Perhaps one of the most dangerous regions of the planet, its dark forests hide many wild, strange creatures, but these horrors pale in comparison to the eldritch horrors left in the Frontier Land from the ancient times when another race ruled it and the unstoppable undead hordes from the east, especially after the terrifying cataclysm that ravaged the land's northern regions. Neverthless, the Frontier remains a prosperous land, and its inhabitants are a proud and noble people, determined to protect their homeland.

Serenity Woods

Serenity Woods

The Serenity Woods is the common name for a forest in northeastern Koldenwelt, known for its mysterious undead inhabitants aligned to the mysterious Endless Host. The Serenity Woods are by definition completely devoid of life - from animals and men to even the smallest parasites that inhabit the land. As such, nothing there can decay or decompose, and this is the reason why trees, long dead, still stand like skeletons in the woods, and bones of the long dead inhabitants of the forest still walk like the living, haunted by ancient, otherworldy spirits. There is an exception to this rule, however - any flesh that enters the woods starts to vanish, and although the process is slow at first, within days all living who enter the forest become undead eventually. The powerful magic source is said to be located in the middle of the Forest, and although none survived to tell the tale, it is said that the portal between Koldenwelt and wherever the dark presence came from - usually referred to as the Outworld - is this magic source.




  • Name - Bálstedunn
  • Affiliation - Neutral
  • Creator - Jepardi

Of the ancient races of the Arakai Mountains, the Bálstedunn giants are the only ones to survive into the modern times. Living in the western tundra as Magnuther herders, the giants are a shamanistic race that worships the Mountains itself, and often act exceptionally protective of it when confronted by a potential threat to it. This is often attributed as the reason why the usually docile race joined the Qoranit in opposition to the Dragonkin, and for their war against the Arakai clans. Possessing both incredible strength and intelligence, the Bálstedunn have unquestionably been the most formidable race in the Arakai Mountains throughout the ages but due to their general indifference and withdrawn nature, have never gone on to dominate the region. Most of the giants lead a solitary existence, while a few larger tribes have found a shared leader in the blacksmith and shaman Surtras.


Christmas Elves are a race of Deiwos from the island of Christmas in northern Koldenwelt. In comparison to other races, Christmas Elves are known for having a childlike, almost naïve personality, being saved from exploitation only due to the remoteness of their home and the strictly regulated and limited contact that they have with other cultures. While this appears to be true for the first few decades of life, the adults show a greater capacity for wisdom and caution around strangers. They are all completely pacifistic, with no weapon or armour ever known to have been crafted by their kind except for carving knives used for cutting reindeer meat and slicing fruit or vegetables.

Frontier Orc
  • Name - Lesha Orc
  • Affiliation - Neutral
  • Creator - TheImperios

One of the most barbaric races of Koldenwent, the brutish Lesha Orc tribes are the Saphronian Kingdom's worst enemies. These primal creatures, believed to be the descendants of the ancient sea race that served the Ondarei Mharinis, are the undisputed rulers of the wild forests of the Frontier Land, which they revere greatly and are connected to - and will destroy any trespassers who dare to claim them as their own. Possessing brute strength, numbers, and skilled with a particularly crude form of shamanic magic that can be used for both healing and harm, the orcs are not to be underestimated, and many a traveler learned this too late when they met their end from the orc clubs and axes.


Néva, also known as Frost Elves, Night Elves and Ancient Northern Elves, are an ancient Deiwos race originating from the far north of Koldenwelt. The Néva are a primarily nomadic society, consisting of many tribal cultures with different societal ideals. Riadmanath, the only known Néva to have travelled outside of the Néva's territories, comes from the Himapata (Snowfall Tribe), one of the larger tribal societies that rely on diplomacy with other Névari cultures to survive. Other Névari cultures however are kratocratic; with various tribes basing themselves on tribal wars to denote their status in the Névari race. Their religion is polytheistic - all Néva believe that the god Aethereus created them or influenced the evolution of their society, and that all of Aethereus' creations are considered divine or of great importance, excluding themselves.


A race of short goblinoids, the Sarigandacs are a servant species of the Nightshade Clan, originally given life by the twisted experiments of Nosfer of Sweartham. Relatively dim-witted, they serve as scouts and messengers for Pureblood Vampires, moving around by hopping around while letting out high-pitched giggles in order to intimidate world-be attackers. When threatened, Sarigandacs will use their excellent jumping skills to tackle their enemies and then use their sharpened claws on whatever vulnerable spots they can get to.


The T'ekan-seka, also known as the Septentrions and Frost Giants are an enigmatic race of Deiwes that live on the Algid Haven, one of the most northern islands on Koldenwelt. The Septentrions have existed for at least ten millennia, having been a foreboding presence to anyone who would mean them harm. Despite the ominous atmosphere surrounding the Septentrions, there is no record of the Septentrions showing aggressive behaviour, and it is known that the Néva and Orayu have positive relations with their kind and have ventured into the Algid Haven for trade and commerce on more than one occasion. Those who have come into direct contact with the Septentrions claim that whilst they are calm and collected, they are very serious and have no sense of humour. Those that have seen the Septentrions hunt on the coasts of the mainland claim that they are deeply religious - most likely, worship of Kartansimal, as statues representing the Colossus have been venerated before a hunt has begun.


  • Name - Dragonkin
  • Affiliation - Neutral
  • Creator - Jepardi

The Brood of the Dragon God, or as they were commonly known as the Dragonkin, were a race of twisted lesser Kelodhres, and allegedly the first race to form a society in the Arakai Mountains. While the race's own history is mostly shrouded in mystery, Qoranit texts tell that they were created by their king, who was referred to by the Qoranit as the Providence. A seeming combination of both the blood of their king and the mysterious entity referred to only as the Dragon God, the Dragonkin resembled draconic centaurs that lacked wings and had large crests on their heads. The race met its end when the Qoranit alongside their Bálstedunn allies conquered their empire and founded the Greater Qoranit Imperium on its ashes, leaving nothing behind of the Dragonkin Empire.


The Pruswā́kelodhros, known as the Frost Drakes in the modern tongue are a race of Kelodhres that belong to the ancient primordial group of the True Kelodhres. The Frost Drakes are one of the least-known of dragon races on Koldenwelt, residing in the furthest northern reaches and thus often never approached by civilisation. Not much is known of the passive behaviour of Frost Drakes, though, among communion with the Septentrions and Néva, that Frost Drakes are among the more civilised kinds of True Dragons on Koldenwelt. Frost Drakes are notably territorial however; the Algid Haven, of which the Septentrions live on is half-owned by the Frost Drakes, and most Frost Drakes dislike the presence of outsiders in their home. Much of what has been seen of Frost Drakes has only been that of surviving attacks by them.

  • Name - Golgothok
  • Affiliation - Neutral
  • Creator - Xho

The Golgothók are a mysterious and isolated culture living under the Septentrion Governance on the Algid Haven. One of the few races in the world that are never seen any further south than the northern coasts of Koldenwelt, the Gologothók are well known for their peculiar humanoid faces, sometimes being likened to that of a snake-like appearance. Like the Septentrions, the Gologthók prefer not to come into contact with the outside world, though they are not aggressive.


The Ṃbhroskelodhros, also known as the Storm Drakes were one of the primordial races of the land of Koldenwelt. From observation of the Storm Drakes' bones, these particular kind of dragons were possibly the largest dragons that ever existed in Koldenwelt (disregarding Sun Drakes, although there is no evidence of their existence) - most Storm Drakes were said to have been three to five hundred metres long in size. The Storm Drakes were among the most intelligent races of beings who existed on Koldenwelt, even before the Phoenixes' choice to teach them to communicate with them, and delivering speech unto the tongue of Kelodhres. Storm Drakes were known to have hoarded vast quantities of precious stones - at the time, no race was advanced enough to use gold in craft. Storm Drakes lived harmoniously with Sun Drakes, despite their place of residence being thousands of miles apart. They were, quite possibly, following a belief in Aethereus, and therefore found Phoenixes to be beings above themselves.



The Arakai are a race of insectoid beastmen that have acted as the masters of the eponymous Mountains for at least the last three thousand years. Notorious among the other races of Koldenwelt as extremely xenophobic, the Arakai see themselves as the caretakers of the Qoranit legacy and the only ones who understand the danger posed by the ancient relics, resulting in them viewing all outsiders entering the Arakai Mountains to be endangering the region and the rest of the world. Some of the most potent magic users in the region, every Arakai is inherently capable of wielding it - provided that they are first taught how to tap into their magical potential. Much of their society is built upon their clan hierarchy, which by placing much importance on serving one's warlord, has brought about a firmly ingrained warrior culture among them.


The Eza'naerani are a race of feline beastmen originating from the northern reaches of the Koldenweltian Polar Lands, and are the host species of the Eza'naerani Dominion. Though not one of the most mysterious races to exist on Koldenwelt's surface, the Eza'naerani maintain little contact with the southern world, which often leaves the impression that the Eza'naerani themselves are almost fictional when mentioned in conversation. Though embodying cat-like traits such as indomitable boldness and stubborn attitude, the Eza'naerani themselves subscribe to a stoic philosophy as they worship a polytheistic interpretation of the Simulacrum Nalashtannylor.

  • Name - Nethálfar
  • Affiliation - Neutral
  • Creator - Jepardi

One of the two races present in the Arakai Mountains that aren't native to it, the Nethálfar are a race of cave-dwelling piscine creatures. Originally a slave race brought to the region by the Qoranit from their empire's territory on the eastern coast of Talmyr, the Nethálfar eventually revolted with aid from two entities that the Qoranit referred to as Enairtheil. Somewhat fearful by nature, members of the race rarely venture beyond their preferred environment and are generally averse to danger when confronting it alone. With the fall of their past masters, the Nethálfar have for the most part claimed the subterranean ruins for themselves, and often come to blows with Arakai scholars undertaking expeditions into the underground cities of the Qoranit.

  • Name - Notvolv
  • Affiliation - Neutral
  • Creator - Jepardi

The Notvolv, or as they would be called in the Common Tongue the Night Witches, are a race of magically-inclined beings almost otherworldly in their way of life and appearance. Arriving at the Arakai Mountains alongside the beings known to the Qoranit as Enairtheil, the Notvolv aided the Nethálfar in their revolt against the Qoranit, and have since lived alongside the piscine race in the depths of the region. According to most sources, the Notvolv are an all-female race of witches that sculpt new generations of their kind from mud infused with dark magic, while also grafting their bony masks onto their newborns' faces. The race also apparently worships the two entities they followed to the Arakai Mountains, and have been indoctrinating both the Nethálfar and any captive Arakai to do so as well.


Pureblood Vampires are a race of blood-sucking beasts, often associated with demons, and one of the most dreaded races of Koldenwelt. They are split into male Vurdalaks and female Succubi, who are very distinct in appearance and behaviour. Vurdalaks are aggressive, territorial and bloodthirsty creatures who will eagerly murder anything that may oppose them, while Succubi are manipulative, seductive and kinky creatures who enjoy a life of leisure and pleasure. All of them are sons and daughters of the Count of Nightshade and his four brides, the Succubus Queens.


The Qoranit were a technologically advanced race that ruled the Arakai Mountains prior to their species-wide disappearance. Hailed as brilliant engineers and scholars of the magical world, the Qoranit saw the search for knowledge as the ultimate way of self-betterment, whereas stagnation was considered something utterly unnatural, and therefore required removal so that life could thrive. The Qoranit also held a vehement distaste towards deities of all kinds; viewing their interactions with the mortal world to be the source of the stagnation present on it, and were more than eager to prove their independence from them - even going as far as working towards inventing methods to cast down these gods. Nowadays, all that remains of the diminutive researchers' mighty empire are ruins holding untold riches and arcane secrets within.


  • Name - Fae of Christmas
  • Affiliation - Neutral
  • Creator - Ghelæ

Little is known about the fae of Christmas, except for reports by explorers to the island, who have claimed to see them take the form of stars or winged humanoids perched atop particular trees. They produce a sugary form of fairy dust, which is known as stardust when it is secreted into the cones of the local conifers to cause biolumeniscence and angel hair when it is released in strands across the ground. Both forms are consumed by reindeer and give them the power of magical flight, while stardust is also used in the alchemy of the Christmas Elves.

Nightshade Gargoyle

Gargoyles are a race of golems who were created by and serve the Nightshade Clan, who are fully obedient to vampires and follow their instructions without question. Their intellect is relatively low, and while they listen to vampire orders, outside of them they are considered to have near-animal intelligence. Gargoyles tend to stand guard on Nightshade Clan-controlled areas, going to rooftops or other high elevations so that they may have an advantage over their prey and be able to quickly ambush them from above.


The Lympharians are a race of golems who are the main servants of Vargash in Koldenwelt and the main race of the Cult of the Eclipse. They are golems composed by a combination of Koldenwelt rock and crystals hailing from the realm of Crystallis. These crystals are harvested by the souls of the Lympharians' victims, which are then used to create new bodies for them. Most Lympharians are completely mindless, not in the sense that they are insane, but in the sense that their minds are completely blank. Lympharians are stoic and not capable of emotion, not even negative ones, and they show indifferent toward both their closest allies and their worst enemies.

  • Name - Unseelie
  • Affiliation - Neutral
  • Creator - TheImperios

It is said that evil can never be truly gone, and the Unseelie are definitely the proof that this statement is true. Probably the most nightmarish creatures in the entire Frontier Land, these remnants of Vargash's dark presence continue to live in the region even after the Lympharians were banished. Both humans and orcs are fearful of these dark ghostly beings, who revel in torment of mortal beings, for while the Unseelie are born of the Simulacrum of Madness, they possess a will and aspirations of their own, and are far more proactive in their quest for endless horror. From abducting children for strengthening their armies to stripping entire villages of life, the Unseelie Courts have no qualms against any atrocities as long as they find it useful for their goals or simply fun.








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