The Colony of Koerband is one of the largest Colonies of Rambo Nation and is one of the Great 5 Planets of Rambo Nation. Koerband harvest pink spice and the Colonie is one of the greatest and importants to Rambo Nation, due to it's tactical posistion.

Due to the Dissia's System location, might it ever fall there is a straight and open way to the Rambo Capitol System, which is dangerous. Over her history, Koerband has been under attack quite a few times.

Koerband has many villages and Cities, most notable is the Capital of Koerband- New Khaza'Drimiaerh. In this massive cities Ambassador Ram'Vell lives, long time ruler and representive of Koerband. The villages are small, and the workers cities are larger, but mostly contain machines to harvast the pink spice- though sometimes they are located near a village.

Nearby Koerband lies the Quadrantia-Mirus Galaxy Wormhole, leading to the homegalaxy of the dreaded and feared Tralor. Further more, around the Intergalactic War is seemed Koerband houses various ancient Atlantica artifacts.


one of the many battles fought above Koerband

In the early years of Rambo Nation, Koerband was one of the first to be colonized. The first colonists settled themselves on the planet around 442 BQF, making Koerband one of the older colonies. It soon proved to be one of the key locations of Rambo Nation and became one of the Great five Colonies.

During the course of history, Koerband experienced a lot of wealth and grow, though the nearby wormhole was still unexplored for years Koerband had a small fleet defending her. During the Golden Age (429 BQF- 280 BQF) the colony advanced even more and the citizens lived in peace and prosper. Yet peace would come to an end after the Noble Alliance was formed in 227 BQF. Between 220 BQF and 215 BQF, which is known as the Diva Bettie War, Koerband played a major role, since this systems was the closest to the Diva Bettie Empire. The colony came under attack during that was and had taken quite some damage but the cities have been repaired since. The war with the Diva Bettie was the first time Koerband came under siege, but due great efforts of the defense fleet, the colony was spared from certain destruction.

When the Noble Alliance was formed, Koerband became a center to all for the Noble Alliance, especialley the Insector Eldarions liked to visit the planet. And when contact was made with the Hutter Kingdom, they also settled themselves at the Capital of Koerband, even buildings and structures from their own culture were build at Koerband.

The occupation fleet, during the Galactic War

When the devasting Algernon War raged (52 BQF - 25 BQF), Koerband was bombarded once, but the Rambo Defense Fleet soon intervered and prevented an invasion. Later on, when everything was rebuild the Lizardian Threat resulted. Which meant the defeat of Koerband, the Lizardians however did not invade the planet, instead they went straight for the Capital of Rambo Nation, but they were prevented in 16 BQF.

After that, Koerband enjoyed a happy time of peace and prosparity, but with the Tralor Invasion (6 BQF) and the Galactic War raging, the entire system, including Koerband fell into enemy hands. Near the end of the Galactic War, the system was freed by a large allied fleet and all enemy forces retreated. After rebuilding the damage done, lives goes on and Captain Earionnae arrived at the Capitol City to meet her friend, Ambassador Ram'Vell, ruler of Koerband.

RSA invades the Colonie

As the two had met and were discussing matter, explosions were heard and to their surprise, Koerband was under siege by the Imperial Alliance in 0 BQF and the City was bombarded and Imperial troops were landing and attacking the soldiers stationed there. It soon became clear, the Colony was about to fall as the Lizardian Commander led the attack. The Space battle was already lost but the Rambo managed to hold their position due to the Judge stationed there.

However this soon proved to be in vain as the Lizardian Commander had contacted Captain Tul and he arrived with the Ruin Sector Alliance and also invaded the colony and city. During the intense fire the entire Colonie fell into the hands of the RSA and the Judge was killed during the battle. Ambassador Ram'Vell was captured and the Imperial Alliance left the system in hands of the Ruin Sector Alliance. During the Second Galatic War the Colonie was fortified with Imperial building and the Imperials began excavations on the planet. Near the end of the Second Galactic War the excavation were finished and all Imperial forces withdrew from Rambo and Allied space. However Koerband was left into Imperial hands, and became heavily guarded as the Galactic Emperor himself prepared to visit the colonie and witness the excavations himself.

Battle of Koerband (04 AQF)

After the fall of the Imperial Alliance at 03 AQF the colonie was re-taken by Rambo Nation and was liberated and recieved massive re-construction of all the damage done to the city. The new city was now called as New Khaza'Drimiaerh- the city with her massive towers and constructions. Upon the outbreak of the Great Cyrannus War and the Quadrantia Disorder in 04 AQF Koerband became threatened in the seventh month as the Grox Empire targeted the colony. Luckily Fleet Captain Silveria of the USS Juno managed to warn the fleet in time and awaited them in orbit of Koerband. When the Grox arrived at Koerband the battle turned into a nightmare, as the Grox were with may and their ships seemed more powerful than that of the Rambo. During the battle the USS Venture of Captain Rambam was badly hit and almost destroyed, though Silveria fired the USS Juno her phasers and came to aid the in trouble Galaxy Class. When other ships, like the USS Enterprise-A, the USS Madison, the USS Reliant and the USS Celcius were pressing their attacks two of the Grox Dreadnoughts were destroyed. During the battle Silveria lost a fellow captain whom commanded the USS Jefferson, a New Orleans Class. After two hours of battle Silveria and his fleet and the citizens of Koerband celebreted their victory as the Grox withdrew from Koerband and headed back to their own space.

Second Battle of Koerband (04 AQF)

Two months after the Grox attack at Koerband, Koerband came under attack by a Confederate fleet. With the fleet stationed at Koerband still weakened and some ships still under repairs the colony send a distress call to the URC. The goverment officials of Koerband believed the Confederacy were after the Atlantica ruins found at the surface of the planet. Agreeing that the Confederacy should not get their hands on such artifacts they decided to call aid from the URC. It was answered by the Spirit of the Freedom of URC Admiral Cretacea and a fleet of URC Star Destroyers. The Confederacy was taken by surprise by such a large ship and the battle was unleashed, starting the Second Battle of Koerband. While Confederate frigates entered the surface to secure the artifact the Spirit followed and engaged them. After a long fire fight Admiral Cretacea managed to defeat the frigates and boarding a Raptor he headed to the artifact. It appeared to be some kind of transporter, yet he accidently pressed a button on a console which resulted in a large flare being fired into space.

Third Battle of Koerband (04 AQF)

Rambo Command thanked the URC for their aid but didn't took much notice to the flare that was send into space, though Cretacea did. Apparently the flare alerted someone..

The Artifact under constant guard

A month after the Second Battle of Koerband in the Great Cyrannus War a Cognatus Remnant fleet arrived under command of Voro Acetenus. The Cognatus were shocked to see their former enemies at the planet, backed up by a massive fleet and even settlements were build on the artifact planet. On the other hand, the Rambo and URC forces were also shocked to see the Cognatus again, as all believed they had vanished. As the URC/Rambo and the Cognatus clashed two Rambo ships were destroyed, as was a Venator Class of the URC in the opening stages of the battle. However a Cognatus cruiser was also destroyed, but as casualties fell on both sides the Cognatus seemed to get the upper hand. As such Koerband, one of the larger colonies of Rambo Nation entered a stage of evacuation, but not all citizens were able to be evacuated from the planet. The Cognatus retrieved the artifact and the remaining citizens were left at the mercy of the Cognatus. Luckily Empress Ramashe managed to negotiate a treaty with the Cognatus, and the citizens who were evacuated returned to Koerband, once again becoming a peaceful colony, yet the Cognatus were allowed by the Empress to study the artifacts, much at the dismay of those living on Koerband.

Defense of Cardolast

At first the cooperation between the Cognatus and the Rambo went very well, though upon the start of the Dark Times in 01 NE/05 AQF; the Rambo permitted only scientists native to the Nation to study the relic. The relic also came under a permenant guard of a Rambo Navy vessel to protect it from those who wished to harm it or dare to enter it without permission of Rambo Command. At the start of 07 AQF, Voro Acetenus, Corva and Claire Rambo witnessed the awakening of the Virals, that within half of the night, called the first viral "outbreak" resulted in the loss of the entire peninsula, expected casualties range over fifteen million civilians with only two cities still standing, the western bank of Cardolast and Arthenost.

A common sight since 07 AQF, troopers inside the cities

The few citizens that managed to survive the first night tried to travel to one of the cities or hide and wait for help, if help ever would arrive. Now flocks of Virals wander the peninsula, searching for food to still their evern thirsty hunger for blood and organs. Mere days after the Outbreak, the Goverment decided to evacuate the Rambo Estate, a school for children of Noble Houses. This was done under the supervision of Empress Ramashe herself. The clone trooper presence managed to contain the Viral Outbreak very well during the 1st month as well. However many cities and villages were overrun, the defense of Cardolast fell resulting in the city split in two, one side in ruins the other still teeming with life. The most risky city turned out to be Arthenost, located on the Western Peninsula the only protection for the rest of the world were two bridges. Unknown to many, Rambo Command wired the bridges in case of a break-out of the Virals the bridges would be blown up, leaving the inhabitants of the city to the mercy of the Virals to prevent further infection.

Cities and locations[]

New Khaza'Drimiaerh


The capital city of Koerband, since 0 BQF known as New Khaza'Drimiaerh is a medium sized city- with massive towers and structures which house most of the population of Koerband as well as various spaceports in orbit. The ports are used to prevent space ships landing on the planet- a common thing in the Inner Region and planets of Rambo Nation to prevent hazards to the population.

The capital city is inhabited by the various Rambo species also provides rooms for extra-ramboidaes(-a new term to describe none Rambo s pecies). Capital building itself was formerly located outside the city- only reachable by a bridge. Sadly the building was destroyed during the Imperial/Lizardian occupation and only the walls still stand. After those attacks in 0 BQF the city was rebuild and given a complete overhaul with towers and became more crowded than ever. The capital building was once the house of Ambassador Ram'Vell- his current office is located somewhere in the massive tower structure, between the crowded inner hallways. Since 0 BQF many Red Serindia ships and other vehicles can be found at Koerband and shows her new industrial taken course.

Most of the times the city has a harmonous and peacefull feeling- where the villagers are hard working or enjoying the beautifull weather. Sadly the weather also causes problems as well, as it almost never rains on Koerband the crowded city is suffering from fumes on hot days. Yet the planet is very green and full of live and provides nice sceneries at sun set.

Koerband recieves her energy mostly from solar energy and water powerplants.



Arthenost is a mid-sized city found at Koerband. Located south-west from Cardolast, Arthenost is one of the cities that connect the western continent with the main land. The city houses Ram'Vell, the Ambassador of Koerband as well as various shops and large appartments. Far less attractive to visit then Cardolast, Arthenost is often visited by people with boats as a stop before sailing to Cardolast and beyond. Crowded and the center for study, Arthenost remains an old yet vital city for Koerband.


Cardolast, with the river running between the western and eastern part of the city!

Cardolast is considered the second most important city of Koerband. Often called the city of bridges or the boulevard city! Cardolast was the first city at Koerband constructed in 442 BQF and as such holds it's only surface based space port. Over time, due to it's space port Cardolast recieved various stores, restaurants and a large bank. Due to it's location near the river, various bridges and appartment, as well as an avenue at the river with restaurants can be found. Cardolast her shopping street became well known across Rambo Nation as many shops and the local market have a bill board above their store. In the middle of the avenue, a statue of a mermaid can be found, famous across Rambo Nation marking Cardolast as a populair holiday city as well. From the center of the city, various yellow busses drive the citizens from one place to another at the Western Penninsula and beyond.

The city is governed by a humanoid, once a Lord among them.

Rambo Estate

Rambo Estate

The Rambo Estate is a large villa owned by Lord Augustus Ceasar Rambo of House Rambo, a minor noble Qhumanoid house loyal to House Le Rambo and Rambo Nation. Located in the southern regions of Koerband, nearby Arthenost and Cardolast it lies in harmony with nature, on a remote small island.

The Estate grounds provide a small lake, containging fishcarps, various Scions taken from Terra Prime, parking lots for cars and a landing plattform for shuttles. The villa itself contains luxerous accommodations, rooms etc.

At the Estate the following Scions can be found:

Ramloria City

Ruins of Ramloria City

Ramloria City is the second city of Koerband. Build during the colonization of Koerband in 442 BQF it soon became known as a small yet prospering city, build in old Founder style. The city is build near a river, the primary water resource for the citizens, as well as build in a valley, surrounded by mountains it provides a natural defense against threats.

The lay-out of the city follows a more unusual design than most Rambo cities. The outer walls protect the city against harm, passing through the second gate you will enter the city itself. Small streets with houses and watch towers, the city provides a warm welcome to all. In the middle of the city lies the capital building, where the major of the city lives. Passing the street you will find a diner (Yip-0), a populair place for the youth and a restaurent, with a billboard promoting Javan Juice. Unknown to most citizens, below the city lies the ancient and secret Installation 05, a laboratory build during the Golden Age of Rambo Nation.

After decades of prosper and living in peace the citizens were forced to leave their homes during the around the Lizardian invasion in 16 BQF, as a massive local earthquake shattered the city into ruins, killing most of the population. Ever since the city lies in ruins and remains off limits due to it's geometric instability, or so Rambo Command claims. The truth is far darker, the city was hit by an earthquake, instead a dangerous threat from below the city killed or absorbed the inhabitants.

Installation 05

Installation 05 is one of the five secret or highly classified holdings of Rambo Nation. During it's construction underground, it soon became a secret laboratory, where new weapons and armor were designed. Since the reign of Ramânawenûz (280 BQF - 227 BQF) with the threat of a war with the Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel looming, the emperor ordered a new purpose for the installation as the Shipyards of Rowar were now constructing most of the weapons, as well as designing new ones.

Instead the Emperor ordered the new director, Sylariel to research the possibility of creating genetical and enchanced soldiers. As such the Director was given a free clearance to experiment on live subjects. Since then the Installation began testing on criminals who were convicted to be send to Ramghatulk. After years of research and experiments, still working in secret while the Monarchy changed leadership twice the scientist ever kept on working and only the highest within Rambo Command were aware of what was going on at Installation 05. Using genetical materials from Quadrantia Xenomorphs, Octopus and Weeds the scientist were close to not only create enchanced soldiers, but to create a whole new breed of soldiers, a clone army to serve Rambo Nation. Before things could be launched a disaster struck the Installation in 16 BQF, when the Lizardians launched their fist attempt for an invasion. Without badly needed batteries and generators to keep the high energy amount running, the systems overloaded and the scientist as well as the citizens above, in Ramloria City were unable to escape the following onslaught.

The scientist were able to send a distress signal and ever since Rambo Command declared Ramloria City off limits, raising the bridges and closing the gates the disaster at Ramloria remained one of the mysteries of Rambo Nation.

  • The research at Installation 05 became the foundations for the Clone Army of Rambo Nation and for the X-Treatment that saved Ramshe's live.
Koerbandian Artefact

The Koerbandian Artefact is believed to have been constructed by the Atlantica tens of thousands of years ago on the Rambo Colony of Koerband, a world littered with Atlantica relics. It is currently unknown what this artefact is, but it is believed that it serves as somewhat of a landing pad to a large Thirteenth Tribe ship, buried underneath the planet thousands of years ago. It came to the light of the Gigaquadrantic community in the year 2 ATC, when the CAS discovered it during the Great Cyrannus War.

However, with the help of Admiral Cretacea they prevented the CAS from gaining control over the artefact's vital technologies which would have surely ended the war in the CAS's favour. However, one of the Republic troopers accidentally activated it, alerting the Cognatus Remnant to it's location. After a small conflict Empress Ramashe allowed both the URC and the Cognatus to study the structure.


Koerband is a decent sized planet which houses various kinds of wildlife.

Koerbandian Dragon
Koerband Dragon.png
  • Name:Koerbandian Dargon
  • Type:None-Scion (Dragon)
  • Found:Koerband
  • Length: Between 11 and 23 meters

The massive and large Koerbandian Dragons are a rare sight from ancient and forgotten times. These incredible powerful creatures are considered one of the most powerful dragons within the Quadrants. With an average size between 11 and 23 meters, these creatures are feared upon sight. With strong jaws, sharp teeth, wings that can create strong winds and the ability to breath fire most stay away from their lairs. Though the dragons live on Koerband, and can be found flying when travelling upon the highways, they somehow seem to respect the citizens of Koerband and stay away from them. The only incidents recorded are those who actually searched for them.

Koerbandian Longneck
Koerbandian Longneck.png
  • Diet: Herbivor
  • Height: Between 2 and 4 meters
  • Lenght: Between 20 and 26 meters
  • Age: unknown
  • Location:All over Koerband

The Koerbandian Longneck are saurien based creatures. They wander the plains of Koerband and eat of the various trees. They can vary in size, with the largest ever sighted being over 26 meters.

They have a kind and gentle nature.

Koerbandian Tiger
Koerbandian Tiger.png
  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Height: Between 1 and 1.50 meters
  • Length: Between 1.5 and 2.3 meters
  • Age: unknown
  • Location: All over Koerband

The Koerbandian Tiger is a tiger like species living onKoerband. With it´s green colors it hunts the plains for elder or weak Longnekcs.

The Tigers are mostly very shy and are known to be very hostile when having hunted down a prey or in time of young tigers.

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Notable Citizens and Inhabitants[]


Though Koerband is a major Rambo Nation colony, well known and visited by tourists and other from beyond Rambo borders, many Rambo species call the planet their home. However the majority of the population acutally living at Koerband are:


Citizens that are born on Koerband with their own page are listed in the gallery below.


Virals are mutated citizens of Rambo Nation who lived at Ramloria City before the outbreak of the disaster at Installation 05.

Destroyer Champion.png

The Destroyer is one of the strongest and first of the Virals ever created. Once a Serindia criminal, convicted for the murder of five none-Ramoidae (he crucified his victims after cooking and eating their internal organs) and the death of two law-enforces, he was to be send to Ramghatulk, though the director managed to obtain him for her experiments. As their first live subject for the so called X-451 virus, he was the only one to survive it. Yet within two days he grew aggressive, had to puke over of eating food. The scientist discovered that the "creature", as they began calling him only wanted to drink blood and eat flesh after he killed a guard. After another four days the "creature" changed appearance to a hideous looking demonic creature, with an immense strength as well. The scientist, refusing to kill their only live example of an anchanced being wanted to contain him, but as it easily destroyed all restraints, only the force field kept the creature within it's holding cell.

After the fall-out of power, the creature escaped and killed most of his hated scientist, he began infecting the guards and other employees of the Installtion and changed them into servants of himself, later known to the Nation as Paradox creatures. As he was once a religious person, he began believing that the cruel things he did was in favor for a new order for the Maker!

  • Though the Destroyer is one of the most dangerous entities in the Quadrants, he hasn't been seen in public yet!
  • He controls tremendous powers, and is also able to corrupt noble spirits over time.

Vamrasht are mutated Ramboidae who came into contact with the X-451 virus forced upon them by the Destroyer. These beings, now mere creatures driven by instincts are agressive and will hunt down all in their path to still their hunger for blood and flesh. Somehow the strains of the virus gives all Ramboidae who came into contact with this virus this appearance.

The Vamrasht are tormented, wandering their destroyed homes for eternity until they eventually die of sorrow, saddness or starvation. The Vamrasht obey the Destroyer, as the virus overulled their free will to to his bidding. Unable to escape their fate or forget the horrible things they often had to for the Destroyer, most of the Vamrasht mostly loose their sanity over time. The Vamrasth often hunt alone and avoid day light whenever possible.

If you want to grant them mercy is to kill them, as it will put their souls to rest.


Vamrils are mutated humanoids from the Quadrants (like Q-humanoids/Chinawkya) who were infected by the X-451 virus, either forced upon them by either bites of the Destroyer himself or the Vamrasht.

The Vamrils, like the Vamrasht are tormented, though instead of wandering they remain in destroyed houses and buildings, sleeping and waiting until prey comes by. For some reasons the virus reacts stronger to humanoids, who forget all memories of their pasts and only think of eating and drinking blood. They often avoid daylight and remain in packs at all times, or in little groups of three or four. Most Vamril will drink the prey his or her blood, infecting the unfortunate victim by their bites.

They are quite fast, and stronger than average humans but are quite stupid compared to their Vamrasth counter parts. They will charge upon their prey with overwhelming numbers. To put the creatures out of their misery it the only merciful thing one can do. They can appear in differant sizes and apearances, some more fearsome than the other but also with tendrils.



The green and lush planet we fought over so many times!

- Lizaconda

Housing the Gods artifacts, we should be conquer it from these heretics!

- Thel'Vicliquam

A world with a history of conflict and mystery. Yet I also know of it for its beautiful cities and proud inhabitants.

- Apollo


  • The planet is considered one of the Great 5 Planets of Rambo Nation.
  • It is one of the Rambo planets who saw the most conflict in her history

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