Isle Blue, a prominent planet in the south-west of the Space in Between and a gateway into both the Quadrant Galaxies and the Cyrannus Galaxy beyond the more commonly used wormholes. Once a beautiful green planet with bright blue seas inhabited by the Bluedions, the Empire turned it into a dense and rainy swamp planet after plundering its natural resources, demolished it once proud fortress and placed a military installation on the surface.

During the opening days of 2820 the planet became the center of the opening conflicts of what was later known to become the Dawn of Divina.


Bluedion Fortress 02

"Bluedion" (Atlantica) Fortress

Not much is known about the ancient history of Isle Blue. Studies, artifacts and the ancient fortress indicate the planet was at least visited and occupied by the legendary and ancient Atlantica with references to Ka'Zâniûlaris. Using its ancient technologies the Bluedion managed to create an artificial wormhole into the Quadrant Galaxies. Soon the planet became an important assest for those inhabiting Quadrant 21 and the Space in Between and was often seen as a neutral trading port. Eventually the planet was conquered and sieged shortly after the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and its people became enslaved to serve the Empire.

When under Imperial control, Claire Rambo served on Isle Blue for a while where she discovered ancient parchment about Aecor and the Zevian Skull. Her discovery sparked the Hunt for the Zevian Skull. After Claire left and war with the New Cyrannian Republic seemed inevitable the Empire plundered the green planet, destroyed the Atlantica Fortress and its Bluedion occupants and constructed a military installation to monitor and guard the trade route from the Quadrants into Cyrannus with help of the Legatus Finduilica.


The Loyalists engage Imperial forces in orbit oIsle Blue

On 2 January of 2820, during the Dawn of Divina-events the Rambo Loyalist engaged the Imperial forces on Isle Blue in hopes of gaining a stronghold against the Empire. As the Loyalist forces and Imperials clashed, both sides suffered heavy casualties before the Imperial installation was overrun. The Loyalists discovered the shocking fate of the Bluedions as well after they stumbled upon Relocation Valley. A lone Imperial pilot managed to evade captures and escaped Isle Blue with her ASP-IV fighters and was found by Imperial forces. Informing Legatus Command of the loss of Isle Blue they dispatched Admiral Apticyus who forced the Loyalist to abandon Isle Blue and retake the strategic important planet for the Empire/Legatus.


Imperial Installation

The Imperial Installation code-named Installation Blue, or better known amongst the Imperials as 'Loser-Station' is a remote installation of the Empire/Legatus in the Space in Between. Build on the former side of the Atlantica Fortress, the installation featured various landing pads, three large hangars build into the side of the mountain with at least five squadrons of various ASP-type fighters and two garrisons of walkers and troopers.

The command centre resembles an Imperial Star Destroyer bridge and overlooks its three hangars. The large satelitte dish allows transmission over large distances though can be prone to weather conditions on the planet.

By 2819, command of the station was given to commander Lissarhk Gnackt, other notable personnel include Ciena Dunedin.


Lissarhk discovers the dark secret of Isle Blue

Relocation Valley

Relocation Valley is the last testament to the Bluedion's and was recognised by the Imperial forces on Isle Blue for a perfect side for the Bluedion's to relocate and rebuild somesort of village. A cruel officer, lieutenant Tarcarvor personally oversaw the relocation and ordered the execution of all the Bluedion's.

He later informed Legatus Command who classified the event and simply named the side Relocation Valley and off limits to allow the Bluedion to live in peace and isolation from modern society. The side was discovered late 2819 during the Valour of the Resistance-storyline by Ciena and commander Gnackt, both in disgust and shock.


Bluedion 01


The Bluedion, relatives of both the Greendions and the Redions are the native inhabitants of Isle Blue and are technology the most advanced. The Bluedion themselves are amphibious creatures, capable of both breathing under water and on land. The Bluedion, as in their name are blue creatures with fins and are often silent and only talk when spoken to. They are considered the most mystical and strange of the dion relatives. The Bluedions, like all other dion species measure about 1 meter/1.2 meters in height.

The Bluedions were driven to extinction by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and their technology and planet sieged.


Once the planet had a large variety of wildlife but the plundering of the planets natural resources and the extinction of the Bluedion race caused the extinction of all wildlife as well on the planet, rendering the planet swampy, rainy and dense and silent as the grave as not a single wildlife creature survived.


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