Today, our days of running are at an end. We may be bloodied, but we are not defeated. We may be tired, but we will not rest. We may down, but we're not out. We are the Republic! Here, from our new Harborage, we begin the war to reclaim Cyrannus!

- Fleet Admiral Helo Roslia

Harborage is a small moon located in a nameless star system hidden in a pocket of hyperspace fog forty thousand light years above the galactic plane of the Cyrannus Galaxy. Discovered by the New Republic Remnant during the Second Great Cyrannus War, Harborage was chosen by Fleet Admiral Helo Roslia as the site of the Remnant's Alpha Base, upon which the campaign to restore the Republic's government would be waged. Close to a naturally occuring wormhole once charted by the old Aldárae Order, Harborage is uniquely situated and perfectly suited to the Remnant's purposes.



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