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The world is a book and those who do experience it to the fullest read only one page.

- Unknown

Erde, otherwise known as the mortal plane, is the world of the mundane and the finite upon which the various races of existence have lived out history. Though there is a plethora of creation myths advocated by the disparate religions of Erde, the most commonly held belief holds that the twin primordial deities Danú and Dôn, personifications of life and death respectively, gave up their powers to create the world and its people, as well as the heavenly bodies of the night-sky. Though there may be more lands beyond the endless waves of the ocean, the main landmasses of Erde are Menelinor, Marmor and Talaninor, with all three playing host to dozens of races.




Continents of Erde
Name Quote Description
Menelinor.png Menelinor The birthplace of all Elvenkind, the gilded lands across the shimmering seas was once a place in which elves lived in one with nature. Now, it is in a state of unchanging tranquillity, unfeeling to the toils of the outside world.
Menelinor is a mysterious land, of which little is known by the races who dwell beyond its shores. Many Corrinarian historians believe that all of elvenkind are native to the glens of Menelinor, which has since fallen to the Menelmeri Empire, a zealous and domineering regime of high elves.By all accounts however, Menelinor is a tranquil paradise of green fields, still rivers and alpine mountains, which the Menelmeri have incorporated into their famed cities, which dot the landscape of their homeland. The jewel on the crown of Menelinor is the great city of Aendrithor, the capital of the Menelmeri Empire and the home to over a million elves, making it one of the largest cities on Erde. Considered by the Menelmeri to be the spot upon which the god Meria created Menelinor, the city is considered to be holy ground by its elven inhabitants, who are still wary about other races stepping within its walls, despite the increasingly cosmopolitan nature of the Empire. At the centre of this great city lies the Caeltas Tower, a massive spire that serves as not only the focal point of Aendrithor but also the Menelmeri Empire at large, with the Golden Queen herself residing on the tower's cloud scraping pinnacle.
Gona Marsh.png Marmor The smallest of the three continents, Marmor is no less diverse. In the swamps to the west, the Gonaians practice their strange customs while the regal Dracacituí reign from Marmoreal to the east. However, darkness lies in the depths of the mountains...

Marmor is the mysterious island continent found off the west coast of Talaninor, in the Great Shimmering Ocean. Marmor is divided into two main regions, the Western Swamplands and the Eastern Heartlands. The most powerful civilisation on the island is the Kingdom of Marmoreal, which is made up of the reptilian Dracacituí, while to the east the enigmatic though friendly Gonaians tend to their swamps. Much of the island is beautiful and picturesque and is the setting to verdant forests and dense swamps. However, in the central mountains, travellors have been known to fall victim to marauding gangs of orcs.
CorrinarSmaller.png Talaninor The Great Lands of Talaninor cannot be described in a short sentence. From the pearl-laden towers of Corrinar to the elven realm of Doredhelwen, Talaninor is truly diverse. Still, a growing fog of darkness dwells in the north. We must remain vigilant of the Dark Tower.

By far the largest continent of Erde, Talaninor is a truly diverse land home to many different civilisations ranging from the Most Serene Republic of Corrinar along the Eastern Ocean to the Realms of the High Elven Doredhelwen in the central forests. The central east coast of Talaninor is arguably the most prosperous region on the continent, home to many mercantile republics such as the aforementioned Corrinar, which in turn borders the considerably more imperialist Empire of Val'Mevure, whose opulent cities represent the epitome of exageratted beauty. In the far north, the harsh wastes are inhabited by the fieresome Gorthúron, while further south, the volcanic Black Lands are home to a terrible evil lost to the ages.



Name Dracacituí Gorthúron Doredhelwen Menelmeri Gonaian Marmor Orc Sinleri
Region Eastern Heartlands, Marmor Northern Wastes, Talaninor Central Forests, Talaninor Menelinor Western Swamps, Marmor Central Mountains, Marmor Sinleri Island
Type Dragonfolk Dragonfolk Elven Elven Lizardfolk Corrupted Elven Elven
Affiliation Kingdom of Marmoreal Empire of Gorthúr Doredhelwen Menelmeri Empire Gonaian Clans None Sinleri Kingdom






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