The birthplace of the Tyranny, the womb from which our race sprung. This world, an no other, no matter how similar to this world will ever replace her in her most esteemed function. It is our home. While not the most forgiving of mothers, Demogorgon Prime has made us what we are, and we would not have it any other way.

- Sovereign Executor Wolframicht Stahl

Demogorgon Prime was the capital world of the Drakodominatus Tyranny, the center of its interuniversal empire, and remains to this day one of the most fortified planets of the Gigaquadrant. Since the Dominatus' defeat during the Great Tyranny War, the planet has changed hands several times, serving as critical military installation to controlling the surrounding territory. It was first seized by the Delpha Coalition of Planets in 2801 during and later stormed and annexed by France during the Second Battle of Demogorgon Prime in 2802.

Demogorgon Prime is an inhospitable world for any other race. It is tidally locked with the binary star Demogorgon (neutron star and white dwarf), and thus, it has two sides, one a volcanic wasteland of scorching temperatures, and the other side a vast polar tundra with temperatures nearing interstellar space. Only the equator has a semblance of a temperate climate, and has both swamps, jungles and temperate forests. The intersection between the North Pole and the Equator is also the center for the sole functioning city, Malogenesis. However, the Drakodominatus evolved through chemosynthesis and geothermal energy from the abundant transuraniums under the surface of the planet. It has liquid oceans under a thick ice shell, but these are made of sulphate.


Early HistoryEdit

Demogorgon Prime was once a rogue planet drifting in the balance between the intergalactic void and a primordial black hole which dominated the Thanatos Subsector. It stood in this equilibrium for countless aeons, a pariah among planets which could not give birth to life of any kind, forever damned to be a mere rock lost to the history of time. For time immemorial, this was destined to be the fate of what would later become one of the most infamous planets in the galaxy for the children that crawled out of it's monstrous womb.

The death of a star, the rotting carcass of the star Demogorgon was what brought life to Demogorgon Prime. The intense dissonances in gravity broke the equilibrium between the void and the black hole and dragged the planet, closer and closer, to the dead star, until it entered the system proper. On it's way there, it was struck by massive asteroids in the asteroid belt, yet more decay from the star's life, which etched into it's surface massive craters and mountains in multiple extinction level events.

The planet came yet closer and closer to the sun, where it first entered an elliptical orbit with it that destroyed anything that would give birth to life without mercy as it was scorched by the eldritch force of the star's corpse. However, eventually, this cycle came to a close brought by the entropy and decay of energy, leading to Demogorgon Prime becoming tidally locked. It was at this point, that life, in it's most fiendish of forms began to develop. Life, that was caused solely because of death.

Life from Death, Death from LifeEdit

From the womb of the dead world sprang the first life in the system. The miserable prokaryotes slugged through the desolate plains, driven by an ingrained need not only to survive and reproduce but to conquer and dominate, a foreshadowing of the traits that would drive the planet's later denizens forward as well. As countless aeons drew past, the eldritch star exercised itself on the planets inhabitants, twisting their evolution in ways that would seem impossible on most other planets. As the countless years drew past, extinction found itself intertwined with life as dominant species were cast down by the malevolent phenomena of the system.

In Their MemoryEdit

After these endless cycles of life and death, the progenitors of those who would later be called Drakodominatus emerged from the cruel inhospitable surfaces of the world. They were a race of quadrupedal synapsids of comparatively average height who were rather weak and fragile compared to the indigenous wild life. A strong sense of collective identity pervaded among them as they travelled in packs, pouncing upon the larger predators in teams. Mutations came in quick succession as there was some crossover between their genes and that of the ones they consumed, allowing different strains to evolve. These strains were invariably more potent than the original ones, and the ones not mutated were eventually driven to death due to their inability to compete. This continued on for more cycles, and the ones left were truly monsters to be feared, imposing in stature, scintillating in intellect, Herculean in strength, incredibly hard to kill, resistant to the elements and quite fast, with the ability to reproduce quickly. These were the Drakodominatus, and they were the dominant species of the planet.


The first societies took place, creating small villages in the otherwise virgin land of the naturally despoiled planet. Among the volcanoes of Muspel and the polar tundras of Nifl grew settlements for these first Drakodominatus. However, during this period, the seeds planted by their divergence took hold as the leaders of each pack had become a new strain of Drakodominatus, the Drakodominatus Alpha, and these were better in every respect than the average Drakodominatus, termed the Drakodominatus Beta, but were quite a bit rarer. These ones were invaluably the heads of settlements and spearheaded the tribes. However, during this stage, another strain, the Omegas, far rarer, appeared, and though possessing strength less than that of a Drakodominatus Beta, were of incredible intelligence, catalyzing scientific discovery.


War broke out as the states with Omegas brutally subjugated all those before them, using their increased technology and tactical acumen to conquer their more primitive foes. Those who surrendered were taken in and used by the conquering society while all those who resisted were pressed into slave labor or simply executed on the spot. Empires rose and empires fell as the tidal waves of expansionism spread out across the entire planet, fire and ice unable to stem the lust for power and conquest that the Drakodominatus had. As time drew on, cities appeared as the Drakodominatus congregated in order to increase economic and technological progress. The map was rapidly carved up between powerful nations who suddenly discovered that there was nowhere else to expand except against other powerful nations. This of course, did not serve as a deterrent.


The border stagnated as the civilizations were unable to sustain themselves on conquest, since there were no more lands to conquer except those had by powers as strong as themselves. Borders once marked only on the map became the sites of great walls which prevented anybody from getting in or out. These civilizations, used to conquest as the main means of economic production were unable to cope with the sudden inability to sustain themselves. Famine and pestilence as well as poverty on a widespread scale broke out through their nations, sparing no one. The old, the young, the male, the female, the Alpha, the Beta, and the Omega were all victimes of the plight that nature poured on them in response to their cruel ways. Earthquakes of monumental proportions followed, solar storms, tornadoes of ice and fire, chasms in the earth, volcanos erupting with wrath, all rending apart whatever part of civilization it touched. At the end of this era, the walls were no more, the civilizations mere shells of themselves, but some were weaker, and some were stronger.


The strong immediately pounced on the weak, taking all of their land for themselves in a wanton orgy of war and conquest. A period of unrestrained expansion followed, eclipsing in magnitude all those that had come before it as those who could conquered what they could in what was known collectively as the Drakodominatus Wars of Unification. Regiments of foot, carrying with them rifle and cannon laid waste to everything in front of them and took it for their empires. The entire globe was soon property of a hundred nations, but some were stronger and some were weaker. A hundred soon became a dozen, and a dozen soon became several, and several soon became two. These were the Drakodominatus Tyranny and the Drakodominatus Republic, which upon recognizing each other as their sole rivals entered a cold war, their peace merely a mask for imperialist ambitions of a later date.


After manufacturing a casus beli, both sides eventually went to war with each other. In the decades long, cataclysmic Final War of Drakodominatus Unification, the two Drakodominatus factions fought each other to the death. Equally matched, the two industrial war machines, with rapidly increasing technology tried to defeat the other side. However, this eventually stagnated into a stalemate as they could not outsmart or beat each other. New methods of warfare were invented and made obsolete in this festival of carnage, from trench warfare, to mechanized blitzkriegs, to strategic bombing, to full scale nuclear bombing, all complete with massive genocides committed by all sides, ripping out the collective soul of the generation and leaving them emotionless, callous husks with no compunctions for murder or torture. It ended with powered armor and orbital bombardments being used by the Tyranny which utterly conquered the Republic. However, the Republic, in it's dying breaths, launched a chemical mutagen which rendered the Drakodominatus Race to be almost completely sterile. The Drakodominatus race as a whole looked at the planet and saw nothing but suffering, and knew they had to explore more pastures to conquer, as only conquest could unify them. It was with this that they first left the planet in search for new lands to conquer.


Demogorgon Prime, ruined by industry and war, made a wasteland where radioactive waste fused with lava and ice. Half bombed out factories and research installations served as the place from which the first ships were sent to colonize the stars. The success of conquest in first contact came as a relief to Demogorgon Prime, and alien slaves were shipped there in order to work. These were the formative years of the Tyranny, and from then on, Demogorgon Prime served as the base of the Tyranny as it spread across the Thanatos Subsector. Alien relics and slaves were shipped back to Demogorgon Prime in order to be examined and collected in museums while aliens were shipped back as zoo exhibits in order to sate the Drakodominatus public. It was the crown jewel of the rapidly expanding empire, and when the Tyranny had fully subjugated the Thanatos Subsector, efforts were made to beautify it. Time had covered the once active battlefields and the Drakodominatus made an effort to make it a perfect capital. Spires were erected in honor of the Drakodominatus and the cities were preserved as museums, with nature preserves overtaking the majority of the planet. Only some functional cities as well as the educational systems and Installation 3 remained untouched in these renovations.

House of the DominatusEdit

When the Culling came, the Dominatus had to make even more renovations in order to accomodate their size. The remaining functional buildings were resized and the massive city of Malogenesis was created, with the Tyrant's palace at the center, a massive spire. This was concurrent with their technological advancement, and the city was created with their finest technology, making almost impossible architecture possible. Everything else was left as preserves where the wildlife, also affected by the Ultima Serum could also roam. Nature was altered and the natural parts took an even more malevolent, eldritch beauty than before. It was a planet befitting of the Dominatus, a monument to their accomplishment and the center of their dominion.


When being pushed back on the Mirus front, some Unification War Era Dominatus recognized that there might come a time that Demogorgon Prime would be put under siege. With this in mind, those Dominatus came to the conclusion that the system and the planet must be made self-sufficient in order to weather a siege that merely aimed to starve the Dominatus out. They also came to the conclusion that it was infeasible to merely keep industry on the outermost colonies and instead came to the conclusion that Demogorgon Prime must be given the Tyranny's most advanced industrial capacities.


With their expunging from their extragalactic territories as well as their being forced onto a defensive war in the Mirus campaign, the Dominatus began considering the invasion of Demogorgon Prime as a real possibility. Eventually, they began pooling a considerable amount of their available resources for the express purpose of making Demogorgon Prime one of the most impregnable planets in the universe, if not the most impregnable. They went to work forcing resources into it as well as making ultra advanced defenses made to destroy any invader.


One of Demogorgon Prime's primary defenses is it's relative isolation. Most aliens are not allowed to know the existence or location of Demogorgon Prime with possibly the sole exception of Crispy. Even aliens who have been in the system inadvertently such as in the final phase of War of Hyperspace do not know it's coordinates, only of it's existence. Only Dominatus(or formerly Drakodominatus) who have passed the Curve at Age 6 know the code for it's stellar coordinates. For the Dominatus, this is the surest way of making sure that nobody invades Demogorgon Prime.


Through their application of pure mathematics and mathematical physics to real life, the Dominatus have made it such that a spacetime discontinuity through all dimensions of spacetime holds for the majority of the surface area of the system. This is to say that there exist boundaries in the system which are not even connected by the smallest bonds to the rest of the universe. This forces any approaching ship to appear only when a continuity exists in the fabric of spacetime, where the Dominatus have arranged to be at an end of the system and of sufficient distance to be optimized for destruction of any invading enemies by the Demogorgon Prime defense fleets. Furthermore, a grid of sensors placed along this sole remaining continuity utilize dark energy based sensors in order to examine the mass density of the connected spacetime. This allows them to spot any and all ships that enter.


Due to it's status as their most important world, the Dominatus maintain an extremely strong naval presence around Demogorgon Prime. This fleet is very well-supplied, capable of fighting sustained engagements, and led by veterans of the Unification War. At any given time, there is a Dominatus Grand Admiral leading this fleet. The ships in this armada range from swarms of drone fighter craft to truly massive ships of the Gargantuan category of ships. In addition to this flotilla, Demogorgon Prime also sports a large amount of static defenses in the form of artificially constructed planetoids made purely for the destruction of enemy ships. These planetoids are surrounded in turn by multiple satellites made for point defense. These defenses stand in a mathematically optimized formation for engaging the enemy, who are ensured by the spacetime defenses to come out in one general area.

Planetary OrbitEdit

The planetary orbit of Demogorgon Prime is also exceedingly well defended. Scores of outwards facing battlestations in mutually supporting patterns of defense look at the surrounding blackness of space for any enemies. Using their firepower, they surgically attempt to destroy everything that comes into range. Below these battlestations lies a planetwide lattice shield through which when supplied, deflects whatever is thrown at it. This lattice shield is also integrated with a metric shield that prevents projectiles that would otherwise pass through from doing so. If this was not enough, a discontinuity of the same type as the solar system wide one exists to the extent that it prevents projectiles that utilize extra dimensions from passing through. This effectively renders the planet invulnerable from orbital bombardment. These shields can be run indefinitely as they draw energy from a pocket dimension created in a manner similar to the one created by the Oblivion Projector of the Overlord Class Dominator. However, landers and strike-craft can pass through.


The defenses on the surface of the planet are every bit as formidable as the defenses on the fringe of the system. The Dominatus, knowing how formidable the planet's wildlife and weather were, integrated them with their artifical defenses. Fortresses dot the landscape in a mathematically optimized fashion where they form the epicenters of defense. At the centers of these fortresses are towering spires made specifically for anti-air and antiship defense. The other weapons of these fortresses are specialized for the destruction of other land-based targets as well as artillery. These fortresses are protected by anti-ship shielding. However, the shielding is porous enough for aircraft and ground forces to attack. Aside from these fortresses, numerous other bastions and bunkers define the landscape, positioned in the same calculating manner as their larger siblings. These outside bunkers are positioned such that they can provide overlapping fields of fire to such an extent that cover does not really exist. In addition to this, a force composed solely of Dominatus, Overseers, Chiliarchs, and massive warmachines man these positions and patrol the landscape. The sole remaining landing zone that was left was left as a calculated killzone where the Dominatus hope that the invaders would only get cover from their mountains of dead. Minefields, advanced analogues of barbed wire, and other nightmarish traps also litter the battlefield, genecoded only to activate when species not of the Tyranny is in proximity to it.


Underground, Demogorgon Prime's defensive infrastructure is completed by a large network of intraplanetary womrholes which link all the fortresses and to each other, allowing for rapid relocation of the planetary garrison in order to combat any incoming invaders. Furthermore, the infrastructure for producing the resources needed to carry out a sustained siege are contained here, where matter siphons which take matter from elsewhere in the First Gigaquadrant by utilization of some of the most advanced Dominatus wormhole technology are combined with mass assemblers to make the planet last indefinitely in the event of a siege.

Physical GeographyEdit

Demogorgon Prime is divided into three distinct regions - Nifl, Muspel, and Vestibon. The region of Nifl faces away from Demogorgon and is an inhospitable tundra with frigid temperatures, treacherous peaks, as well as blistering snowstorms. The region of Muspel faces Demogorgon and is a hellish landscape fraught with fissures, volcanoes, molten lakes, hails of fire, and lines of lava. The region of Vestibon is the equatorial region that bisects the planet. There is quite a bit of variety in the biomes over here, with hilly plains, swamps, jungles, and forests. Furthermore, Malogenesis, Installation 3, and the Dominatus educational institutions are centered in Vestibon.

Flora & FaunaEdit

The Flora and Fauna of Demogorgon Prime are especially lethal and monstrous. Formed by the already dangerous inhabitants of a death world being exposed to large amounts of nuclear, biological and chemical warfare as being exposed to the Ultima Serum which made the Drakodominatus into Dominatus, these monsters seem to have been made by a malevolent entity bent on making the most abominable of behemoths possible. While this was instead caused by natural and unnatural selection, the results are the same as both the plants and animals appear to be nightmares conjured up from the darkest fantasies of a depraved lunatic and given the power only a madman would bestow upon such twisted creatures. These monstrosities generally grow more powerful as they grow older, and thus the most ancient of their kind often tower over even their adults. They are the natural guardians of the planet that has pained them and mutated their existence ever since their inception. However, these creatures are quite sensitive to the environment around them and can only survive for long periods on Demogorgon Prime as it exists right now. The older versions of these creatures can grow much larger than the average adult size and are truly scary.



A quasi-sentient tree-like organism, these towering tree beings are situated on Demogorgon Prime's relatively temperate equator. Towering constructs, their trunks are dotted with a multitude of eyes while their roots and branches are slimy tendrils that can bisect themselves into appendages are festooned with barbed teeth. These plants are aware of the occurrences around them through those eyes as well as seismic senses and can react rather quickly. To be caught in their snare is a truly unsavory fate.


A beautiful plant that seems benign on first inspection, it draws in potential prey with it's magnificent external appearance as well as a psychoactive hallucinogenic honey that it keeps on it's petals. Once the victim is drawn in, it opens up it's lips and uses it's main tendril, tipped with a paralytic poison, to erupt forth and carry the victim into it's "uterus". Here, it digests the victim in order to germinate it's spores and keep secreting it's honey. The tendril is roughly 10 meters in length and has chameleonic properties, making this a very dangerous planet.


Echidnae are massive moving plants which prowl the equatorial regions of Demogorgon Prime. They move by use of their long tendrils which many an unwary victim has thought to be roots instead. Instead of leaves, they have suckers, instead of branches, they have tentacles. In place of bark, they have a chitinous exterior. Their method of reproduction is as interesting as it is disturbing. They periodically release spores into the air bearing their offspring. These spores can in time, permeate through even armor, and can easily penetrate organic tissue. The spores imbed themselves in the center of the victim and grow from there. First, the victim will feel chronic stomach pain as well as vomiting and diarrhea as the spore hijacks their digestive system. As the spore matures, it gets worse, with prolapsing of the intestinal tract through both entries as well as vomiting or defecating of internal organs. While it matures it sprouts appendages that often cause very severe pain to it's prey. Finally, when the victim is on the verge of death, the baby Echidnae claws its way out of the digestive system, usually rupturing the subjects midsection. After it has been ruptured, the Echidnae rapidly consumes it's former host and consumes more prey, eventually maturing into a full blown Echidnae to perpetuate the cycle.


Oedipus is the name for the lily pad like creature endemic to Demogorgon Prime. As opposed to the normal lily pad, Oedipus is also found on ground as well. It reproduces by jumping onto the faces of it's victims and using it's three tentacles to rupture the eyes of the victim and suffocate them via the mouth. Once the victim is blinded or suffocated, it proceeds to use the three tentacles to implant it's spores into the usually still alive victim. The victim's head is used as a womb for the three spores which emerge as adult Oedipi. Despite this gruesome activity, from outside, the Oedipus looks very unassuming and safe, much to the chagrin of careless travelers.



This monster is probably the most notable and well known of Demogorgon Prime's bests, resembling the mythological dragons of ancient Terra. At an average adult size of a startling 50 meters in length, this monster is still capable of flight. It has five heads, each of which spouts a different breath. One breathes superheated plasma, one supercooled gas, one highly corrosive acid, one lightning, and one a powerful concussive blast. It is also capable of using it's incredibly hard claws and powerful muscles in order to slash through or crush enemy prey as it descends from above. It has a similarly large wingspan, enough to blot out quite large sections of the sky. These monsters are frighteningly fast, well armored, and powerful, and are the most well balanced of all the Demogorgon Prime's wildlife.


A frightening floating jellyfish like abomination which floats above ground on Demogorgon Prime's swamplands. Tentacles with stingers for paralytic poison dangle from it's underside to capture hapeless victims. Once stung, most victims are helpless and paralyzed as they are drawn into the maw of the beast. Once captured, the victim is stored in an amniotic vat in the center of the Irrumati's reproductive system. The victim is then forcibly implanted through available orifices with the fluid of the Irrumati until the victim is often on the verge of exploding from the amount of fluid inside of them. Once that is done, the victim is orally transplanted with the live egg of the Irrumati which gestates in them for a while it subsumes the victim's identity and appearance into that of the offspring of the Irrumati. While this is happening, the victim is still fully conscious until his/her status as the living cocoon of the offspring is over. After that is done, the offspring is released into the outside world.


A large monster that as an adult is 25 meters in length, this amphibious monster, which resembles the cross breed of a shark and a crocodile, can forcibly dislocate its limbs into fin like appendages for fast waterborne transportation. It is plated with hard chitinous armor which can ward off most attackers. It is supported by 9 pairs of legs which can be dislocated into 3 pairs of fins. It has a very poisonous bite as well as mindbogglingly strong jaws combined with endless layers of teeth. It can easily swallow people and sometimes even vehicles whole. It lurks in the massive swamps of Demogorgon Prime's equatorial region and is surely a threatening beast.


Monstrous man sized leeches which inhabit the swamps of Demogorgon Prime. These leeches feast not just on blood but the entire viscera of people, these monsters first exude a paralytic poison on their prey and move to cover an available orifice and suck out the internal organs with so much force that the internal organs are vacuumed right out and the unfortunate victim instantly dies and is deflated. They slither around and travel in large packs. They reproduce from the stockpile of organs they have consumed, which are used in a manner similar to binary fission. Once the leech has eaten enough, it splits into two.


The Arachnon is a fearsome octopod that inhabits Demogorgon Prime's volcanic regions and stands at a total of 50 meters tall when an adult, and is carried around by its 8 chitinous legs. It's midsection is suspended between each group of legs and culminates in a head where the eyes and mouth of this monster lie, complete with a large set of mandibles made for consuming prey. This monster also has a slew of biological weaponry for taking out other foes festooned upon it's shell as well as it's massively powerful legs and carapace. It's carapace is also frighteningly well armored, and is very hard to penetrate with most weapons. While it's head has formidable mandibles as well as a large amount of eyes, eyes are also fixed on it's leg joints. It can also move quite fast on rocky terrain as well as plains. It has trouble moving on swampland though.


The Deimotron is a tetrapodal beast that stands at a total of 50 meters tall at adulthood and is carried around by a pair of leathery wings which seem to resemble decaying flesh. It can open up it's abdomen to reveal an array of tentacles which are able to pierce the fragile top armor of enemy vehicles and soldiers and implant embryos into them by force. These tentacles also have a paralytic acid attached to them, preventing the victims from moving until the embryos take effect, making them zombie like creatures that can be controlled by the creature. In addition to this, each of it's 4 legs is quite powerful, easily capable of crushing most armored vehicles in a single step and devastating enemy infantry formations as well. It's eyes are located at the joints of each knee and are heavily guarded by large amounts of chitin. This is the fastest of all the Demogorgon Prime wilfdlife of it's scale and is also quite powerful.


The Devourer is a worm-like monster that is 100 meters long for the average adult that rules the polar deserts of Nifl. It is covered by an almost impenetrable carapace that can withstand incredible amounts of fire and is only armed with it's mouth. However, it has the ability to tunnel underground, meaning that it can surface when it is right beneath it's targets, meaning that it can deal out maximum damage to all of them. The diameter of it's maw is truly large, capable of swallowing everything from combat vehicles to small city blocks, and is internally festooned with rows upon rows of sharp and ultrahard teeth capable of ripping up whatever it touches. This monstrosity is on it's resident terrain, fast, powerful and hard to kill, the only saving grace for an enemy being the difficulty of deploying it as well as the fact that it can only operate in a limited spectrum of environments.


The Jorgungand inhabits the sulphate oceans beneath the polar ice shelfs of Nifl. 100 meters long on average for adults, it takes the form of a giant serpentine monster, reminiscent of the sea monsters of Terran myth and is a long but lithe predator. It is capable of both long range and short range attacks, using both it's mouth, its electromagnetic wave attacks, and it's body, to crush, bite, evaporate, and generally destroy whatever opposition it has. Furthermore, its sides are rimmed with long barbed tendrils made for attacking it's prey.


The Beezlios is a man-sized fly like organism that attacks wounded and defenseless prey. It paralyzes the prey be secreting a fluid into the prey's cardiovascular system. After that, it lays its offspring into the innards of the victim by proboscis. These worms quickly mature and gestate in the paralyzed victim and gnaw at his/her viscera. Once they are ready to evolve into their fly form, the next step in their metamorphosis, they try to find any way out of their host in any way possible. If an opening is not found, they will burrow themselves out another way. Once this is done, they become adult Beezlios and repeat the cycle.


The Dahmatrov is a 10 meter long cross between a scorpion and a millipede. While it has a chitinous exterior, it's inside is composed of many homogenous organ bundles which can assume different forms. At it's front, it has powerful mandibles and at it's back, a lethal stinger which secretes a poison for trapping it's prey. Once the prey is paralyzed, the Dahmatrov splits itself on it's midsection into two separate autonomous components which arrange themselves around the prey. Internal tentacles string the victim to a length such that it's width can be integrated with the Dahmatrov. Once this is done, the internal organs go to work making the victim one with the Dahmatrov while the victim is still concious. Once the Dahmatrov is of sufficient length, it splits in two, perpetuating the cycle.


The Chimeros is a massive behemoth that when adult is 75 meters tall and stalks Vestibon. It's head resembles that of a hammerhead shark and has 3 eyes on either end of it's head. The head can also be used as a hammer, as the skull is thick and hard enough to weather the impact. It is armored in a very strong chitinous hide that can deflect most attacks. Furthermore, it has five barbed tail's at it's back that it can use in order to attack it's enemies. It is quadrapedal, and it's steps often cause tremors wherever it goes. Finally, it can generate small electromagnetic pulses that can disable nearby electronic devices, even if they are somewhat hardened. This makes it a very dangerous foe, one that even other wildlife on Demogorgon Prime are wary of.


This equine creature is a combination of the Ultima Serum and the already dangerous native wildlife of Demogorgon Prime. The product of this monstrous combination is one of the scariest steeds of war ever created. this massive quadreped, 12.5 meters tall at it's tallest contiguous point, and with a total length of 20 meters is a true force to be feared by any invader. It has exceedingly powerful jaws as well as strong hooves capable of supporting both it's weight, and the weight of the Dominatus who often ride it. Depending on which part of the planet they are from, Seraphim from Nifl have frost breath, Seraphim from Muspel have fire breath, while Seraphim from Vestibon have breath that corrodes and poisons what it touches. Dominatus often take Seraphim as their personal steeds and enhance them through cybernetics, often equipping them with symbiotic armor plate that enhances all of their already fearsome capabilities.


This wolf-like creature is the combination of the Ultima Serum and Demogorgon Prime's analogue of a wolf/dog (they are the same species on Demgorgon Prime). At 7.5 meters in length and 4.25 meters in height, these massive beasts are essentially the size of battle tanks. They are also startlingly fast and agile, the fastest of any life on Demogorgon Prime and are the ultimate hunters. They have essentially limitless endurance, allowing them to keep on a target until it eliminates the target. The fur of these creatures is as hard as steel and as sharp as knives while their fangs have the power of industrial cutting tools and their jaws an insane amount of power. Their bark is also incredibly loud and can count as a sonic weapon given how deadly it is to most organics. Most Dominatus have a Hunter as a domesticated animal, and tamed Hunters have an undying sense of devotion and loyalty to their Dominatus masters. Strangely, Hunters from both Muspel and Nifl have the same color of fur - gold.

Meteorological PhenomenaEdit


Blizzards happen quite regularly on Nifl. They happen at such an intensity that they preclude any possibility of non equipment assisted vision and hamper even advanced optical hardware. Balls of hail are also tossed around with such a ferocity that they are capable of breaking the bones of victims not properly suited for thew weather. Furthermore, the wind is so strong that it can literally flay an unarmored person alive given enough time. Finally, the sheer amount of snow it pours down is sometimes enough to completely bury people. Temperatures also reach their lowest at the epicenters of these meteorological monstrosities.


Firestorms happen as often on Muspel as blizzards do on Nifl. However, with firestorms, there is no hail, but instead suspended balls of fire, which are tossed about by the winds of Muspel. At this time, temperatures also reach even more scorching extremes, burning all those who are not prepared to a crisp. In place of the snow of snowstorms, ash and explosive rock are also thrown up by this massive storm and often blind, suffocate, bury, or otherwise kill unprepared organisms. When viewed, these storms appear to be vicious waves of fire, angrily consuming all in their path.

Solar StormsEdit

Solar storms are some of the most feared features of Demogorgon Prime. They periodically occur and bathe the planet in what would be considered by other species to be lethal doses of radiation. They turn all particulate matter into fallout and irradiate all of the land. However, the native species have adapted to this and are no longer severely affected by it. however, other species are recommended to come in to Demogorgon Prime with hazmat suits in order to prevent being infected with cancer or dying of radiation sickness due to these storms.

Tectonic InstabilityEdit

Demogorgon Prime is also marked by heavy tectonic instability. Earthquakes regularly break out along all parts of the planet where the Dominatus have not erected fortifications or cities as they have used geoengineering to stabilize those parts. This regularly reorders landmasses in the places it does affect. Floods of lava are frequent sights during these rather common occurrences. Furthermore, eruptions of cryovolcanoes and volcanoes which spout frozen sulphate and lava respectively into the air respectively are almost daily occurrences. They cloud the planet with fine particulate matter which is often harmful for breathing and turned into fallout by solar storms.

Ball LightningEdit

One of the most pervasive phenomena on Demogorgon Prime, the unstable atmosphere is fraught with ball lightning storms. These events, while having been present in Demogorgon Prime ever since it's creation have been greatly amplified by the effect that heavy use of electromagnetic and nuclear weapons had on the atmosphere and magnetosphere. They now appear in much greater frequency and take the appearance of large spheres of lightning which periodically appear and only vanish when they have discharged all of their lightning. This lightning is of high enough intensity to easily vaporize biological organisms and sometimes even fry tanks.

Toxic AirEdit

While breathable, due to the large amounts of NBC warfare that took place on Demogorgon Prime, the air is toxic and in the long term, lethal to most organic life. While short exposure of unprotected beings will only result in coughing and lung pains, more extended exposure will lead to the eventual corrosion of the lungs and external body as well as the body being infected with cancer. The air is also naturally somewhat sulfurous, which leads to harmful fumes being forced upon those who breath it. It is recommended that non natives wear rebreathers and/or gasmasks and a full hazmat suit even for just interacting with the air.

Points of InterestEdit

Memento MoriEdit

Memento Mori refers to the old cities abandoned by the Drakodominatus in favor of the new capital of Malogenesis. These cities date back to the Drakodominatus Wars of Unification and many have been bombed out, shelled, or completely razed. Some are covered completely by snow, some eviscerated by the ruthlessness of fire, and others torn asunder by the elements, but all have bore witness to the unrelenting march of time. Their structural supports are sometimes still in order, though for some buildings, an extra piece of weight will lead to the collapse of the entire structure. These buildings are preserved by the tradition of the Dominatus as well as the temperament of the elements and stand as a grim reminder of the horrors the Dominatus visited upon each other prior to their emergence into the stars.


Carnifexium refers to the collective battlefields fought over by the Drakodominatus in the Drakodominatus War of Unification. They lie sprawled across the entirety of the planet, remnants of a time not long ago where the Drakodominatus were only unified by a hate for their brethren. The husks of tanks of differing sizes, the carcasses of soldiers in uniforms ranging from ceremonial dress to experimental exoskeletons, the now earthbound forms of gunships and planes, and massive craters created by powerful ordnance litter these places. Time and weather have crystalized these places forever, as even under sheets of snow or lava, the memories of the atrocities which the Drakodominatus wrecked upon each other remain enshrined throughout Demogorgon Prime.


Malogenesis is the the continent-sized sole functional city of Demogorgon Prime. Centered around it's equator, this monstrous city houses some of the Dominatus's most important relics and buildings such as the Tyrant's Palace. It serves as the administrative and cultural capital of the entire Tyranny and also has residence for the Dominatus. Each building here is in one way or another, a spire. The designs of each spire however, are highly individualized as per the builder's unique tastes. These obsidian spires tear into the sky and are consistently several kilometers tall, completely dominating the landscape. The city is circled by walls that are a kilometer high and a kilometer thick as well, complete with a city-wide shield. At the center of this massive metropolis is the Tyrant's Palace, a spire which is tall enough to dominate every other construction in the city. The city itself is truly a monument to Dominatus architecture and engineering.

Installation 3Edit

Installation 3 is also located on the equator and is the center for the Dominatus's mathematical research. It is widely regarded as the most prestigious and rigorous Dominatus Installation. Every day, new proofs are made, new conjectures are born, and new thoughts arise. The architecture of this Installation is like that of the educational establishments in that aside from it's size, its style is carefully preserved to exactly match it's look during it's founding. It is truly the intellectual capital of the Tyranny.

Academic InstitutionsEdit

The academic institutions of the Tyranny are also centered on the equator and are the places where the youth of the Tyranny from the ages of 0 to 18 are nurtured into proper Dominatus. The architecture of this place is exactly the same as it was when it was founded and was only expanded to compensate for the size of the Dominatus. These institutions are also equipped with advanced pedagogical technology for teaching as well as large areas with which to teach their pupils in the ways of warfare. In this way, it takes care of one of the Tyranny's greatest treasures - it's youth.


  • The industry and defenses of Demogrogon Prime as described do not currently exist in that form, especially for the more exotic features. They are as they exist during it's invasion with the exclusion of one last feature which will be revealed then. It is merely coded up as such so GD12 does not have to change it then.


This planet? A hell in all facts, and the perfect home for such wretched beasts like the Dominatus. Once we dealt with them and their Tyranny, I hope it will be bombed to oblivion...No, actually, I hope it will be terraformed into a better place, with the effects of the Tyranny's serums undone.

- W'tze of the Waptoria Alliance of Species

What an interesting path life has'll be a real shame when we raze it all off the map and reduce the core into a Planet Fortress. Or not really.

- Alfabusium

Reminds me... of home.

- Laurinn Ma'fest

Nature always finds a way to adapt, but deranged science has twisted the flora and fauna of this planet into beasts akin to those exposed to the same twisted project that created them. Nature will breathe a sigh of relief when the stain is washed away.

- Uriel Ultanos

Okay, this - this planet right here - is why you shouldn't dump toxic waste into the environment.

- Gerden Kole

Once I have a dream, a dream where the lords of blood and flesh failed in their way to take over the reality and returned to the hell where they come from, a dream where this hell became in the purest crystal, a dream where this nightmare finally finished.

- Edelmut

Let glory and bloodshed guide our way onto this planet, as we purge it for the gods! Death to the abomination-lords of the Tyranny!

- Barda Clett
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