Gorgorthrond is one of the strongholds of the brutal Gorgorian, located near Kirioohsk the planet is a welcome stop for space travellers and known for her pleasure houses. The planet is harsh, unwelcome and only the fortress gives shelter against the scorpion pests.



"pleasure girls"

Not much is recorded about the history of Gorgorthrond, only that ever since 352 BQF it has been a Gorgorian Stronghold, where space travellers within the Argoroth Sector often make their stops for resupply and enjoy the sights and uses of the pleasure houses. For decades, the planet has escaped the sight and harvest of the terrifying Mandabit, and as such Gorgorthrond is seen as one of the safest planets in the Argoroth sector, the native Gorgorian often boosting that their brutal strenght and reputation impresses the Mandabit and as such leave it alone.

Gorgorthrond and Kirioohsk are often at each others throats, as raiding and hunting packs of Gorgorthrond often plunder the villages and cities of Kirioohsk, taking food, supplies and Cargura with them for slaves. In recent years, Gorgorthrond became well known for its pleasure houses, where the hunting packs of the Gorgorian assembled and kidnapped various female humanoids, exploiting them as pleasure girls for payment, a main source of wealth and income for the Gorgorian. The more the customers pay, the more pleasure they can expect.

During the sixth month of 04 AQF, the USS Elgorodaurl arrived at the planet to rescue one of their crew, lieutenant Lassa Evaana Penaeli from her fate as a pleasure girl of Gorzask. Though succesful, the Elgorodaurl earned the hatred of the Gorgorians.


Gorgorthrond Hold

Gorgorthrond Hold is the main settlement at the planet, the keep is surrounded by stone walls and gates, not build by the Gorgorian but by a race before them. When the Gorgorian arrived at Gorgorthrond in 352 BQF, only the walls and towers remained of the former civilization, unknown what happened to them the Gorgorian settled themselves inside the walls with crue wooden structures, used as homes, pleasure houses and cantina's.

The keep is surrounded by a lake of lava, giving the keep a natural defense barrier against invading forces and disatisfied customers. Outside the keep a small strip of land has been prepared for shuttles to land. The population of Gorgorthrond is rather small, as over the years many Gorgorian left the planet due to the ever present threat of the Mandabit.

The current ruler of Gorgorthrond is the dangerous and heavily armored Gorgorian Gorzask.


Gorgorian GuardsLarge

Gorgorian Guard

The main species of Gorgorthrond are the Gorgorian of Gorgorthrond, though the Gorgorian appear frequently throughout the Argoroth Sector, the ones of Gorgorthrond are marked by their dark armor and their pale blue skins. The Gorgorian are an orgre-like species, infamous and feared across the Argoroth sector for their hunting and raiding packs. Male Gorgorian are large brutes with tremendous physical strength and endurance, while female Gorgorian are often more slender and agile yet deadly. Over time, the Gorgorian carved out their own empire of raiders and pirates, attacking and raiding those in vicinity of their planets, doing it for ages they managed to avoid the wrath and harvest of the Mandabits for uknown reasons. From one of their main planets, Gorgorthrond the Gorgorian raid planets and ships well beyond their borders in search of goods, equipment, food and even slaves. The female slaves are brought back to Gorgorian territories to be trained as pleasure girls, as the name suggests they give pleasure for payment. These pleasure girls can be found in the many pleasure houses found at Gorgorian planets, a feat they often make use of themselves as well. Though often thought as mere brutes and raiders, the Gorgorian are quite cunning, at the expanse of others the Gorgorian thrive and keep expanding.

The Gorgorian Guards of Gorgorthrond wear dark armor, armed with a large blaster they are quick to respond to brawls and to protect their properties.



  • Name:Gorgorpion
  • Type:Insect
  • Found:Gorgorthrond
  • Lenght:Approx. 0.8 - 1.6 meters

The Gorgorpion are the deadly, dangerous and venemous scorpion-like species found at Gorgorthrond. These deadly bugs are hideous to behold, two sharp pincer allows them to hold their prey while their tail sting poisons their prey, allowing it to escape with the Gorgorpion in persuit as seconds later its prey succumbs to the deadly effects of its poison. Normally the Gorgorpion live a life of solitary, though when larger preys are invovled they are shown to team up.

  • Name:Phoentras
  • Type:Bird
  • Found:Gorgorthrond
  • Length:Aprox. 0.6 - 1.5 meters with wingspan of 3 meters

The Phoentras are the birds of Gorgorthrond and the natural enemies of the Gorgorpion, as both prey upon each others. These gracious swan-like creatures are a nice sight, their burning wings a sight to behold. Though normally friendly to visitors and Gorgorian, they are known to attack them if the Phoentras feels its offspring is in danger. The Gorgorian actively hunt these creatures as well, finding Phoentras Breast a delicacy. Gorgorian believe, obtaining a feather of these creatures will bring you luck.

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