Elimataia Prime Is one of the oldest colonies in imperial space. Orbiting a red dwarf star it is characterised by blue oceons, cool climate and rolling hills, it is seen as a howcase world and one of the empire's last lines of defence before the Aldra-4 System. For over 250 thousand years it has been a showcase of imperial sophistication and colonial development.


The planet varies differently between the hemispheres: To the north it is marked with innumberable akes providing fresh, clear water while the southern hemisphere is dominated by the Athkari sea, along with several archipeligos. the largest landmass in the southern hemisphere is the Khalibus peninsula, stretching as far as 46 degrees south the entire region is wetland and one of the richest farmland on the planet. A mountain range borders the peninsula and the northern supercontinent, suggesting it was once spearate

The southern oceon is kept warm through active plate tectonics and the planet itself is currently undergoing a pangea phase.


The planetary capital is Fanthilosa (Translation: Fanth-Ilosa, First-Landing), a city of 31 million people bordering the Khalibus peninsula. The city enjoys much commercial success and the outskirts are the personal residence of the governer, which has traditionally been of house Vex. The population primarily inhabits the northern hemisphere. Cities are clean and consist of spires reminiscent of the draconis' homeworld. The northern coastline of Athkari sea is a popular tourist resort for visitors and inhabitants to feel warmer climes while the Khalibus marshlands are a favoured hunting ground of the elite. The southern islands are often densly populated and most of the populated islands have become Venice-like island cities, more remote islands are less well-developed and low-rise apartments can be considered city living.


Without the numerpus lakes, much of the northern hemisphere would be dry and barren, however due to a lack of tropical currents combined with bordering being tidelocked to its parent star means the planet is somewhat cool compared to the homeworld. The northern coastlines, southern islands and Khalibus peninsula suffer monsoons suring the summer months which also brings water to the northern lakes.


Elimataia prime is the system headquarters of Hethree; a Helium-3 extraction company with operations based in the system's two gas giants Eimataia III & V. much of the profit from sales of starship fuel within the system comes from Hethree's operations. Due to its status as the first extrasolar colony it enjoys a lucrative tourist trade which - due to the 'idyllic' coastlines serves tourists and businessmen alike.


Despite it's tourist reputation the planet boasts considerable defences in case of attack, however since the Janos War these defences serve a more historic purpose. The Elimatain government insists the defence stations remain operational whatever the situation. One battlestation orbits at the lagrange point between the planet and it's larger moon of Atalis.


Colonisation of the planet marked the dawn of the Alcanti Solar Confederacy along with the establishment of the homeland council. Even toda a memorial dedicates to planetfall using a replica of one of the original shuttles used to land on the planet. It was the first planet to be hit at the beginning of the Janos War and several million had died, suffering a severe blow to the population of the developing colony. Hethree, a patron corporation and a major contributor to the planet's income, was first established within the system and has since grown to encompass most of the Axah-0 sector with trillions of credits flowing into the system's coffers as a result.

Elimataia prime was a Khaxvis stronghold during the Second House War however after unrest swept the planet in ID.171,209 from Ultanos insurgents Khaxvis abandoned the planet in favour of heading for the nearby Naurous system.

Along with Lord-General Tothanor the planet has produced many notable individuals throughought its colonised life. Including:

  • Olos Oxkorvic: Started the rebirth of classical music during the 74,300s
  • Tanth Lamis: Developed a new generation of ion drives in ID.94010
  • Ossus Katorim: CEO of Hethree between ID.64320-415 and responsible for expanding the company out of the Aldra 4 subsector to become one of the largest suppliers of Helium-3 in the Axah-0 sector.
  • Khaleis Oskaric: Champion arena fighter between ID.15713-921
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