Cyloia is a world of wonder and mysteries, just like the Eldarisian's. It's plants and animals live on a world of coldness and they flourish?! Once you set foot on Cyloia, the feelings of energy, or magic can be felt as it's warmth fully hugs your soul.


Cyloia is a cold planet with almost all of it's seasons being filled with snow. So the creatures of Cyloia are highly resistant to the cold and have found ways to adapt and live on the planet.

Cyloia's has many different plants, some are trees with extremely large harvests, while others are normal. Cyloia as many ancient trees that are said to be blessed by Cuth, they give a large harvest with a rich flavoring that is unique to them. Soul stones are also a strange plant/resource that grows naturally on Cyloia and thrives in the cold. The plants used for food can be grown in the cold and snow, most grow faster when it is cold.


Cyloia's history is a very mysterious one that is full of stories and events not seen often.

The beginningEdit

Cyloia was formed along side the rest of the universe and it's animals and plants were always different from the rest, they could do things a outsider would see as impossible. The planet always held a strong sense or feeling of energy or magic that lay untouched, this entity or thing is unknown. Water began to fill the many depths of Cyloia as life was slowly created. Then the Eldarisian's came along and slowly grew more intelligent as time went on. For many decades the Eldarisian's were defeated constantly because of their fragile structure, but soon became victorious as they learned to use their height and intelligence to their advantage. Finally dominating their enemies put the Eldarisian's at the top of the food chain and this gave them peace for a very long time. This peace allowed them to advance and create their first weaponry and instruments. With pride in their hearts, the Eldarisian's marched across their continent and either befriended the others of intelligence or killed them. After this long process of domination, the Eldarisian's eventually formed their first tribes and began domestication. This event ended the beginning.

The age of progressEdit

As the Eldarisian's progressed in skills and mind, the world of Cyloia also advanced. The energy-like feeling began to grow stronger, as time went on. Soon creatures and even some Eldarisian's were blessed with the gift of seeing images of the future and speaking with their God. Cyloia's climate also became cold and the waters rose. Plants became stronger and more resistant to the cold and so did the many animals that lived on Cyloia. The Eldarisian's were already made with this resistance, giving them the upper-hand to many. While the world changed, the Eldarisian's also took a drastic change. With newly found visions and the idea of a God, the Eldarisian's became a very religious people and all the Eldarisian tribes united out of fear and happiness. Being lead by a unseen figure made some question Cuths existence when the Eldarisian's formed their first cities and this ideal grew alongside the Eldarisian's intelligence. Wars raged across Cyloia over religion and it eventually ended in Cutheran victory. Those who stood against the religion were removed from history as their cultures, religions and ideals were burned and removed. The Eldarisian's then kept peace within themselves by teaching their citizens to keep to a code, certain ideals and to remain religious. Of course their citizens did not listen at first, but they all eventually listened because of years of propaganda and the attraction of Cuth.

For many years the Eldarisian's would remain on Cyloia and stayed content as a unified world. They progressed slowly with technology and began to learn more about their God. Through this time of no progression and contentment, the Eldarisian's began to realize something grand and something that seemed almost impossible. Their way of life was more restricting, yet the people were happy and listened. This culture and system worked without constant growth, it was something that could be everlasting. It was a perfected system with freedom, but not so much to be anarchy, but not to little to be Tyrannical. It was the perfect order, the true system and this sparked great happiness in Eldarisia. This finding caused Cuth to appear before the capital city and all looked in fear as the God praised them for realizing the truth. On that day, he told the people of Cyloia their goal and what greatness awaits them. Spread Order and Justice for all, by my name you shall be victorious and through Eldarisia shall come enlightenment and happiness for all who listen. Those words boomed throughout the land as every Eldarisian realized their goal and knew on that day that greatness awaited them among the stars. A drive finally kicked in within the people and so did the passion for expansion and the spreading of Cuth. On that day, Eldarisia was truly born and that same spirit they felt back then is still alive in the citizens of today.

Expansion into the stars began, but the remembrance of their perfected system was to be remembered forever and recorded for the future generations to look upon and follow completely. This began the Eldarisian Empire and ended the age of progress.

The DarknessEdit

Seven years after the formation of the Empire, Cyloia finally became permanently cold, snow began to fall for the first time and never stopped until the short months of summer came. Animals began to adapt or die out, plants began to become more strong as crops became richer in quality with the snow falling delicately on it. The snow did stop in the months of warmth, but the coldness never left.

On the day the snow fell, Cyloia changed forever. The cold emerged as snow finally began to strike the ground delicately. The clouds above covered us all, the sun was nowhere to be seen as darkness set upon Cyloia. The darkness had arrived and never left, the clouds left for the sun to emerge all the time, but the clouds that covered Cyloia were more common then the sun to appear in the months of snow. The coldness we feared felt good, as it brushed against our skin, we embraced it.

Notable CitiesEdit

  • Cylolo: The capital of Cyloia, It is religious based and is were the High king resides. This city is very much anti-crime and is well protected. Since this is the capital of Cyloia, all of the citizen's here live very wealthy. The first cathedral of Cuth resides here and is said to be the most holiest place in the Empire, and the 3 High Prophets live here.
  • Yarglar: This is a cultural and faith based city. Yarglar is known for it's plays, It also has many temples to Cuth.
  • Volta: This is a economic based city. It has the largest trade ports on Cyloia and is were most of Cyloia's supplies come from.
  • Holka: This is one of the major science and production based city. Holka also has the most robotics factories on Cyloia. This city has some monuments to Cuth and churches.
  • Filo: This city is a very economic/faith based city. Most citizen's of filo wish for the Empire to become a Imperium, but they don't want a rebellion, just a change.


Their are many landmarks on Cyloia , from Eldarisian history to famous diplomatic signings.

  • The High King's Palace: Situated in central Cylolo, the Palace is the source of the Empires power and is one of the largest buildings in all of Eldarisia. The High King and their family lives in the Palace, decorating it at their will and constantly going to their own personal church where they can worship.
  • The tribe of Eldarisia: The old tribe that held Eldarisia's first, the tribe has been reinforced with stronger versions of the same material used to create the tribal buildings, the main hut lives on untouched though.
  • The great Cutheran archives: A place dedicated to recording the Religion of Cuths activity's while also preserving the past and history of the religion. Many artifacts are in this building and some are on display , behind protection that is. Only followers of cuth are allowed here.
  • Cuth sites: These are places dedicated to Cuth , but most of all is the statue of Cuth in Eldarisian City , the most holy city of the whole Empire.
  • The House of Cutheran: The house of Cutheran , a holy prophet of Cuth , he started the official church and Cutheran branch of The Religion of Cuth.
  • The Bridge of Yarglar: A bridge dedicated to the nation of Yarglar , the only true Friend the Eldarisian's had and still have.
  • The Grave of Irlac: A true hero in Eldarisian History , this gentleman died in the great crusade as a general of the Eldarisian navy , he died in the final battle and will be remembered forever. He is buried in Cylolo, in the cemetery of heroes. It is said his ghost comes back to Cyloia from Heavlo to visit his grave and those who weep for him.
  • The Soul Rock: A natural resource of Cyloia. Many remain untouched so people can observe them and so the rock can be reproduced. Many still exist on Cyloia but are being slowly taken apart so they can be manufactured into soul stones which was an item originally worn by Eldarisian soldiers who go into battle against peoples or entities that have ties with the Consumer, this has now since changed and so soul stones are worn in battle against any foe for it is a symbol unique to Eldarisia. It is said that when a soldier dies, his soul is trapped into the stone so it can't be consumed by the Consumer and after battle the remaining soldiers collect the stones and they return to Cyloia to release the souls so it can be with Cuth in Heavlo. Soul stones can be used to create light weight armor and is the only type of armor that the Eldarisian's wear and use, it can strengthen if cleaned and tuned and can then be created into stronger armor types. Shards of this gem can be taken and planted on Cyloia and after five Eldarisian years, they mature and grow into a adult Soul gem.
  • Essence gardens: These are buildings within the cities that collect plants and display them in a area decorated in plants and art where users of Essence can go to relax and learn, it also is a place for Eldarisian artists to create their artwork and maybe sell it.
  • Cyloian University: The oldest University in Eldarisa, only royalty and the wealthy are allowed to attend this university.
  • The Hall of Blades: Home to the blades of unification, this hall is a religous and national landmark which holds the various swords created between the Eldarisian's and their member races or allies to signify unity and loyalty to the cause that is Eldarisia and it's religion Cuth.


Agobe is the moon of Cyloia and is the first moon to ever be colonized by the Eldarisian's. It is a small sized moon that is known for it's plants and animals, but most of all: it's robotics factories. This planet started off deprived of life with only rivers and oceans full of water, until the Eldarisian's came and they introduced plants and animals to the world. The planet began to flourish with insects, animals and plants, but soon the plants were overgrowing. This crushed the Eldarisian's hope of true colonization of the planet. So only three colonies are on this planet and they are placed in a area were the Eldarisian's have permanently forced the plants to not over grow the area. They have five robotics factories placed in various locations on the planet with the same effect.



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