Not to be confused with Grenzaar, the old Galot world prior to its destruction at the hands of the Kralgon

Grenzaar citadel is a huge star-sized space station situated in the Ottzello Sector (formerly the Ottzello Galaxy). Unlike other Ottzelloan planets which were created normally but have Chronoscopic life, the station is a Taldar construct, but one which can contain astronomical objects and biological life; essentially a 3Dimensional Taldar life emulator, as well as simply a huge Citadel. it is made purely of Gyronidium.


Early historyEdit

Grenzaar was close to the planet where the Galot evolved. When they reached the space stage, they eventually discovered and shared the Grenzaar Citadel. As well as beeing station capable of supporting life, it contains Chronoscopic, Dark Chronoscopic & the Chronoscopic spawn, but no one discovered this for some time.


When the Galot shared the planet, several super powers & smaller empires began to inhabit it. It soon grow large, with an extremely effective economy, and grew to be the largest planet in Ottzello thanks to the combined construction, on a planet where mortal enemies could live side by side. Soon, when the economy was even greater, multi species cities where introduced, which ignored any racism. when these became popular, the entire planet became multi species, making it a very multi cultural society.

Soon, it became the central planet in Ottzello, and UNO's main planet.

Grenzaar the planet finally fell in the Second Ottzello Galactic War, at the hands of the Kralgon Invasion Force. UNO was forced to flee the world, leaving it to the Kralgon. However, at the end of the Third Ottzello Galactic War the citadel was reclaimed, although the planet destroyed.

Unified Nation of OttzelloEdit

The station moved twice; once as a result of Annihilation, and once as a result of the Fourth Ottzello War.



Grenzaar is so large and so economically outputting that the Galot decided it was too much for one empire to hold. So it is shared. But it's so powerful, that if one empire were to control this planet, they would be a hugely powerful empire almost unstoppable in the galaxy.


While it is a space station, Grenzaar is a bustling world, producing a varied climate like a normal planet would, with deserts which are filled with Kralgon pods. The planets' biological locations are also taken up with Kralgon gathering pods. The lush jungles and forests are inhabited by the Ioketa, while the enormous metropolises are inhabited by other species, mainly Galot and Technobian. There are some more shady/criminal areas, populated by Heeyorian and Loron gangsters, but the world is in majority in perfect harmony. It is also great for producing food, and home to many large headquarters.

Points of interest

The following section will list points of interest and which race predominately owns each one.

  • The Galactic Technomall, where anything in any universe can be bought! Often people visit for holidays! Owned by the Galto, Technobian and Heeyorian
  • The Galactic Research Station, a centre for research that researches everything! Owned by the Gaal.
  • The Galactic Political Power centre is a centre where all species send transmissions, do debates, and all MPs discuss what's next. Owned by the Ottzel.
  • The Galactic Education centre, where Galot use their knowledge (along with the Galto and Gaal) to create very clever creatures without boring them! Owned by the Galot.
  • The Galactic Food Hall, where inhabitants of the galaxy share stories, food and food fights are very common. Owned by the Loron.
  • The Galactic Barracks, where the Loron and Ottzel instructors train the greatest soldiers ever! Owned by the Loron.
  • The Galactic Republic HQ, a headquaters for the Galactic Republic. Owned by the Galot
  • The Xiivon Council HQ, a headquarters for the Xiivon Council. Owned by the Ottzel
  • The Dome of the Ambassadors, one of the greatest sporting stadiums that hosts every game to exist using advanced technology, in the city of Fralgorra
  • The Galactic Kralgon capital, an enormous Krlagon pod in which the Emperor resides
  • The Temple of Essence, owned by the Ioketa
  • The Palace of Peace, where UNO's leaders meet for discussions


Station Grenzaar is located in the very center of the Ottzello Sector. It is linked to millions of trade routes around Borealis, and is the centre of economy in the Ottzello Sector. This is due to its huge size, as well as accessibility to the entire galaxy from the station.

As an enormous Chronoscopic space station, it is made purely of Chronoscopic, Essence & Dark Chronoscopic, and is constructed out of Gyronidium.


The 'traveller' is part of the ship which makes interplanetary travel much more accessible. It functions as a Cold Relay for extremely fast interplanetary travel and trade routes.


  • The planet was the save game for my Galot. Wasn't anything like the fiction, however.
  • Realising that the world being so large was just ridiculous, Technobliterator reformed Grenzaar from a planet to something like the Citadel.
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