A place of legend...no one ever wants to venture that far north, even though the evil is in the south.

- Unknown

The Forgotten Lands is a north-eastern part of Koldenwelt which borders the Stormlands and Serenity Woods. It is one of the coldest places of on Koldenwelt.


Most legends that were based on the Storm Drake Nalúnt Earth-Scorcher originated in are now what the Forgotten Lands - therefore, the Forgotten Lands were originally the lands of Nalúnt himself. Caligaduro Provectus had invaded the space, and destroyed the vast majority of the dragons there. Nalúnt succumbed to Caligaduro and became Ambhíqolosemos, and left the lands to wither and become forgotten for hundreds of thousands of years. Little to nothing stands of the former dragon lands. If anything, Ambhíqolosemos once took this as his fortress, until Caligaduro moved his powers to the south.


The Forgotten Lands are highly mountains and are covered in forests, having a few valley spaces which walls can reach for thousands of feet in the air. Nearer to the coasts of the Forgotten Lands lie the peaks of the mountains where the dragons once lived, and some believe that the former cities of dragons are still there, although with no life whatsoever. Nearer the centre of the Forgotten Lands, it becomes entirely snow and intensely cold.


Despite the Forgotten Lands being near inhospitable, life exists within it and to an abundant amount. The majority of life in the Forgotten Lands are carnivorous and are extremely resistant to the cold.

  • Common Name - Ice Lizards
  • Original Name - Akvarút
  • Diet - Meat
  • Size - 1.68m - 1.78m
  • Threat Level - Moderate
  • Information - Akvarút are the most common species in the Forgotten Lands, known for their lizard like nature and common diet for meat. Whilst one is somewhat easy to kill, they often attack in packs in 12 to 20. If not prepared, they prove to kill very quickly. They are notoriously afraid of fire. They seem to be sub-sentient, having traces of a culture and answer to their leaders.

  • Common Name - Ice Lizard Scavenger Lord
  • Original Name - Akvarút Scavenger Lord
  • Diet - Meat
  • Size - 1.98m - 2.38m
  • Threat Level - Very High
  • Information - Akvarút Scavenger Lords are the leaders of the Akvarút packs. Often commanding numbers of over 2000, Scavenger Lords are very strong and prove to be difficult fights alone. They are almost impervious to every form of damage, but, like their lesser minions, have a weakness to the heat.

  • Common Name - Ice Bears
  • Original Name - Furzántha
  • Diet - Meat
  • Size - 1.8m - 1.86m (at the shoulder)
  • Threat Level - High
  • Information - Furzántha are highly aggressive creatures resembling bears, but have scaly skin and have numerous spikes on their backs. They are fast, and often fight in packs of 15. However they are not as refined in a culture like the Akvarút. However they are far stronger, and far more resilient.

  • Common Name - Ice Bear Titans
  • Original Name - Furazántha
  • Diet - Meat
  • Size - 2.10 - 2.29m (at the shoulder)
  • Threat Level - Very High
  • Information - Furazántha are the leaders of Furzántha packs, and are stronger, faster and greater than their lesser species. Impervious to nearly every from of damage, Furazántha cannot be killed by any particular means apart from Darkstone.

  • Common Name - Ice Golem
  • Original Name - Anmanathaka
  • Diet - None
  • Size - 10m +
  • Threat Level - Extremely High
  • Information - Borne from dark magic, Anmanathaka are a very rare but immensely dangerous sight in the Forgotten Lands. Capable of sheer physical strength and immense Source powers around theme of ice, Anmanathaka are very difficult to escape from once they notice a traveler. However, they are usually dormant.

  • Common Name - Frost Drake
  • Original Name - Pruswakelodhros
  • Diet - None
  • Size - 32m long +
  • Threat Level - Extremely High
  • Information - ...

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