That dreaded land north of here. Stories before the times of Magnasir and of times in the ancient world, those dead lands were ruled by creatures of utter nightmares. And only in this age have we learnt that these same dead lands are ruled by these same creatures. How it would be fulfilling if that land was torn asunder by the waves it resides on.

- Sercasnar Rex VII of the Kelodhrosi Commonwealth

The Deadlands, known also as the Grey Wastes is a region within the Silver Steppe that is governed by the Insomnolence.

History Edit

Historically, the Deadlands have been controlled by all incarnations of the Insomnolence from their emergence on Koldenwelt's surface approximately thirty thousand years ago. The very heart of the Deadlands was the region of choice in where the leader of the Insomnolence, Vanguard, chose his destination. There was once believed to have been settlements in the Deadlands due to evidence of ruins in the less dangerous outskirts of the region, usually thought of as precursors to western civilisation (perhaps Dalmiric or Natelevarí). Vanguard likely eradicated all form of life within the region, and used the corpses of the deceased as some of the first of his rapidly growing army.

Though the recent re-emergence of the Insomnolence in the current age, the Deadlands have remained massively inhospitable to life on Koldenwelt over the thirty thousand years it has been affiliated to the Chaospheric faction. Despite the ashen quality of its terrain and the complete lack of wildlife, the presence of the void in this area lingered for millennia after Caligaduro Provectus' imprisonment five thousand years prior. Known to many cultures within the Silver Steppe and the Western Continent as a whole, the Deadlands have long since been a place that many have feared to tread.

Geography Edit

A largely mountainous area, the Deadlands are a series of deep valleys that appear to be in a labyrinthine fashion, most possibly out of the Insomnolence's architecture and excavation of the area whilst building their numbers. Whilst the coast on which it rests upon is accessible from other regions in the west, venturing to the same coastline on land is impossible as the Deadlands' valleys surround the area. Whilst not particularly large in surface area, the Deadlands take up a significant space on this coastline.

Due to the presence of void magic in this area, the Deadlands, true to their name, is completely devoid of wildlife, and what flora remains from the first conquest of the Insomnolence have become petrified. The petrifying effect that befalls the flora also affects wildlife or those who wander into the Deadlands' depths, and as they die from the inhospitable conditions, their corpses petrify over the course of a year and become part of the landscape. Some wildlife which have been mummified from this are visible on the Deadlands' outskirts, and serve as a grisly reminder of the deadly terrain of this part of Koldenwelt.

Locations Edit

  • Location - Heart of the Deadlands

The fortress of Uirzanarxaarek (Chaospheric: Great Fortress of Uirizalith) is the only Void Fortress on Koldenwelt that was not constructed by the Sempiternals of Nothing, and rather the Eidolons of Pavor. Whilst most of the Deadlands have a very harsh climate, the area surrounding Uirzanarxaarek is drowned in void magic, and the origin of the Deadlands' petrifying effect on the dead. Uirzanarxaarek's boundaries in itself are of such great magical power that venturing close to the fortress can petrify the living very quickly, and only those of which Vanguard looks upon favourably, or those who bear void magic within their bodies can survive the effect.

Since the first Insomnolence on Koldenwelt, Uirzanarxaarek has been the capital of the Deadlands and the base of operations of the Insomnolence ever since. Thus, it has been the residence and fortress owned by Vanguard himself.

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Well. That whole area is a giant ashen wasteland of 'thank you very much, goodbye'.

- Ndrhthryr

I have been invited there once. It is exactly how people describe it!

- Tibias Merrow
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