Galvarus is superweapon build upon a moon, covering half of the moon this massive space station draws energy from the moon's core to launch a powerful beam of energy into space, rendering planets of life and destroying them in the process, leaving nothing but a field of debris where once a proud planet stood.

The planet's superweapon was first used in 08 AQF, during the Fury Events that resulted in the destruction of the three moons of the Rambo Capital.



Lizardian cruiser patrol the trenches of Galvarus

The Lizardian began constructing this massive super weapon well before the forming of the Imperial Alliance. Construction started around 52 BQF, deep within Lizardian territories it became one of their best kept secrets and only those hand picked by the Lizardian Commander himself knew of the excistance. The station is one of the brain childs of Imperial Emperor of that time, Morgandaûr. Construction


Galvarus Main Cannon Firing

was done by slave workers and droids, all taken during the many conquests of the Lizardians. Though construction continued for decades, set backs did happen with the losses of slaves who died during accidents, the losses during the Galactic War in 04 BQF and the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF, preventing the Lizardians from taking more slaves than required; the planned construction was delayed time afer time. The eventual fall of the Imperial Alliance delayed the construction even further.

Around 08 AQF, after 60 years of construction, the station was completed,though the Lizardians are barely able to crew the station due to their dwindling numbers. At 29-03-08AQF, the weapon was siegd by Mortikran who killed Lizaconda and fired upon the Rambo Capital, incarnating its three moons, including the shipyards of Rowar. Destroying the lives of milliards, Mortikran than handed over control of the planet and weapon to his own master, the terrifying Zillum.

Construction SiteEdit


The "Trench Hemisphere"

The half-spherical station is build upon the northern hemisphere of the moon, with in its center the massive canon and heat exhaustion wich allows energy to be shot into space, with deadly results.


Cannon and Heat Exhaustion with defensive turrets, towers and statues of Morgandaûr

The hemisphere is build in various layers, allowing ships to be docked and constructed, ground forces to be deployed to counter attack against a possible ground invasion. The only way to enter the station is by the countless docking ports and entrance gates at the hemisphere. Reaching higher in the sky are the various domes, houses, factories, shelters, armories and more. Just above the hemisphere lies the so called "trench hemisphere", a trench into the station where countless turrets, towers and torpedo launchers protect the station from an attack.

The rest of the domed sphere houses more factories, entire cities and villages, slave penns all protected by kilometers of steel and concrete, protecting the most vital parts of the station against bombartments.


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Our Salvation and the Death of the Quadrants!

- Lizamalignan


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