The Eastern Plains is a large region composed mostly by grasslands located at the east of Koldenwelt's main continent.


During ancient times, the Eastern Plains were controlled by the Cobalt Kingdom, under the rule of the kobold people known as Ordnung. The Cobalt Kingdom was the largest and most powerful civilization of the east during its prime, though with time and due to multiple factors including long, bloody wars with Void Denizens, it has become a shadow of its former glory. The Eastern Plains was also the birthing place of multiple True Dragon races during prehistoric times, with Earth Drakes, Fire Drakes and Light Drakes first being sighted in this region. The mountains of Ar-Klith, served as refuge for the Klaxxa after the death of Kordraiggen, one of the greatest of the Old Colossi, and the dragonlings have since taken the place of the Ordnung as the superpower of the region, becoming one of the greatest and most advanced empires in history. The Eastern Plains also served as the home of humanity and the birth place of the Empire of Man, and many elven races living in the region would become members of the Sovereignty of Dryada, with some of them being involved in its founding.


The Eastern Plains, as they name imply, are primarily composed of plain landscapes, though the region is also well noted for its great mountain ranges which include active volcanoes. Plateus can also be found across the land, primarily in the far east, with one notable feature of the region being the Great Eastern Wall: a massive mountain range predominating in the Eastern Plains which then extends all the way north and south of the continent, with such imposing and hostile environments that no one has ever explored too far into it. Because of it, what lies beyond the Great Eastern Wall, or if anything exists beyond it at all, is unknown and unlikely to ever be confirmed.

The climate of the Plains is compared to that of the west in that it is predominantly temperate at an average of 15 °C to 26 °C, being neither too hot or too cold all-year round. However, due to the region's neighbouring of both the Sea of Sand and the Polar Lands, its west and north tend to have very hot summers and very cold winters respectively.



To the north from the desolate Abyssus, to the east from the Great Desert and to the south of the domains of men and elves lies Ar-Klith (from Eorthisc Arclifas, meaning Angel Mountains), one of the largest and most ancient mountain ridges on Koldenwelt. Currently home to the ingenious Klaxxa who migrated there thousands of years ago, it is known today as the heart of the world's industry, technology and science, bristling with alchemical laboratories, foundries churning out one mechanical wonder after another, and mighty forges whose smoke reaches to the alpine sky. In direct proximity to Koldenwelt's focal points of commerce and abundant with minerals and metals, Ar-Klith is one of the richest and most prosperous regions of Koldenwelt.

  • Location - Northeast of the Plains
  • Affiliation - Islander Humans

The Inland Seas of Xa'in and Korishimia are two large inland seas on the Eastern region. They are large enough to have big islands. Very few have ever stepped foot on them, as a nation of humans known as the Islanders inhabit it, but also have a tight grip, fiercly defending their territories with strong naval forces.

  • Location - Great Eastern Wall
  • Affiliation - Skaurovirni Domain

The Lost City of Amzud is a perilous ruin set upon the heights of the Great Eastern Wall, near the far edges of the known world. Considered the territory of the Skaurovirni Domain, Amzud is an incredibly ancient ruin plagued by unnatural weather and twisted lifeforms; the very plateau of which the ruin sits upon hangs upon a thread of eroding rock, and a series of murky waterfalls that spouts forth a dark substance clouds the region in an ominous and suffocating fog. The Skaurovirn live in the deepest recesses of Amzud, within the walled in citadel of where Amzud itself exists between it and the rest of the world.

Tartarion Map.png
  • Location - North of the Plains
  • Affiliation - Multiple

Tartarion is a massive plain in the center of the Oriental Koldenwelt which divides the metropolitan domains of the Empire of Man, its colonies in the Frontier and the Islander nations. Known as the Shaking Land, Tartarion is notorious for its heavy seismic activity which is the bane of all who seek to tame this savage place; its natives are hardy, strong people who are used to accept losses and live in harmony with nature. The most prominent of these natives are of course the nomadic centaurs which are split into the warrior tribes of the Stomping Grounds and the scholar tribes of the Southpeaks, but Tartarion is also home to other species, such as the druidic, cervine Däisarvi and the wise Karakon Orcs.

Urnithen (1).png

Urnithen (literally "earth-skull") is a valley in the North-Eastern region of the Eastern Plains, named after the being which dominates it. The valley is guarded by the Urnin, who keep its location and nature a secret from the rest of the world. The only settlement in Urnithen is Falgen Castle, the home of the Urnin Fraternity, and a center of knowledge regarding the Simulacra.


The Vrorekaa Territories are a small nation in the South-eastern savana grasslands in the Eastern Plains of Koldenwelt controlled by the Vrorekaa Tribe, a vassal race of the Klaxxa. The Vrorekaa call the Territories their home, and all Vrorekaa in the Tribe live here. In the Settlements, Vrorekaa walk around and dance or work at the sound of the Drums. Drummers are usually drumming in large tables, and they take turns - After 1 hour, another drummer takes his place. There is also a totem pole near the Chief's hut and the Central table, which is basically like a church - It's a place of worship. They gather around in the pole every night and pray to the god for him to bless the Vrorekaa. Celebrations are usually held for sucessful hunts or battles.





The Duergar, also known by names such as Forsaken Dwarves or Dark Dwarves are a race of dwarvish Deiwos who serve as the rulers of the Duergar Empire at the southern edges of the Eastern Plains. Descendants of the ancient Dweorg, the Duergar refused to follow the steps of other dwarves and were overcome with greed and power-hungry, eventually falling prey to the corruption of the dark dragon known as Roarie the Consumer, which led them to become a race of bitter, cruel slavers who hate all other dwarvenkind.

Erylia Elves.png

The Erylia Elves, also known as Fire Elves, are a species of elves who are members of the Dryadali Sovereign. The Erylia Elves are a highly cultured people, famous across the Sovereign for their optimistic view of nature and their music. Erylia dancers are popular as a form of entertainment. The race is often described as hot-blooded and easily bored unless occupied with something, with their men being courageous and determinate warriors, and their women being seductive and sassy. As a whole, the Erylia are welcoming and enjoy the company of other races, especially other elves who may make them company.

Hikamera Elves.png

The Hikamera Elves, most known as Light Elves or Radiant Elves are a race of elvish Deiwos natives of the Eastern Plains. Notable for their inherited power over light, the Hikamera are known for their modesty and for treating non-elves as equals, and are a notable member species of the Sovereignty of Dryada. The Light Elves are known for being expressive beings, but not in the same way as their Erylia neighbours. They are known for expressing their feelings through art, including painting and writing, and are known for being passive, polite and modest. Due to their history as slaves, the Hikamera have done efforts to make themselves not like their former masters and see non-elves as equals.

Igneous Giant.png
  • Name - Igneous Giant
  • Affiliation - Neutral
  • Creator - OluapPlayer

The Igneous Giants were a race of gigantic humanoids who lived during the Adamantine Age, their civilization dating from 8,000 BNA. Born from a shard of Venertimanoth's heart, the Giants protected it from harm with their lives until it was stolen by the feared fire dragon named Finkrath, which severely depowered their people and left them vulnerable to the likes of Void Denizens. As ages passed, the Igneous Giants shrunk and transformed into the Erylia Elves, who came to forget their ancient origins as they settled at the region of Erylianus. Igneous Giants were formidable warriors who stood at an average seven meters tall, and their most famed leader, Cindrithas the Towering King, was one of the legendary Dawn Wardens.

Eastern Plains Humans.png

Although nothing is known about humanity's original homeland, many prominent human nations had their beginning in the Eastern Plains and are thus considered to be native to it. The Plains, along with the Sea of Sand, are the heart of the Empire of Man, whose presence there is centered around three provinces: the Principality of Mannazia on the north, whose militant and proud inhabitants form the bulk of the Grand Monarch's military, the City State of l'Ammanori built near the southern shores of the Sea of Talons, and the Serene Polity of Karacayople, to the south from Tartarion. However, other human nations, unaligned or even opposed to the Empire, also call the Eastern Plains home; of them, the most prominent are the Islanders of Xa'in and Korishimia.

Karakon Orc.png
  • Name - Karakon Orc
  • Affiliation - Neutral
  • Creator - TheImperios

Descendants of the Lesha orcs that came south seeking shelter from the human expansion, the Karakon Orcs have since then abandoned the nature-worshipping ways of their frozen ancestral homeland and devoted themselves to the plains, making their skin turn from leaf green to sand brown. Warlike, harsh like Tartarion itself, they are a brutish and belligerent people, yet unlike the centaurs, the orcs understand authority and order, and instead of being nomads live in organised tribes and kingdoms - the so-called Northern Karakon and Southern Karakon - much like their northern cousins. Thanks to their discipline and comradery, the orcs have been able to endure wars with centaurs for ages despite their superior number and strength, and the two races respect each other, if somewhat begrudgingly.


The Kyrsacov, also known as Under Dwarves are a race of Dwarven Deiwos natives of the northern regions o the Eastern Plains. They are one of the children of the Dweorg, the ancient precursors of several dwarven races across Koldenwelt, and are noted for being a gruff and somewhat primitive culture, though they nonetheless are considered amiable and easy to befriend. Their population currently pledges its allegiance to the Northern Vermin Kingdom. Eager miners and smithers as well as appreciators of alcoholic drinks, the Kyrsacov are typical dwarves sans their rather blunt behaviour. Outsiders who interact with them often describe them as welcoming and friendly, but are nonetheless very potent warriors due to their incredible physical strength making them one of the strongest dwarven races of Koldenwelt. They are also well known for their covered faces, barrel-shaped bodies and large, fluffy beards.

  • Name - Plains Cyclops
  • Affiliation - Neutral
  • Creator - OluapPlayer

The Plains Cyclopes are a race of giants who inhabit the central regions of the Eastern Plains. Known for the single staring eye on their faces and their elephant-like skin, Cyclopes are quite primitive and slow creatures who do not possess their own civilizations, let alone are known to live in social groups - Plains Cyclopes are only seen together when looking for mates. Formidably strong, they can craft rudimentary weapons out of stone or wood which they often use as clubs to crush their prey with. Certain races such as the Duergar have enslaved numbers of Plains Cyclopes and use them as manual labour and war beasts, and both their eye and tusks are very valuable items among alchemists and wizards.

  • Name - Skaurovirn
  • Affiliation - Skaurovirni Domain
  • Creator - Xho

An enigmatic race of elves living in the recesses of the Great Eastern Wall, the Skaurovirn are mountain-dwelling beings who have carved a darkness-filled citadel into the mountains, living there in their aversion to light. The Skaurovirn themselves are extremely xenophobic - they are known to cruelly display the corpses of humans they have captured, and are known to kill other elven races. They are not particularly found of Theriocephalian species, though appear to tolerate Kelodhrosi kind. The only worshippers of Maharaksas in the present day, the Skaurovirn's savage culture is regarded in itself a blight to Koldenwelt. Strange energies emanate from the depths of the Skaurovirni Domain, perhaps that of a divine power.

Tamaraul Elves.png

The easternmost elven tribe, the Tamaraul (also known as the Sky Elves), are arguably the most militant people of the Dryadali Sovereign. Descendants of wood elf settlers from the Western Forests, these grey-skinned, golden-eyed highlanders inhabit the Biennsar Ridge, an ancient and magical mountain chain which stands at the border between the Great Desert and the Eastern Plains. The geographical position of their home puts them between the lands of different species, such as the Merovar, the Klaxxa and the twin human kingdoms of l'Ammanori and Alhassal; as such, the Tamaraul as a culture have always been among other elf races as both warriors and traders.


The T'zukartu, known also as the Yellow Dwarves or Nomad Dwarves, are a race of nomadic Dwarven Deiwos spread throughut the Eastern Plains, descended from the ancient Dweorg. Without a homeland or a ruler, and not practicing the traditional dwarven arts of smithing and mining, the Tzukartu are instead known as wandering traders and craftsmen, and bear allegiance to no ruler but their own small communities. Gifted with endurance unusual even for dwarves and a lust for treasures, the T'zukartu have traversed all of the underworld tunnels of Koldenwelt in search of profit, connecting the worlds above and beneath the ground together. Though considered by many to be greedy, the T'zukartu are in fact highly spiritual and worship Pheonas. They hold a particular reverence for their lost homeland, T'zukamrok, and hope to find it again in their searches.


  • Name - Blood Drake
  • Affiliation - Legion of Shiarchon
  • Creator - Xho

The Esrkelodhros, also known as the Blood Drakes are one of the primordial dragon races of Koldenwelt. Whilst originally neutral, the threat that had emerged from Caligaduro Provectus and his rise of his demonic armies across the world forced the Blood Drakes to isolate themselves from the rest of the world. Following the destruction of the immortal dragon races - Sun Drakes and Storm Drakes, the Blood Drakes were the only race of dragons to have wholeheartedly submitted to Caligaduro's power, fearing him and their destruction. Whilst considered destructive and vicious by nature, Blood Drakes have an organised hierarchy and societal structure independent of the Legion of Shiarchon. They also regard other dragon races as lesser, and because of it tend to attack dragons of any other nature. Blood Drakes however are somewhat intelligent, perhaps due to their service to Caligaduro which has given them some knowledge of the worlds below.

Earth Drake.png

The Earth Drakes, also known as Dheghomkelodhros, are one of the True Kelodhros races of Koldenwelt, linked to Colossus Arddraigr. An average Earth Drake does not require much to survive. They do not need to eat or drink often, and possess no incentives to destroy like their fiery cousins or to hoard precious metals like the dragons of the Sea of Sand. Because of this, as well as because of their fierce reverence of their fallen matriarch whose last will commanded them to wait for her scion to fully mature, the Earth Drakes are fairly passive, calm creatures, who spend most of their time dormant or guarding powerful magical relics too dangerous for "younger races" - that is, almost everyone who isn't an Earth Drake - to control. While generally benevolent towards mortals, an Earth Drake can be a terrible foe if aggravated. Although not possessing the burning rage of the Fire Drakes, they are quite stubborn, and those who have wronged them will probably be hunted for the rest of their lives.

Fire Drake.png

The Ecniskelodhros, most known as the Fire Drakes are one of the races of True Dragons of Koldenwelt, having dominion over the school of flames and fire magic of the Source. The dragons representing the power of fire, created in prehistorical times by the Old Colossus Venertimanoth, the Fire Drakes were originally paragons of good until their whole race was cursed by Siivhahzin to slowly die out, decreasing in size and power as time passed.

Imperial Dragon.png

Imperial Dragons are a race of Greater Kelodhres who descends from several draconic races who once participated in the war known as Dragonrise. While the majority of these red-scaled beasts bow to no authority and remain in their lairs spread all over the Eastern Plains, some of them were either subjugated by humans or accepted their dominion willingly, and now serve their part in the Empire as mounts for the greatest human warriors. Although they are as sapient as their handlers, the generations of servitude and breeding have made them fiercely loyal to the Empire, and they fiercely believe that their great strength and power gives them responsibility to protect those who lack it - such as humans.


The Klaxxa are a Kelodhros race from Abyssus, known for their affinity for technology. Small and frail with little magical affinity, the Klaxxa have neverthless managed to become the most prominent race of Ar-Klith through intelligence, inventiveness, and tenacity. Crafty, eccentric, sometimes even insane, the Klaxxa have built a mighty empire by harnessing the power of steam and gunpowder, its mighty cities connected by zeppelins and airships. The Klaxxa's Kelodhros kin often look down at their smaller brethren (both metaphorically and literally), refusing to see them as equals or even relatives at all. But the Dragonlings don't care, for they have but one ultimate goal: new discoveries, new inventions, new machines.

Light Drake.png

The Bhāoskelodhros, widely known as the Light Drakes are one of the races of True Dragons of Koldenwelt, having dominion over the school of light and divinity magic of the Source. Among the most powerful of all dragons, being direct descendants of the first Fire Drakes and Sun Drakes, they are also one of the rarest races of dragons in the world, numbering only about a hundred. Noble but but arrogant, possessing a black-and-white view of the world, the Light Drakes are powerful creatures who strive for good, but only their view of good.

The Magnus of the Sky.png

The Lunsincth are great dragon-like beings of Koldenwelt once were the kings of the sky, perhaps as ancient as the old age. Few Lunsincth survive today, but those who do live in the Stormlands, the mountain belt situated in the border between the Eastern plains and the Northern region, shrouded by weather so intense so that only the strongest sorcerers can penetrate. They can also fly, using the Source to push against gravity.

  • Name - Shadow Drake
  • Affiliation - Neutral
  • Creator - Xho

The Unksrākelodhros, also known as the Shadow Drakes, are a legendary race of Kelodhres on Koldenwelt. The Shadow Drakes hold the greatest animosity towards the True Kelodhres, believing them to be youthful impostors. Whilst indifferent to the dragon-like races of Koldenwelt itself, Shadow Drakes tend to kill or feed upon the True Kelodhres races. Shadow Drakes do not hold much belief in hoarding precious jewels or gems, but have a unique desire to claim obsidian shards to build their nests. They do not tend to hold any hatred for Deiwes nor Theriocephali, but have proven territorial. They have been seen destroying civilisations of Deiwos or Theriocephali nature, quite possibly as a means of marking territory or prolonged annoyance.

Fantasy Spinker.png

The Spinkers were a race of lesser dragons who once inhabited the east of the Plains. They were known for having pledged their allegiance to the ancient Dawn Wardens and are credited for building the Radiant Citadel, the former headquarters of the alliance. Like the Wardens, the Spinkers were wiped out in the decades after 6,000 BNA, and little traces of their existence still remain in Koldenwelt.


Koldenwelti Centaur.png
  • Name - Centaur
  • Affiliation - Neutral
  • Creator - TheImperios

The most powerful species in the region, the sky worshipping Centaurs, known as Caonima in their own tongue, are divided into two large factions, as different from each other as day and night. The Sun centaurs, hailing from the central plains of Tartarion, are a primitive, warlike people, split into many different clans and tribes that mistrust each other greatly. Obeying no authority but their code of honour, they abhor all civilised peoples, but especially the humans of the Empire of Man who once sought to conquer them; any Imperial captured by centaur raiders may only wish for a merciful death. For centuries, they have eked out their living by hunting and raiding, and they would rather die than accept any foreign influence.

  • Name - Centaur
  • Affiliation - Neutral
  • Creator - TheImperios

Among the more peaceful races of Tartarion are the cervine Däisarvi, an ancient druidic species that has been inhabiting the sacred Tuuli Woods for thousands of years, purportedly wild animals given sentience and grace by the forest's tree spirits (or descendants of cowardly centaurs, depending on whose story you listen to). Partly because of their herbivorous nature and partly because of their devotion to wild nature, they find all forms of violence highly distasteful, and are notably friendly towards strangers. It was this pacifism and predisposition towards diplomacy that made the Daisarvi ally with the Dryadali Sovereign in the aftermath of Tartarion's war with the Empire: the deer people found something in common between themselves and the elves.

Koldenwelt Manticore.png

Manticores are a race of grotesque lion-like beasts natives of Koldenwelt. Strange amalgamates of lion, human and insectoid, these monsters were first sighted at the Great Eastern Wall two thousand years before the beginning of the New Age, they have since spread across the rest of the Eastern Plains and at some locations further southwest, solidifying themselves as members of the food chain. Many a soldier have lost their lives to these creatures for believing them to be mere mindless beasts, but Manticores have proven to be in fact very cunning and rarely fall for the same tricks twice. Generally seen either living in small prides in the wild, they are also known to be under the service of civilizations, typically as front-like warriors thanks to their great strength. Manticores are largely greedy and malevolent creatures and will not waste the opportunity to show off their might.


The most enigmatic race of Ar-Klith, the lordly Ordnung were once a grand race which had reigned over the entire mountain chain. Extremely disciplined, deceitful and utterly merciless, their innumerable legions once conquered entire civilisations in the name of their god-king, Goldemar. Overzealous in their goal to maintain order in their realm, they exterminated anyone who would dare to question their will - Ordnung and non-Ordnung alike. Fortunately for the rest of the world, Ordnung rule was ultimately put to an end when their Klaxxa slaves rebelled against their masters, driving them near-extinct. There are rumours, however, that some Ordnung have managed to survive the fall of their mighty empire by hiding in the deepest caverns underneath Ar-Klith, beyond the reach of Klaxxa miners. If so, the Klaxxa and indeed, all Koldenwelti species should prepare for the arrival of their true masters.


The Terefah, also known as Ratfolk are a race of rat-like beasts who live at the underground reaches of the Eastern Plains of Koldenwelt. Created by a dark magician over six hundred years in the past through a curse cast upon a population of humanoids, the Terefah are divided in three sub-groups who are the tall and strong Exalted, the quadrupedal and numerous Pedigrees, and the animalistic and feral Mongrels who have been exiled from society. Combined, they compose the government known as the Vermin Kingdom.


The Vrorekaa, whose territories are called "The Vrorekaa Territories" (Vrorekish: Vrorekaa Takataa), are a race of sapient beings in Koldenwelt. They formed the Vrorekaa Territories 10 years after the War for the Eye, upon the discovery of Vrorekaa music, which inspires the Vrorekaa to do just about anything. They would still be nomadic if it wasn't for their drums. Their drums are the source of the Vrorekaa's Power and inspiration, a drummer drums and chants in the Vrorekaa Drum Chanting Language, inspiring them to work, go to war, and hunt. There is always a drummer in a Vrorekaa army or settlement.








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