The Hidden people refer to the various supernatural, spiritual or nature beings that are said by many to inhabit Koldenwelt. The hidden people exist in the realm between the real, super-real and the dream worlds. Many are pigments pure imagination, as the races of Koldenwelt try to relate natural phenomena with their own ideas, others contest that they are in tune with nature, they can sense the hidden people who inhabit the trees and the mountains, many may well be "thoughtforms", energy manifested and moulded into beings by the thought processes of different races while others might be conscious personifications of the The Source.


The Hidden People are said to guard natural places or magical tools, or even be responsible for their destruction. Sorcerers claim they can communicate with the Hidden People to learn their magic or gain a special affinity or power over or with a certain place. Some Hidden people are specific to certain races, but due to cultural spreading, any race could "tune in" and interact with most Hidden people.

Nature Guardians[]

Of Flora and Fauna[]

Tree spirits[]

Tree's can live llonger than the ages, often living longer than any race can on Koldenwelt. Sorcerers claim that the Trees can talk, and after many years can record everything they saw. They are documented in their concentric ring language, which they tatoo themselves with. Trees have individuality, some are enigmatic and philosophical, others are very talkactive or grumpy. Some trees have magical abilities which they do not like being taken from them. Taking wood from a magical tree is often seen as bad luck if nothing is given back, if used for building a hut or a cot, the tree will exact its revenge and collapse it.

Sometimes, trees are taken resident by other spirits, who hide their treasure in the powerful grip of the tree roots. If the treasure is threatened. the spirit may run off with it. Tree spirits can take on many forms, telepathy, trees, faces, or ghostly apparitions.

Forest Men[]

Forest men, either appear completely naked or look a bit like the Tree people. He is very peaceful, and makes sure the woodland or forest he inhabits is propering. However, we will protect if necessary. Some believe he is the combined deity of various Trees, although the Forest Man doesn't just protect trees.

There is another, possibly unrelated spirit, who's presence include forests of Taiga. He can be seen with green warpaint, cameoflarged into the environment. If he catches a victim, he drags it away, to never be seen again.

Of Land and Earth[]

Of Water and Sky[]

There is a great deal of wind and water deities and spirits across various cultures. Water spirits are often percieved as dangeroous being which rise from the murky dephs or lakes and rivers to snatch bathers and swimmers, or those drinking or collecting water. Others are believed to control the water and weather, being some of the most powerful spirits on Koldenwelt. The wind and weather spirits are possibly related or aligned with the water gods, and may work together to create complex weather systems. Sometimes mortals try to harness the weather, but the only race who really could commune with thewater and weather people are the Lunsinth. The weather spirits never seem to decide what weather the day will have and have often known to argue, which turned to brawls, written the sjy as thunderous storms which froighten mortals into their homes or stand in awe. These unlucky victims might get struck by the thunderbolt blacklash that may occur. But there are also some specific spirits who inhabit specific places on Koldenwelt.

Loch horse[]

  • Based on:Kelpie
  • Associtations:Lakes, lochs and other bodies of water.

This spirit haunts the lakes on lochs of Eireland. It comes in the appearence of a horse with a ready made bridle, or a lost pony so beutiful it lulls people to ride it. But once they do, they find they stuck on the back of the horse, which goes out of control and drags its victim into the water, to be eaten. Others don't even eat their prey, they crush them with big muscular arms that appear and then leave the scene. One way to tell is the constantly dripping mane.

Of Elements and Magic[]

Black Sheag[]

  • Based on:Black dog
  • Associations:Guarding leylines, magical places, graveyards, crossroads, storms and water

The Black Sheag, takes the form of canines such as the Sheag. But they are very different, and seem to have two forms, either an omen of death or a guardian of protection. Often lone men or women have been followed by a dog, only to go down and pet it, to find their hand pass straight through. Sometimes the Black Sheag can only be heard, as chains being dragged across the ground, or the sound of iron feet. Many have glowing yellow or red eyes, as big as sauces, and sulfurous breath. Accounts of the Black Sheag are often weird or terrifying, where the Black Sheag sinks into the earth or changes its size or form. Sometimes, the Black Sheag is not black at all, or is a protective creature, saving lives and watching over children who play on moors. But others, have accounts of death, as people turned to ashes, or ripped apart. It is said if one see's a Black Sheag, they should not tell anyone for a year and day, or the people they tell may die mysteriously.

They are often associated near spiritual places and often occur when there is an unusually powerful storm.

Specific Hidden ones[]

These are thoughtforms specific to different races.





Hidden places[]

Just like Hidden people, hidden places are said to exist as well.

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