- Kaizox

Kaizox was the homeworld of the Marinox and one of the six Corruptus Overworlds used by the Marinoxidiz.


Marinox Empire[]

Kaizox was initially a colony of the Grox Empire, and one of the closest to their homeworld at the Milky Way Galaxy. Following the alliance with Errr at Cyrannus, the Grox relocated the mad Ermitant scientist to Kaizox so he could work under them personally. Eventually, the spaceship carrying the cryogenically asleep Marinar who fled Draka-2 was discovered within Grox space and taken to Kaizox to be studied. Errr convinced his Grox masters to use the Marinar's bodies to create new servants, which led to the creation of the Marinox.

Under Errr's orders, Kaizox was converted into a homeworld for his newly created Marinox Empire. The planet was terraformed to fit Errr's creations, and a tremendous machine was built on it, known as the Marinox Life Generator. A highly-advanced, humongous, spear-shaped construct which spanned from the planet's north pole, entering its crust, passing through its core and then coming out of its sourth pole, it had the ability of generating energy to all Marinox within the Milky Way's range, allowing them to permanently work on maximal energy efficience. Errr used the Generator as his own throne while the Marinox Empire expanded through the Milky Way.

Battle for Planet Kaizox[]

During the war which would end with the Grox being pushed out of the Milky Way, Kaizox was submitted to an invasion known as the Battle for Planet Kaizox. Led by the Dracogonarious Empire and including empires such as the Delpha Coalition of Planets, Kaizox was attacked with the intention of destroying the Life Generator, which would cause all Marinox units on the galaxy to cease functioning. At the cost of thousands of lifes, the allies successfully destroyed the Generator, which defeated the Marinox Empire and opened them the way to attack the Grox homeworld. Following the attack, Kaizox was colonized by the Dracogonarious Empire and turned into a studying facility.

Second War of Black Fog[]

The Marinoxidiz take over Kaizox

During the initial stages of the Second War of Black Fog, Kaizox was hit by a surprise attack from the Marinoxidiz, led by Emperor Marigrax, who destroyed the Dracogonarious colonists and took over the planet. By using Nightmare Energy, the Marinoxidiz converted Kaizox into a living demonic Corruptus Overworld, which would be used as their main base in the Milky Way Galaxy for the remainder of the war. Jerkon and his team would eventually travel to Kaizox to destroy it, where they were forced to fight armies of Corruptus demons and had their final battle against Commandant Karnak. The invasion was eventually a success, and Kaizox was completely obliterated by a Dream Energy bomb.



As a standard planet, Kaizox was mostly composed of rugged plateaus. Much of it changed once it was turned into a Corruptus Overworld, where the surface was heavily deformed and the planet was covered in seas of lava. In addition, a gigantic mountain serving as an eye was also formed.


Before being terraformed by the Marinox, Kaizox was a cold, dry planet with no atmosphere. After the Marinox turned it into their homeworld, the planet's climate became mostly tropical, with the exception of the polar regions which were still extremely cold. After being turned into a demon, Kaizox became tremendously hot, to the point no mortal could withstand its temperature without protection.


Kaizox never had native lifeforms as the planet was never suitable for life. Even when terraformed, Kaizox was inhabited mostly by the Marinox and little traces of plant life. Upon being turned into a Corruptus Overworld, Kaizox was inhabited by all sorts of demonic entities related to the Corruptus. During the Marinox Empire era, Errr, Marigrax and Karnak all made their residences at Kaizox.



Their demon is big. My demon is bigger.

- Tyraz

I have only ever heard stories of this place... world... thing, none of them pleasant and all of them bed-wettingly scary.

- Hachiman
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