A land chilling and enshrouded by frost, a new and darkened world hidden beyond the edge of frozen waters. Men that stand with castle stature, bodies crystalline built of ice and diamond, reign with this cold, forsaken isle their sanctum; a land untouched by the light, a land deathly yet more than lifeless.

- Osvaldur Ironmourn, Blade-Captain of the Hopedan Kingdom

The Algid Haven, also known as Saku-tekan'zaqqan in the language of the Septentrions, is the home of the Septentrion Governance and a vast majority of the Frost Drakes on Koldenwelt. An island stooped in millennia of mystery, the Algid Haven remains to the present day as one of the most un-contacted locations on Koldenwelt, which has led to thousands of years of tales and legends surrounding the island.

History Edit

Whilst only verifiable history of the Algid Haven can be dated as far back as 5,000 BNA, there has thought to have been many attempts to travel to the island in the millennia beforehand from many cultures that have existed in the area surrounding the far north of Koldenwelt. It is thought that perhaps the ancient emperors of the Orichalcum Elf Imperium, lost to history, had attempted conquests further north, though because of the Frost Drakes and many other inhabitants of the northern world had hindered their progress, and thus never truthfully set foot on the Algid Haven despite their knowledge of it. Ancient maps, dating back to 23,500 BNA have mapped out the Algid Haven, which suggests contact with the Septentrions may have in fact existed tens of thousands of years ago.

What is known of the Algid Haven is that whilst the Septentrions have considerable domain over it, the land is contested between them and the Frost Drakes, which, in an indeterminate period of time, the two kinds had entered a mutual agreement that the Septentrions inhabited the east of the island and that the Drakes inhabited the west of the island. Such agreements were either political or forced - the Septentrions may have had magical dominion over the Frost Drakes, though the knowledge of this is unknown. Concerning the age of the Frost Drakes, the Septentrions may have existed on the island for hundreds of thousands of years.

In present times, the Septentrions have an uneasy relationship with the Dalmiric Kingdom - in the centuries since the War of the Thirteen Kings in the 600s BNA, raiding parties which have irked the presence of the Frost Drakes and the Septentrions have meant that the Kingdom has had limited expanse to the far north, as both the Septentrions and Frost Drakes have annihilated any presence there that they considered a threat. Their relations have since improved, and infrequent trade had begun nearing the end of the 2nd Century BNA. On the other hand, the Septentrions have more positive relations with the Orayu and the more diplomatic tribes of the Néva, of which both kinds have had frequent contact with them.

Geography Edit

The Algid Haven is the fourth largest landmass of the known world - after mainland Koldenwelt, the western continent of Koldenwelt and the Slumbering Lands. As a loose definition, the Algid Haven is the northernmost landmass of Koldenwelt, some five and a half thousand miles north of the southern coasts of the Tropical Lands, and close to uncharted regions beyond the north of the world. More modern estimates indicate that, from east to west of the island, the Algid Haven at its widest spands approximately 690 miles (1,110 km).

Primarily, little to no vegetation on the Algid Haven exists save for the southernmost shores of the land, in where shrubs are abundant. Much of the Algid Haven consists of a polar desert, where the temperature, due to the magical presence of the Frost Giants and Frost Drakes, can see temperatures frequently delve below -90°C, making it one of the coldest regions of Koldenwelt. The Algid Haven rarely ever sees temperatures rise above -30°C, which, by general assumption plunges the island into an eternal winter. The centre of the island sees the harshest of the weather, where deathly blizzards are present all year round.

The northern reaches of the Algid Haven become mountainous, where the Septentrions inhabit the region. The mountains generally reach heights of over 7,000 ft (2,133 m). The highest peak on the Algid Haven, known as the Shard of Gods, rests in the north eastern mountains of the island, and is said to be home to the leader of the Frost Drakes, who lives under it.

Locations Edit

  • Location - North Eastern Region of the Island
  • Affiliation - Frost Drakes

The highest peak of the Algid Haven, the Shard of Gods towers over the island at over 20,000 ft (6,100 m), and is thought to be home of the leader of the Frost Drakes, a colossal Great Ancient named Kamilitziqan the Dreadful, who has resided there for countless millennia. Whilst the mountain is officially in the territories of the Septentrions, Kamilitziqan and his spawn live in the vast caverns underneath the earth, accessible to contact from the Septentrions at any time they would so wish. The Septentrions have refused to construct buildings on the mountain, should the Frost Drakes at any time attack.

  • Location - North Eastern Peak of the Island
  • Affiliation - Septentrions

In the furthest regions of the Algid Haven, the Citadel of the Septentrions is the capital of the Sepentrion Governance and their seat of power. Having existed there for thousands of years, those who have seen the Citadel say that it is a magnificent, and mesmerising city in its size. The buildings are constructed from both stone and ice, though no traveller there has ever been allowed within the buildings of the city. Foreigners who go to the city are often negotiated with in specific locations, and are forbidden freedom there.

  • Location - Southernmost shores of the Island
  • Affiliation - Septentrions

Often, the first sight any would be traveller to the Algid Haven would be the so-called Gate to the Haven, which is an ancient prayer monolith constructed by the Septentrions thousands of years ago. The Gate to the Haven is typical of Septentrion architecture, and, highly ominous in appearance. Standing almost four hundred feet high, the colossal monument is thought to have had, or once had magical properties in warding off evil spirits, most likely Void Denizens from attacking the island. It is usually considered a marker for travellers there, and usually instils fear into those same travellers.

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