Once a planet, but then turned into something much more vast. Hyperborea was, is and will forever be the heart of Borealis, a home for all those who accept our order and an example of our might and cooperation. It is the greatest legacy of the 'Cold Ones', and one which must eternally be preserved.

- Arkarixus

Hyperborea is a planet-turned-space station which served as the homeworld of the Kormacvar race five billion years in the past. Currently situated at the Victory Nebula, at the north regions of the Zoleia Sector of the Borealis Galaxy, it serves as the capital of the Polar Crystal Alliance, the seat of power of the Polar Crystal Council and the unofficial capital of the Borealis Galaxy.

Today, Hyperborea serves as home for numerous billions of sapients from all places of the galaxy, and even extragalactics who have aligned themselves to the Polar Crystal Alliance and its goals. Maintained by the combined efforts of the Naombur, the Caretakers and the Alvino, Hyperborea is among the most advanced constructs ever created by Borealans, only being rivalled by Regnatus and the Galactic Grid, the latter being directly linked to the station to the point it also serves as a titanic-sized Cold Relay.


Hyperborea is one of the oldest planets of the Borealis Galaxy and the first to develop sapient life. From its frigid lakes rose the Kormacvar, the galaxy's first civilization and the one who would later become the heart of the Kormacvar Empire who dominated the galaxy for one billion years. Sometime during its existence, a construct of unrivaled size was built around the planet, which in turn was turned into a power core, with this construct being deemed as an extension of the homeworld and therefore worthy of also being named Hyperborea. During the final years of the Kormacvar's war against the Grox Empire, Hyperborea was erased from the Caretakers and Alvino's memories by Regnatus and most Cold Relays linking to it were deactivated, leading the station to be forgotten by the galaxy.

During the Second Borealis Galactic War, the station was rediscovered by the empires who would later compose the Polar Crystal Alliance. The Mechanic moved the station from its original, abandoned position to the Victory Nebula at the Zoleia Sector, and it currently serves as the heart of the Alliance and by extension, the entirely of Borealis.



Hyperborea is a gigantic space station composed of five arms, each extending 650,000 kilometers from one point to their bases while being 100,000 kilometers wide. This makes it the physically largest construct not made out of hypermatter existing in the Borealis Galaxy. The edges of the arms are typically reserved for docking bays, while the central parts are dominated by urban centers which range from residences, business buildings and pieces of machinery belonging to the station itself. The insides of the hull are generally too small for most races but the Naombur to fit in, making them uninhabitable. Hyperborea's day and night cycle is controlled by the station itself, which simulates day and night, weather and seasons in order to make the station appear more like an actual planet. Additionally, the station rotates around itself much like a planet, with a Hyperborean day being roughly the same as an Earth day in length.

In the space between the five arms lies series of inaccessible reactors which hold the actual planet Hyperborea at its very center, enveloped in a sphere of hypermatter which serves as the core of the entire space station. These reactors are constantly repaired and calibrated by the Naombur and serve to power up the entirely of the station. Despite being online for five billion years, Hyperborea's systems remain at virtually full capacity.

The arms are given numbers between One to Five in order to easily identify them. The Council Tower, the seat of power of the Polar Crystal Alliance, is located at the base of Arm One. The first several kilometers of the arms are deemed the Legislatus District and serves as the working place of politicians, embassies of both members and allies of the Alliance and as a residential area for the richest individuals who can afford to live there. The next 80% of the arms are deemed the Populatus District, which were designed to serve as residence for civilians. The life quality of this district is varied according to who lives where, and while the Alliance promotes Hyperborea as a bastion of peace, these areas are widely known for their rampant criminal underground. The sheer size of the station makes it difficult to impose laws on its entirely, giving the opportunity for illicit acts to happen unnoticed. The headquarters of the Aegis Guard, Hyperborea's police force, is located at the Populatus District of Arm One. The tips of the arms, deemed the Horizonus District are largely uninhabited save for Naombur drones due to the lack of areas to live in and for the fact the station's atmosphere ends in it, which may cause the death of trespassers due to lack of oxygen and exposure to the space vacuum.


Hyperborea was built to accommodate thousands of different sapient species at once from the beginning, as the original Kormacvar Empire was said to have over fifty thousand member races. The Naombur are constantly rebuilding entire portions of the station to fulfill the needs of its inhabitants, with most areas being designed to fit all of their needs at once. However, there are areas where one race is ultimately more influential than others due to larger population and political power. For example, certain parts of the station are predominantly inhabited by the races of the Zoles Imperium, while other portions are dedicated to the races of the Union Republic of Ottzello. In other cases, portions of the station are ecologically changed to comfort the needs of empires with unique biological traits.

It is impossible to live at Hyperborea without a sense of fellow feeling, and thus all species are encouraged to cooperate and live together in harmony. This proves to be easier said than done due to the Alliance's large number of hostile or stubborn races, but advancements to make the station a comfortable place for all of its members are constantly being made. Failure to adhere to Hyperborea's lifestyle may lead to individuals being kicked out of the station and forbidden to return for extended periods of time, with more extreme cases being permanent exile from the station.


The heads of state of Hyperborea are the Polar Crystal Council, the leaders of the Polar Crystal Alliance. To enforce the Alliance's laws across the station is the Aegis Guard, which acts on all five arms. The only exceptions to the case are the Penumbra Unit, who are above the law and therefore given access to the entirely of the station through Council permission, and the Naombur who are given free rule of the station's systems at all times.

Each Councillor and diplomat which represents a member of the Alliance possesses their own office at the Legislatus District, which is neighboured by embassies of empires aligned to the Alliance who wish to strengthen their relations with them. Empires in negative terms with the Alliance are forbidden of approaching the station under the threat of being shot down by the Aegis Guard. Additionally, empires who have pledged allegiance to the Mou'Cyran Accords are given privileges usually restricted from neutral factions.

The following empires possess official embassies at Hyperborea:



A chronicle of macro-engineering, the archaic legacy of the Cold Ones has stood opposing to the forces of time and decay since its founding, and shall continue to do so for, mayhaps, hundreds of thousands of ages more; Hyperborea earns its place as the very heart and soul of the galaxy that stands amidst the greatest and eldest monuments of the Gigaquadrant in its entirety.

- Keldar Teiran

I like to spend my time there when I can as the place is effectively a paradise; the Kormacvar and their allies were fortunate enough to live there in leisure once, but now they, generously, left it to whoever came after them. ... This is perhaps my favourite space station in the Gigaquadrant.

- Hachiman

I hear great things about Hyperborea from Crystal Alliance diplomats. I look forward to paying a visit someday!

- Apollo

My home is the most beautiful planet in Borealis. And it's not even technically a planet! This is the galactic home of diplomacy, of wealth, of trade and prosperity, and among the greatest Kormacvar constructs.

- Valzaria

Hyperborea represents more to us than just peace, prosperity, security, and everything else this place is: it represents victory. This is the prosperity we have won for ourselves. Hyperborea! The place of the free, the place of the diplomats, of the warriors, of the merchants! All the greatest make this wonderful planet our home, and we have won it, we the Polar Crystal Alliance.

- Kralgon Emperor

All the most well known merchants 'ave a place 'ere, 'ey? Everyone's bringin' goods ta sell to the highest bidder, an' anyone who can afford a house here is already rich as all hell. If it weren't fer the security, this'd be the best place to conduct activities in Borealis. But the security's tight, so it's only the second best place, 'ey?

- Billig Oltauris

man whai da hell is livin in dat place so stoopid expensiv man

- Fre'kloar

What inspires me most of the mega-construct of Hyperborea is its existence as the living weaving of ancient and contemporary galactic fabrics. The very essences of the modern societies of Borealis are woven into the legacy of the ancients, combined and set to rest in a tapestry as old as the stars and as rich as the galaxy it makes home. It is what Borealis was, is, and one day shall be. And I admire its inhabitants for that.

- Uriel Ultanos


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