Fahler is a demon world! It has been quarantined, and starships won't go any closer than 2 light years from its system!

History Edit

Real-game - True spory! Edit

Starships tend to steer well clear from this planet, it is pure evil. It was originally found as a space-rarity, an unclaimed, T3, purple-spice planet. The settlers thought this was the best world they has ever found. They colonized it, and soon were using the bountiful resources. However, soon bad things began to happen...

  • A weird glitch kept making buildings pollinate outside city wals, ghost-vehicles would spawn everywhere.
  • Another glitch caused buildings and creatures to mine spice.
  • There were weird glitchy sounds.

In the end, a biosphere collapse occured, followed by a Grox attack. The picture you see is the final picture taken, before it was left for good. The DCP is considering to destroy Fahler however.

Fiction Edit

However, a bunch of explorers decided to land on the planet, and were never be of heard of again!

Fahler holds a grip in the publics imagination as a demon world or cursed planet, however scientists have different opinions. Dr.Kenders believes that the planet was inhabited by a powerful civilization and perhaps they still live there, but in an ascended form. That these nasty accounts are actually the original inhabitants ways of either communicating or kicking off colonists from their homeworld or colony.

Liquid Ink's adventures - Finding Fahler series Edit

These cool adventures were created by Liquid Ink, please check them out on the Sporepedia!

The Warlord Tricarrion shortly after the DCP Civil War needed to learn the location of Fahler, as he believed it contained great power for him to use. But, he gathered some Lequians to track it down, however the DCP has now hidden its location. A Lequian spy had to travel from the Rambo Captital to the Caprica, and eventually Mirenton, where he found the files quite quickly with the help of contacts. To be continued.

The Revisit and powerful discovery Edit

Eventually the planet became a hindrance to a local trade route, so the DCP finally decided enough was enough, and sent a fleet of 350 warships (overkill again) to vapourise every square millimeter of the planet, inside and out. Armed with planet glassers, Quark-gluon deconfinement disruptors and a planet buster it looked as if Fahler was going to meet its end. But when the fleet vanished from sensors only two minutes from entering, the Council of War was highly surprised. Finally 1000 hyperspace missiles were sent instead, however, as soon as they neared the system, they were disupted, and sent to a nearby colony, causing its crust to go into a catastrophic overturn. By now, Dr.Kender's theory of some form of intelligemnce on the planet was starting to look true and with the First Contact mission in process, a ghost shifted/cloaked ship was sent to make peace with the planet (robotics seem to go heywire) as the DCP had lost their short war.

So with the First Contact mission, the DCP discovered that it was in fact an intelligent and artificial creation, a masterpiece by the Xynaxes as the Sanctuary World for the Milky Way's non-carbon-based life. It is a Gaian world, alive.

Planet Fahler, became one of the targets of the Inog Swarm during the Second Tigris War. it was also a massive biocomputer that they wanted to control. The pods fell through the skies of Fahler and achieved in assimilating the biomatrix. But the biomatrix was just a small part of the cursed world, the entire planet was intelligent, far beyond the scope the Inog could comprehend, and it was enraged... Almost ironically, the slaves in this war would be the Inog. As the Inog fleet hovered over the planet, Fahler overwhelmed their hive mind.

Post-cleanslate Edit

During the Annihilation, Fahler was saved by one of the Vi'Navitum arks along with the rest of the Technoosphere.

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