Deisna is a world found within the Olvius-Lyretis solar system and is widely considered to be the only inhabited celestial body to be found within the system. It serves as the homeworld for a great deal of indigenous races and species, all of which vary in terms of cultural and historical contribution and significance, most of which are divided into a vast collection of nations and societies. Deisna is the fourth component of its interplanetary alignment and holds six primary continents alongside many dispersed islands and continents.

Deisna functions as the primary setting and location for the Civ Universe.


World at WarEdit



Deisna possesses six primary continents are each governed by various superpowers consisting of varying numbers of nations, with many alliances and coalitions keeping in contact with one another across the large masses of water that divide these landforms, although in comparison to some other noticeable worlds the continents are considered rather close to one another. Each continents possesses its own varied environmental conditions and holds a large, complex array of life including flora, fauna and all in between.


Albova is the northenmost and fifth-largest continent of Deisna, with the far north being within the arctic circle and experiencing large quantities of snowfall in the winter. The climate meant that the continent remained fairly undeveloped until the tenth century, despite being reached by southerners in the fifth century and also being home to large reserves of fossil fuels; those fuels are a sign of it having occupied a more tropical latitude for around 300 megaanna until it began moving northwards 140 million years ago.

Its subarctic plains, with a more temperate climate, are home to the city-state of Qafepiq.








There are a large amount of islands and micro-landforms that are seperated from the continents, surrounded by water in all directions. These islands are also known to play host to a wide variety of life, although most islands only support one exclusive dominant species, and valuable ores and fuel resources which are often mined by national governments or corporations. Island-dwelling societies often build alliances with their neighbouring nations as they are small territories, although there are certain others which keep their territory heavily defended and isolate themselves from many other civilizations, with some races even being considered too primitive to be recognized as official states.


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Subdeisna is the most frequent term used to identify the landscapes beneath the surface of the primary continents; a vast collection of tunnels, caves, caverns and hivelike structures, Subdeisna is almost truly untouched by the surface-dwelling civilizations and is instead populated by creatures unseen by sapient eyes on the surface. Subdeisna is notorious for both its hazardous environment and indigenous life, both of which are thought to predate the modern races of Deisnan society by many eons as they had existed since even before the dawn of the prehistoric age. Connected by many undiscovered networks, Subdeisna's life is outwardly hostile towards that of the surface and thus exploration efforts have been collectively reduced in order to pool resources into efforts that keep the Subdeisnans away from the surface.

Subdeisna is located within the crust of the planet and holds many layers, with more threatening creatures likely to be seen at the deeper levels. Incidentally, Subdeisna is home to incredibly valuable and efficient materials in the form of ore and fluids that can be exploited as fuel, making Subdeisna a very potent financial site for organizations that dare to send their assets. Subdeisna's air is highly toxic and its default temperature is almost overwhelmingly hot, meaning any kind of manned operation within the hollowed crust is immensely difficult and is viable of being compromised at any given time due to both the fauna and the environmental conditions. Flora within Subdeisna is uncommon although those that travel deeper are able to find many types of fungi, most of which are luminescent, fruit-bearing trees, and bizarre flowers not seen upon the surface. Natural lakes are also something of an occurence, although such varies between recognizeable water and native fluids.

It is unknown how deep the native life has buried itself into the planet's crust, although it is thought by many surface-dwelling nations that they expand many miles downward. Inhospitable to nearly all forms of surface-dwelling life, Subdeisna holds many secrets regarding the lifeforms that inhabit it, with many Subdeisnans bearing resemblance to long-extinct creatures that once roamed the surface of Deisna both before and during its prehistoric age.

Society and CultureEdit

There is no cultural unification upon Deisna, as it is composed of many competing and allied nations which each hold their own societal values and traditions, ranging from religion to general philosophy. While many races are known to speak one another's languages, or are at least capable of translating such through technology, each nation is known to have its own individual tongue that its residents speak, with each language reflecting a race's vocal capabilities and culture. Technological ability is not standard and often ranges in its focus, usage and ability across the planet, such as some nations pooling their resources into military research while others dedicate their assets into the civilized sciences. Religion is diverse although some are more prominent than others amongst the peoples of the world, although agnosticism and atheism are also common in the belief systems of individuals and is met with varying reactions by some nations and races.

There is little to no form of metaphysical essence, or 'magic', upon Deisna, with many considering claims of such to be false. However, there are certain chemical substances that are capable of amplifying and enhancing one's mental and physical activity; many correctly attribute this to physical mechanisms. Some races and states are more open to the idea of metaphysical interaction and thus undergo certain practices, such as meditation and other tranquil arts, in order to gain access to heightened senses and 'enlightenment', both of which provide benefits that can assist in conflict and cultural significance.

Many nations are allied with one another and form impressive macro-organizations that are led by no single individual but rather large groups of politicians who interact between one another as well as those outside of their coalitions, with many allied nations sharing their resources and materials and exchanging culture between one another. Corporations and funding organizations are also prominent powers within certain parts of the world, with entire countries being governed and influenced by their own commercial sectors, CEOs and business directors fulfilling the role of politicians. Independent states are often lost or unrecognized, but still acknowledged, within these conglomerates although there are certain exceptions to this, with certain independent nations being considered successful and thriving without external interaction. Xenophobia is low and most nations have come to acknowlegde one another, although there are still conflicts and battles being fought in the modern day between nations.





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