The Highmoors are an extension of land which encompasses the southern region of Koldenwelt's western continent, noted for its great marshlands and the mountain range which separates it from the seas bordering the Western Forests.









  • Name - Apeksaka
  • Affiliation - Neutral
  • Creator - TheHachi

The Apeksaka, also known by names such as Horned Elves, are a race of elves who live upon the mountain ranges of the Highmoors, creating cities upon its valleys and lower regions. So called due to their great number of spiked protrusions, the Apeksaka are a somewhat shy and isolated nation who tends to keep to itself, but are willing to deal with outsiders as long as they do not prove to be a threat and can even be welcoming who gain their trust. The Horned Elves are known for their great affinity with geomancy, which serves them well for the purpose of constructing their settlements and also as a mean of defense against the Lindworms who inhabit the region.

Rhaz'Gan Troll

The Rhaz'Gan Trolls are the namesake race of the Realm of Rhaz'Gan, a species of giant native to the northwestern coast of the Highmoors. Worshipers of spirits and practitioners of shamanism, the Rhaz'Gan have grown into one of the most influential races of the Highmoors, with their empire extending through large portions of land around their capital. They are fierce, territorial and distrust outsiders, but those who earn their trust note them to be extremely loyal allies.


Male Klamb
  • Name - Klamb
  • Affiliation - Neutral
  • Creator - OluapPlayer

The Klamb are a race of dogfolk who live in small, primitive tribes at the southern regions of the Highmoors. A deeply spiritual and peaceful people, the Klamb worship a figure known in their culture as Macin the Radiant, who is said to be the grandmother of the world and the creator of the sun. The Klamb are quite adept at living in the marshlands of the Highmoorns and can easily find their way across its swamps, being considered adept hunters of the region's fearsome lungsharks.


Mushroom Dragon
  • Name - Mushroom Dragon
  • Affiliation - Neutral
  • Creator - OluapPlayer

Mushroom Dragons are massive sentient fungi in the shape of kelodhres who can be found at the densest marshes of the Highmoors. Living solitary lives, they spend a majority of their lives absorbing nutrients from the soil and blending with the trees of the areas they live in. If provoked, Mushroom Dragons defend themselves with the use of their sharpened claws and a breath of paralyzing spores. Few of them are known to exist, and their generally reserved nature makes them a rare sight to the civilizations of the region.

Umbral Hulk
  • Name - Umbral Hulk
  • Affiliation - Neutral
  • Creator - OluapPlayer

Umbral Hulks are a malevolent race of fae said to have originated from the deepest reaches of the Highmoors during the Old Age. Nocturnal and primitive, these man-sized creatures thrive in kidnapping Deiwes, either to consume their flesh or to use their fairy dust to transform them into more of themselves, so they may breed with them and create offspring. Umbral Hulks are disconnected from one another, but a single family may have many individuals. These creatures are stronger at night, though they hate the light, both of the sun and magical. Their families have spread enough that their kind has been seen at the Western Forests and at the Duskwoods of the Tropical Lands.





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