The Inland Seas of Xa'in and Korishimia are two large inland seas on the Eastern region. They are large enough to have big islands. Very few have ever stepped foot on them, as an unknown nation of Elves known as the Islanders inhabit it, but also have a tight grip, fiercly defending their territories with strong naval forces.

The Islands[]

Sea and defense perimeter[]

Surrounding the islands Xa'in and Korishimia, the first defense is a large blockade fleet of steam powered warships (3 to 5 rows, more if needed, and frequent patrol craft), armed with cannons, huge crossbow-type weapons and rapid fire arrows, tipped with cyanide, as well as primitive flame throwers. The secondary defense is a large wall of carved granite over 12 meters tall. Various trebuche's and more rapid fire crossbows are placed across the edge, this time shooting flaming arrows. But perhaps the most advanced weapon are mirrors. They appear like dishes with thousands of tiny mirrors, which if focused on enemy vehicles in the correct way will magnify the sun thousands of times, burning sails, causing combustable materials to catch fire and burning or blinding incoming soldiers. The weapon is short ranged however.


Xa'in, although smaller than Korishimia has a greater importance to its peoples. Its wall, unlike Korishimia's, is hexagonal. Yet, it is a different nation to Korishimia, despite its similar defenses. Further north than Korishimia its environment is dominated by Taiga-like forests. Xa'in has poor acidic soils due to thick iron-pan layers, meaning that the peoples of Xa'in consume much more red meat and fish.


The largest of the islands, but also the most southern, it is nearly as large as Ireland on Earth. It has huge, rich cities, terraced fields and has a temperate rainforest, moisture delivered by the nearby Stormlands. There is even an underground train system, pulled along by giant Moler worms.

Lunsincth Mountains[]

There is a third island, the wildist of the inland islands, full of forests, beasts and mountain tribes. On a couple of there, there are large mystical temples devoted to science, the source and research of the Lunsinth. It is said great treasures and ancient wisdom is locked in the mountains. The mountain climate is dominated by cloud forests.

Other places[]

The inland seas do have several rivers which flow to and from, two of which lead to the true sea of the north. Ice Breaker Ships have been sighted by local tribes travelling there to land beyond the ocean wall and along the arctic wastelands. Some of the rivers connect to minor villages and castaways near the seas.

The people[]

They are called the Islanders by other nations, their real name has yet to be revealed. Although they are believed to be nations of Elves, some features are different, they have shorter lifespans (but still long), their ears are more rounded and their faces more broad. They are about the same size and have similar physical characteristics, if not slightly bulkier. They may well be another Elf subspecies, or they could be a very close relative. Similar to Earth humans, they are Koldenwelt's answer to Homo sapiens.

Culture and society[]

Almost nothing is known about their belefs, society structure and culture. The people of Korishimia lead a martial lifestyle, but both the Korishimia and Xa'in islands are scientific and focused on invention. However, in the Lunsincth mountains, believed to be the origin of both The Islanders and Lunsincth (who may have taught them the skills of invention), The Islanders are far more mystical, devoted to the Lunsincth's magical philosophy. The minor villages spread across small islands and river banks are rather neutral.


Not much else is known about them, other than their advancements and isolation. Some of their known advancements include the use of "heat rays" (magnified light), steam powered machinery, early artillary (cannons, trebuchet, giant crossbows), the ability to carve and move granite and primitive use of electricity, similar to the Baghdad Battery on Earth (the Islanders can connect many together to make large light bulbs or to power analog computers). But due to the factors of isolation (lack of info sharing as well as lack of drive) it might take centuries before they could compare late 19th to 20th Earth centuries. However, they are on a similar level to the Shiarcon and Klaxxa (as well as the Early Industrial Revolution), but despite the use of steam common between the three nations, the technology isn't identical, as the Klaxxa have air vehicles and the Shiarchon have greater offensive technology while the Islanders have the edge of naval and defensive technologies.

Naval Ships[]

The closest ship is the Ironclad Torpedo Ram, ships behind are Paddle warsteamers and a Spar torpedo submarine.

  • Ironclad Torpedo Ram

One of The Islander's strongest warship types, the Iron clad was reinforced with iron and steel. It even had electrical lighting. It was used to ram other ships with its spar torpedoes, anything left to be blasted out of the water by steam-powered cannons.

  • Paddle warsteamers

With tall bows, this ship is one of the most fearsome in the Islander's navy. Powered by steam, generating primitive electrical technology and powering the paddle, it is also one of the more advanced. It has 4 Trebuche, giant crossbow emplacements and short-range flame throwers. It is also fast.

  • Spar Torpedo Submarine

The Islanders also have a surprise weapon if things go awry for their battleships - submarines. They are steam powered, and have limited oxygen supply, but they are armed with spar torpedoes, bombs attached to long spars, which can latch onto hulls and detonate with a fuse.

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