Archipelagan Market

The main trading centre of the Archipelago Elves before the War for the Eye, waiting for the day's business to begin.

The Archipelago is a chain of islands in the Tropical Lands of southern Koldenwelt, extending westwards from the Archipelago Peninsula and passing directly south of Sprak Island. It is most notable for being the location above where Caligaduro Provectus was imprisoned.

Geography Edit

At present, the Archipelago consists of several clusters of a few dozen small islands, with a few larger landmasses, although none are more than a few kilometres in area. However, the layout of the region is highly variable, and at some times in its history it has contained hundreds of city-sized islands, while at others it has been a single island or even part of the mainland. Currently, the islands of the Archipelago are covered in sparse fern forest (although in the past this has also been everything including desert, lush grassland, and volcanic wasteland), and is inhabited by creatures such as alpacas, spoffits, and oogies, preyed upon by non-sapient Greater Kelodhres.

The current intelligent species of the region are the Oceanic Razoa Sovereignty in the surrounding waters, a Khargrim Dwarf colony towards the centre, and the five Zerikumm clans in the eastern half of the region. Many other traces of civilisations can be found in the westernmost cluster, primarily the temples of long-gone civilisations, which in many cases are the only evidence of what were apparently once-great empires. The westernmost cluster is also the smallest and most remote part of the Archipelago: the largest island is only around one hectare in area, the cluster is spread out across a mere one square kilometre of ocean, and the closest neighbouring cluster is fifty kilometres away. For several centures until the War for the Eye, the islands were inhabited by the Archipelago Elf tribe; now only their huts still remain, while the spirit of Mala Aurorum and the Inatosan Wolf keep watch.

A half-sunken pyramid near to one of the northernmost islands of this cluster marks the location of a nexus for the Source under the sea floor, a result of the imprisonment of Caligaduro Provectus miles below. This nexus is in turn the cause of various strange phenomena that haunt the islands, particularly the difficulty of navigation towards, around, and away from this cluster; the fact that many settlements have managed to dig wells to access fresh water not very deep underground yet next to the saltwater ocean; and of course the rapidly-changing landscape of the Archipelago and the sudden disappearance of many civilisations that have lived there.

The nearest cluster to the east of this is the location of the Dragon's Temple, a structure built by the Zerikumm as a monument to their deities after the reunification of the five clans. The caves underneath the Dragon's Temple are were the Eye was kept hidden after the War for the Eye.

History Edit

In the Orichalcum Age, the Archipelago Peninsula marked the southernmost part of the Orichalcum Elf Imperium. The end of the peninsula later split apart into an island group, the Archipelago, which is how it has remained to the present day. Over the ages, many races settled on the islands, most of which have since sank into the sea, leaving ruins of temples and mausolea as the only evidence of not only the settlements, but of entire cultures. However, during the Adamantine Age, the first Razoa city-states were founded in the seas around the Archipelago, and their civilisation has continued into the New Age.

After the end of the Adamantine Age and the collapse of the Imperium, the islands were colonised first by Elves from the Duritia Peninsula, then by the Zerikumm, and finally by the Khargrim. Along with the Razoa, these races together made up the southern tip of the great eastern trade routes which run up the Eastern Plains and Sea of Sand. Although most of the Archipelago remained otherwise untouched during the Old Age, the War for the Eye saw the Archipelago Elves be destroyed by the Legion of Shiarchon. At the end of the war, the Eye was taken to the Archipelago and placed in the caves underneath the Dragon's Temple by Razoa soldiers.

Races Edit


Archipelago Elf †

  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Creator: Ghelæ

The Archipelago Elf|Archipelago Elves were a race of elves who dwelt on the westernmost cluster of islands in the Archipelago, and whose position in the world was largely that of the very end of the great north-south trade routes of eastern Koldenwelt. The majority of the Archipelagans were exterminated early on in the War for the Eye by a Shiarchon invasion. The one survivor was their Chieftain and High Priestess, Arbor Vitae, who was taken captive by Shiarchon but soon escaped and survived until near the end of the conflict when she was ambushed and shot by Shiarchon archers.

Khàrmurvahan Dwarf

Khargrim Dwarf

The Khargrum Dwarf|Khargrim Dwarves, otherwise known as the Red-Shield Dwarves, are a race of dwarves that reside within the Tropical Lands of Koldenwelt. One of the most archaic races of dwarvenkind and a progenitor of various others, the Red-Shield Dwarves are the founders of the Khargrim Greatholds and, due to their actions in the ancient times, have allowed dwarvenkind to become recognized and widespread across the world. The Khargrim primarily reside upon the surface, with their capital city residing within a mountain range known as the Khàrm Peaks, and are recognized globally for their fiery red hair, impressive fortress-cities and overall population that stretches across the continents of Koldenwelt, both in and outside of the Realm.

Oceanic Razoa


The Razoa are a race native to the coastal waters of the Archipelago, though prior to the Archipelago's separation from the mainland the Razoa lived in warm coastal waters in the Tropical Lands. As a whole, the Razoa are sufficiently advanced compared to the other races of Koldenwelt, having built great citadels underwater and a respectable naval force. They also have a great appreciation for the arts and culture. They are usually extremely territorial, reacting aggressively against anyone who crosses their borders without permission. However, they are honorable and loyal to those who earn their trust.

CRE Maini-12f61e9e ful


The Zerikumm are five closely related races, or clans of Lesser Kelodhros. These clans are the Kian, Fenri, Maini (pictured), Elmb and Hykia.

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  • There are other archipelagos on Koldenwelt, the largest of which is the Sunset Isles.
  • The Zerikumm are probably no longer canon since their creator is no longer active on the wiki, but they remain on this page since their presence does not contradict anything else.
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