(...) so I found you here, at the Empathy JSuite, the most expensive JSuite of the JPalms Casino Resort, the greatest complex of JEntertainment JBuildings of all JOmnivore planet...

- JCreepy, Genius of JCompany Science JDivision

... oh, no... I did the JOmnivore planet full-circle, didn't I?!...

- JOmnivore, Tycoon of JCompany

Yes, I believe that's how you JOmnivores drunkards call it...

- JCreepy, Genius of JCompany Science JDivision

The planet of JOmnivore is the homeworld of the JOmnivore species. It is also the location of the JCompany headquarters.

The capital of the planet is JOmnivore City, a religious sea city. The planet also have a military sea city. The remaining cities in the planet are economic ones.



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