Corulus is one of the most stratically important worlds in the Republic, commander. A swift and brutal attack there would surely break the morale of the Republic and teach them that not even their vaunted Core Worlds are safe.

- Confederate Admiral Moravilion during the Great Cyrannus War

Corulus, is located on the intersection of the Corulusan Spine of the Perliama Hyperlane and the Laerorchan Run, equidistant between Orbispira and Nelchon, occupying one of the most valuable pieces of real estate in the Core of Cyrannus. Corulus dominates shipping throughout the Core, steeping the planet in wealth and prosperity almost unrivalled in Cyrannus.

Temperate and heavily urbanised, Corulus is considered both a trade hub and a key centre of Imperial diplomacy, being the site upon which many intergalactic treaties are signed. Settled by the Unified Capricaerón government in 1779 BNE, the colonisation of Corulus was controversial, with the Federation of United Worlds protesting against the colonisation of such an ideally located world by a single species. Such fears were allayed by the cosmopolitan attitude of the Libertus colonists, which gladly allowed other species to settle the planet.

Besieged by the Imperial Alliance during the Core World Incursion, the Republic fought against the Alliance with a ferocity which ultimately won the day. By the time the Intergalactic War ended, Corulus was considered to be one of the Republic's most prosperous worlds—aided immeasurably by the charting of new hyperlanes, linking the planet with Scullulae, Keelmer and Shrakéo, the homeworlds of the Navajaó, Kaater and Shodrae respectively. The planet was host to the Treaty of Corulus in 04 BNE, which saw the introduction of thousands of sectors of the Outer Rim into the Republic, while also introducing a new standard galactic calendar, which would be replaced by the New Era dating system upon the formation of the Empire four years later.

Due to the strategic importance of Corulus, it fell under constant Confederate attack during the Great Cyrannus War, with the planet briefly falling under Confederate control during the first year of the conflict. After the conclusion of the Great War, the planet struggled with reconciling the world's democratic traditions with its new status as an Imperial fortress world.


Early HistoryEdit

Corulus was first colonised by Libertus in the year 1779 BNE as one of the first colonisation projects undertaken by the newly spacefaring Unified Capricaerón Government prior to the unification of the Twelve Worlds in 1536 BNE. Strategically located along the newly mapped Perliama Run as well as the nexus of several smaller galactic trade routes, the colony quickly grew to become a major regional hub for commerce and business. Though the Federation of United Worlds protested against the colonisation of such an ideally located world by a single species, these concerns were ignored by the Unified Capricaerón Government, which instead allayed the Federation's fears by welcoming non-Libertus races to freely inhabit the planet. One hundred years after the planet's colonisation, Corulus had a population of four hundred million, almost a quarter of which were not Libertus.

Republic EraEdit

Battle of Corulus 01

Corulus was a key battleground throughout the Great Cyrannus War.

By the time the united alliance of the Capricorn Sector emerged, Corulus was considered along with Cyroenia as one of the jewels of the Core Worlds and continued to grow throughout the centuries, ultimately becoming a key world of the United Republic of Cyrannus. Despite this importance, the planet was spared during the Trucinex War though it fell under siege during the Imperial Alliance's incursion into Cyrannus during the Second Galactic War, which left wide tracts of the capital Curamellia in ruins. With the end of the conflict and the outbreak of the Intergalactic War, Corulus grew and prospered in large part due to the devastating toll the conflict had on worlds such as Capricaerón. This prosperity was cemented with the signing of the Treaty of Corulus in 04 BNE, which brought many new worlds and civilisations into the fold of the Republic on a scale which necessitated the introduction of the the date of the signing as the basis for a new galactic calendar.

The next year however saw the outbreak of the devastating Great Cyrannus War, which pit the Republic against the secessionist Confederacy of Allied Systems. During the conflict, Corulus would fall under Confederate attack during many stages of the conflict ultimately leading the planet's fall to the Confederacy during the first year of the war. Though the planet would fall back under Republic control in 01 BNE, it nonetheless suffered greatly at the hands of Confederate regime led by Moravilian. After the war's conclusion brought with it the end of the Republic and the rise of the Empire, Corulus struggled to adjust for many years before it finally embraced its role as a key Imperial fortress world.


Notable Inhabitants




The gleaming towers of Curamellia.

Curamellia is located on a river delta within a small valley and has been the planetary capital of Corulus since the planet's initial colonisation. The city itself is split into two zones, the modern downtown area, home to many large towers and the government of the planet and the old residential area located on the banks of the river, it was here that both Senator Gira and Caesarius was born. Many important locations are within the downtown area of the city which include vast and ornate skyscrapers that rival those of Capricaerón and the Corulus Senate where representatives from different regions on the planet discuss and debate planetary issues. The planetary senate building in the city is perhaps most famous for being the site where President Apollo signed the historic Treaty of Corulus in 04 BNE.


A key world in the United Republic of Cyrannus which became known as a centre of prosperity and intergalactic diplomacy. Sadly, it also felt the brunt of the Great Cyrannus War and now, the rule of an autocratic Empire.

- Apollo

Corulus is one of the most glorious worlds in our Imperatore. May it continue to prosper under the Emperor's wise leadership.

- Deoclet Caesarius


  • Corulus is based of Corulag, a planet in Star Wars whose name inspired it.
  • The template for Corulus can be found here

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