Incunabula is a lifeless planet located deep within The Wound of the Tuuros Galaxy. The homeworld of the Ultraterrestrial culture known as the Zhulultu, Incunabula is arguably the cradle of civilisation of the Tuuros Galaxy itself, and possibly one of the oldest extant planets within the galaxy. Subject to much speculation and desire to reach the planet by those who worship the Zhulultu and the Xhodocto in the present day, Incunabula remains mostly as a planet of mystery, although some information of the planet has been collected over time within abandoned Zhulultu megaconstructs.

History Edit

Concerning the extreme antiquity of the Zhulultu, Incunabula is among the first planets formed within the Tuuros Galaxy, and in extension was formed during the cosmic expansion period of the universe. The evolution of the Zhulultu on Incunabula was likely the first of a myriad of species within the Tuuros Galaxy that evolved sentient life. Almost all of the information, albeit minimal information on the homeworld of the Zhulultu has been recovered from semi-operational data banks within the Zhulultu construct of Azhonasueshxar, an engine stationed near the galactic core. It is known that Incunabula's star of the same name was engineered into a self-perpetuating star, thus prolonging its sequence far beyond the natural lifespan of a star - which has been deduced by some of Tuuros Galaxy's foremost minds that the Incunabula Star was transformed into a black hole or was harnessed and converted into possibly the first of the Schism Stars - astronomical phenomena in the Tuuros Galaxy that were engineered by the Zhulultu that possessed the same characteristics as stars although produced seemingly infinite quantities of energy.

It was also revealed that Incunabula had at least three moons orbiting it - Recedentia, Perantiquus and Monogenesis. Nothing other than their names are known, but it is believed that the Zhulultu had colonised or experimented upon these moons, as some examples of planets and moons being converted into colossal edifices across the Tuuros Galaxy still remain.

Geography Edit

Based upon minimal evidence of Zhulultu biome experimentation, and the correlation of wet and humid climates, Incunabula was at one point abundant in flora and fauna, and probably not too far removed from huge areas of swampland covering the planet. It is believed past the extinction of the Zhulultu and the formation of The Wound, Incunabula has frozen and dried up, leaving it a barren and desolate wasteland - most of the resources on the planet would have been minimised or removed completely if the Zhulultu mined it out. If Incunabula had undergone similar transformations as found in surviving Zhulultu worlds, it was most likely transformed into a megaconstruct underneath its surface, and its terrain possibly would have become artificial by the time the Zhulultu achieved godhood.

Due to the presence of at least three moons, Incunabula's tidal activity was likely more extreme in coastal regions, and considering reflection of sunlight upon their surfaces, it was apparent that Incunabula's nocturnal phases were bright, although it is not known if Incunabula's climate was naturally cloudy or not.

  • Galaxy Colonisation - Open
  • Native Civilisation System Limit - 62,500
  • Foreign Civilisation System Limit - 10,000
  • Advancement Cap - Tier 3.5/Kardashev Scale II
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