From the ice and plains, we come to hunt!

- Chant of the Kodalorian regiments, referring to their homeworld

Kodalon 5 is the icy homeworld of the Kodalorians, and one of the three capital worlds of the Mendel Pact, alongside the worlds of Ugandalore and W'alor. Of the three, Kodalon is the least inhabited, and has the smallest industrial capacity of the three worlds. Despite, it is still a major world for shipping and trade, and produces many fierce warriors eager for battle.

Kodalorians are fiercely protective of their homeworld, and will not see it ever come to harm. This protectiveness, combined with a general remote location and the secretive nature of the Kodalorians themselves has allowed the planet to remain safe from enemy attacks. Still, this could not save it from an attack by the Imperium of War during the Great Mirusian Conflicts, though Kodalorians there, and their allies, managed to make a daring counter attack which crushed the Dragowar's legions, and marked a turning point in the war.

Afterwards, damage done to the planet allowed Kodalorians to unearth a large batch of metals and ores, thanks to Dragowar bombardments, and has allowed Kodalon to increase it's industrial capabilities tenfold, and has quickened it's recovery.

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Kodalon 5 was seeded with life a long time ago, after the Ugandalorians where defeated in a great war by the Byzantoi Imperium. Though the Imperium could not destroy them, due to the both of their creators stating the Ugandalorians where all-important for the protection of the galaxy, the Imperium still took steps to minimize the risk of the Ugandalorians forever more, including seeding them on different worlds, such as W'alor and Kodalon itself.

Due to the icy environment, and the harsh mountains and highlands, the Ugandalorians put here developed a brawnier, more muscled-bound build, but also learned to rely on greater intelligence due to the hostile life forms. Due to the various valleys, Highlands and mountains, many of their clans where more spread out, and while the impressive wars that happened on Ugandalore and W'alor where not as common, the Kodalorians still refused to unite, distrust and rivalry between clans threatening their peace.

Still, it was not long before unification did occur, with a powerful King taking on the position of High King of the Clans and uniting the Kodalorians in common cause. Sending scientists to the deepest mountains, long considered haunted by ghosts, they came in contact with Multus Esse technology, including several AI. Using this knowledge, the Kodalorians built a great many new wonders on their world, including star ships to carry them into the void, while also creating android servants, and named themselves the Kodalorian Kingdom.

Their peace, however, was not to last. Seeing them rising to power, the Alpha Cyber Collective attempted to destroy their "cousins" with subtle manipulation, and corrupted their AIs for the benefit of the Collective. The AIs, going rampant, caused a massive schism in the Kodalorian Kingdom, and after a massive war, the High King, the Wall'as'ian, banned the use of AI forever more within the Kingdom, concerned a revolt would occur again. In secret, the Kodalorians kept the Multus Esse AI within a vast research base to continue their advancement.

The Kodalorians soon came into contact with their cousins, the Walgolorian, and the Ugandalorians. After forming an alliance, the 3 began working together on various things, including the pacification of the Hermicce in their sector, and the liberation of the Orgaat.

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Kodalon's culture, like that of other Kodalorian colonies, is rather isolated and communal compared to other Mendel holdings. They have a preference for staying by themselves and dealing with issues in private and with discussion, making them appear to be among the most sensible of the Mendel sub-species. However, one should make no mistake, for the Kodalorians are still Mendel, and hold to their tribal and Clan connections above all else. They are known to hold to grudges for hundreds of years, and plan out every vengeance they can. While all Mendel hold to grudges and slights against their Clans, none do it with as much fervor as the Kodalorians.

Draiiuds hold a greater hold on the people then among the Ugandalorians, the Kodalorians being considered especially spiritual and ritualistic compared to their smaller, forest-dwelling kindred. Everything for them is done in reverence to the great goddess and the pantheon, and, among the Kodalorians, Zaraturai is considered the representation of their great world and it's people, and both are protected with great zeal. Draiiuds hold much power in Kodalorian culture and society, though, due to their secretive nature, not much else is known of this.

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