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Beautiful and calm, the Fernia Domain is a region between the Tropical lands and the Western Forests of Koldenwelt.

The vegetation of the Domain is dense, but so the creatures usually live in the trees. Yet, creatures with can't climb can also easily move between the large ferns with cover the ground of this Jungle-like forest.

Due to the many plants that live here, this region has seemingly massive amounts of wood, and various herbs with have healing effects. Life never runs out here, as once a member of a species is killed, another one just replaces him. The same thing counts for the flora, so deforestation never happens. It cause of this is Faz'ra, who hangs in the middle of the domain.


Life of the Fernia Domain[]

The Domain is home to a diverse number of wildlife.

Sentient Species[]

  • Ent - Creatures spawned from the bark of Faz'ra. They protect the forests from harm, and are capable of precise flora manipulation.
  • Stalker - Creatures spawned from the eye clusters of Faz'ra. They possess gigantic eyes or clusters of eyes, Stalkers are highly intelligent, and possess an huge amount of the Scourge. Stalkers are divided into various subspecies, each united into the Fernia Alliance of Tribes.
  • Runen - A species of friendly creatures, Runen are masters of the Scourge. They are the founders of the Fernia Alliance of Tribes.
  • Trofandalorain - A race of non-respected bounty hunters, Trofandalorains are distrusted, but are very nice to outsiders.
  • Aviantasa - Mysterious bird-like beings with leaves instead of feathers, Aviantasa roam the skies, and act as guards for eventual artifacts in this region.
  • Mermaid - The beautiful Mermaids roam the seas near the Southern Mangroves. Their song can attract males, whatever the species if, and only supernatural races can resist them.

Animal Species[]

  • Lemur - Lemurs are social and curious monkeys, commonly used by the natives as pets.
  • Jungle Wolf - Jungle Wolfs are pack hunters. They are not aggressive, and rather want to be left alone.
  • Vargals - Huge, intelligent, wolf-like creatures. They are semi-sapient and are used as mounts by the Fernia Tribes. it should be noted they are not pets, but willingly cöoperate with the tribes.
  • Fruit Bat - Fruit Bats are rather social bats, who live on fruit. They are used as pets or fruit collectors.
  • Blood Wing - Blood Wings are a type of Bat with inhabit the caves of the Western Swamps. They feed on the blood of others, and are commonly associated with Vampires.
  • Kebbit - Kebbits small, are bunny like reptilians. They miss ears, front legs, and move in a bunny-like way. They are usually hunted by the natives due to their tasty flesh.
  • Jungle Wyrm - Wyrms are huge, worm-like beasts who inhabit the northern parts of the Domain. They mostly live underground, feeding on roots of colossal trees.
  • Gryphon - Gryphon (often pronounced incorrectly as griffin), are large winged creatures. They look for all the world like a cross between a lion and an eagle. They were originally native to the Everwinter Highlands, but some of them since then migrated to the Fernia Domain.
  • Hippogriff - Hippogriff are a mix between an horse and an eagle. It looks like a horse, but with the wings, feet and head of an eagle. They were originally native to the Everwinter Highlands, but some of them since then migrated to the Fernia Domain.

Plants of the Fernia Domain[]

  • Ferns (everywhere, the massive amount of ferns gave the domain it's name)
  • Mangrove trees (southern parts)
  • Bamboo (northern parts)
  • Water Weeds (western/southern parts)
  • Carnivorous plants (northern/western parts)
  • Vines (everywhere) / Giant Vines (eastern parts)
  • Tropical plants (eastern parts)
  • Many other plants (everywhere)

Geographical Locations[]

The Fernia Domain differ in type of forest, but all kinds of forest are basically dense.

Northern Bamboo Forests[]

Southern Mangroves[]

Western Swamps[]

Eastern Jungles[]

Central Forests[]

Forest of Ancients[]

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