Eirland is a region of the Western Forests, in a temperate region with frequent rains. There is no major nation in Eierland, but is is dotted with various villages and tribes.

Environment[edit | edit source]

The landscape looks much like that of the British Isles, as well as Norway. The lowlands contain temperature forests, grasslands and meadows, the water ways create fens and marshes, while forest gives way to moorland and Taiga in the foggy mountain regions. Many animals and beasts, as well as cannibalistic tribes and thieves lurk in the darkest corners, where it is advised to not go alone.

Calledian culture[edit | edit source]

The natives include mainly elves and dwarves, but many Hidden people are believed to live there. Technologically most range between neolithic and the age of iron, although some more advanced cities exist. The main religions are pagan, similar to the Celts and Norse paganism.

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