The lush planet Kendron, official embassy of the UAN in Xanthrus.

Planet Kendron is an important Core World of the Core Federation, in the region of space near the center of Xanthrus Spiral galaxy. Considered an important administrative and financial center, Kendron is also home of the Federation's current High Viceroy, Kendron Sviadarnus Vy'rii. It is the place where the Treaty of Kendron was drafted and ,later, ratified. The planet is, like all Ravenrii worlds, a certified T3 world with a complexion similar to that of Centrus and Concentron. Still rising in socio-economic status, the planet is also the planetary headquarters of the Intergalactic Republic in Xanthrus, as well as the galactic headquarters of the UAN.

Karitha, the capital city of planet Kendron, is a center of commercial and diplomatic events.

Architecture[edit | edit source]

Kendron is a memorable Core World because, despite having an important disposition and location, it is one of the very few Ravenrii planets that still have Archlithic Architecture, the oldest and rarest of the Ravenrii and CorFed's recorded architectures, featuring turquoise domes and roofs, intricate decor and stonework, and stone and marble structures. The architecture is highly valued, and because Kendron is one of the original Core Worlds, one of the oldest ravenrii-populated worlds, its atracts great part of the planet's tourists and sight-seers.

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