Gorga III is a desolate planet in the Argoroth Sector of the Endless Space.


Not much is known about the desolate and harsh planet known as Gorga III, only that it is a planet that falls within the sphere of influance of the elusive Gorgath Republic. It is known that the planet is often the end destination of Gorgorian prey. Between 2802 and 2820 the individual known as Corbar straned on the planet as well and began a life as scavenger.

Gorga III Imperial crash site

Crash site of the Unfortunate, 2820

In 2820 (22AQF) the Imperial light cruiser ICS Unfortunate, an Arquitens-class chrashed on the surface as well as an U-Wing of the Rambo Loyalist. In August 2820 the USS Harakaze located both the Loyalists and Imperials and managed to prevent them from being killed by a Gorgorian raiding party led by Gorzask. During the skirmish commander Tash Hannity was killed before the Harakaze withdrew from the planet.


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