Kirioohsk is a planet located in the Endless Space, the space located bewteen the known galaxies of the First Gigaquadrant. Large areas of this "Void" are uninhabited, but some sectors are populated and besides nothing contain solar systems with planet, the Kirioohsk System being one of them with Kirioohsk as its inhabited planet.



Native wildlife of Kirioohsk

Kirioohsk is a planet that came into excistence in the Endless Space millions of years ago. For millenia, life on the planet florished and remained isolated, thriving in its own unique way. As wildlife roamed the surface of the planet, it eventually was discovered in 1759 BNE by a Federation of United Worlds Cargura exploration fleet from the Cyrannus Galaxy. The Cargura were stranded in the Endless Space after they hit an anomly and were relocated to this area of space after their failed attempt to reach Elen'Naneth the Star Mother. Their fleet exhausted the three Tantalus-class vessels were forced to land on the surface of Kirioohsk, and the Cargura explorers accepted their fate of never returning to their home galaxy again.


Cargura exploration fleet arrives at Kirioohsk

Over the years, the Cargura civilization florished and thrived, using the resources of the planet the Cargura build their own peaceful society. For thousand of years, the Cargura remained planet bound, honoring their ancestors and their quest to reach Kirioohsk. Yet some ventured into space and the Cargura of Kirioohsk welcome those that visited their planet, enjoying the serenity of the planet and warm temperatures and cultural enlightment and teachings of the Kirioohsk. However, they were ignorant of the tales told by those that travelled the stars and unprepared when doom came to their doorsteps. Sadly peace was not to last for Kirioohsk as the planet fell prey to the dreadful Mandabits, insect like creatures that harvested the citizens and wildlife as a source of food and drones to take care of their off spring, a more polite word for slave in their language. Though most of the Cargura were captured, some remained at the planet, living a sheltered life.

During the sixth month of 04 AQF, the USS Elgorodaurl stumbled upon the planet after being stranded in the Argoroth Sector of the Endless Space. One of the survivors, the young Zaa Ashara joined the crew of the Elgorodaurl on their voyages.


Cargura Settlement

Cargura Settlement

The Cargura settlement was build at their origninal landing, near the fresh ocean and the grassy plains and forests nearby.


Cargura Settlement

Over time, the Cargura settlement expanded significant, using the natural stone resources they build pyramid temples and small yet sturdy houses as the climate allowed a constant life of living outside.

For the Cargura, who normally don't like to leave their homeworld, Kirioohsk became their new adopted homeworld, their society thriving by farming and cultural enlightment. The Cargura lived in harmony with the native wildlife, managing to tame both hounds and Kiriebra as pets and mounts. Sadly, after almost 1800 years their civilization came to a sudden end with the arrival of the Mandabit, forcing those that survived the initial onslaught to live a life in shelter. The main settlement was left abandoned and was turned into a ghost city.




  • Name:Kiriebra
  • Type:Horse-like mammal
  • Height: 1-l3 - 2.2 meters

The Kiriebra are a horse like species galopping the grass plains of Kirioohsk. They are easily recognised by their white fur and black stripes covering their entire bodies. These herbivore mammals live in small herds. They are a very social animals, with some patience they can be tamed and ridden though their natural sense of panick remains problematic and they easily run off at the earliest sign of danger. They make whinny sounds.

Kirioohsk Hound
Kirioohsk HoundLarge
  • Name:Kirioohsk Hound
  • Type: Wolf-like mammal
  • Height: 0.8 - 1.5 meters

The Kirioohsk Hound, often referred to as hounds are a dangerous and unpredictable kinds of wolf-like species. Their sharp teeth rip their prey apart, mostly infant Kiriphaunts and Kiriebra's, though they were also known to set their teeth in Cargura. The hounds are incredible fast and their bite, when surviving their initial onslaught is infectious. With patience, and rising an infant from young age manages you to train a hound and keep it as a pet or guard dog, what the Cargura succeeded in doing so.

  • Name:Kiriphaunt
  • Type:Elephaunt-like species
  • Height: 2.3 - 3.9 meters

The Kiriphaunt are the largest animals found at the planet Kirioohsk, these massive migrating animals travel in herds from one place to another, in search of food. Often accompanied by the Kiriebra who use the massive animals as a natural shield against the hounds.

The Kiriphaunt are known for their height, power and their knowledge, as they remember who are friendly or a danger to them. The Kiriphaunt have a bone like structure, protecting them against bites or spears, these bone structures act as an armor.


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  • To Dino's memory and knowledge, Kiriohsk is the first planet to be featured that is located in the Endless Space.

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