If we lose Coruanthor, we lose the Republic.

- President Apollo, during the Battle of Coruanthor

Coruanthor is an ecumenopolis located in the Coru Secundus region of the Cyrannus Galaxy, situated along the critical Republica Trade Route. The most populous world in the New Galactic Republic of Cyrannus, the history of Coruanthor was one defined by aristocratic ruling families, a deadly criminal underworld and artistic experimentation rivalled by few other worlds in the galaxy. During the Neraida War however, much of the planet's population was killed when the Neraida Gigamatrix bombarded the planet's surface from orbit. In the subsequent years, the Republic has struggled to rebuild the planet's ruined cityscapes, though under the leadership of the sector's Praesator Vos'Rame Veerah and Senator Mirax Varos, within five years the planet had been largely restored to its former grandeur.

The planet came under heavy assault by the Empire during the Coru Secundus Campaign of the Second Great Cyrannus War. During the subsequent battle to claim the planet, which lasted much of the year, both the Empire and the Republic committed large portions of their armed forces, though the timely intervention of the Republic's allies ultimately liberated the planet.

Though smaller in size and scope than Orbispira, the planet is nevertheless the hub of the Coru Secundus region as well as the most populous planet in Republic space. Known for its gleaming towers built seamlessly with nature, Coruanthor symbolises the power and prosperity of the Republic's democratic civilisation, particularly in the face of adversary. Like Orbispira, Coruanthor is considered to to be the ultimate metropolis in Cyrannus, a world upon which an individual from any species can find a place to belong amongst the endless skyscrapers. Like the planet prior to the Neraida bombardment, the underlevels of Coruanthor remain a hub for gangs and criminal syndicates, while rebuilding efforts were largely concentrated on areas of the planet critical for governance and trade. As such, Coruanthor is a microcosm of the New Republic—simultaneously impressive and imperfect though seemingly developing along a positive arc in spite of the many difficulties it faces.



Founded as a colony world of the First Republic, millennia before the Great Cyrannus War, Coruanthor was slowly built up as an ecumenopolis as the centuries drove on, though unlike Orbispira, the planet's large bodies of water remained untouched by the ever increasing expansion of the planet's urban areas. During the period of political uncertainty in the decades after the fall of the Republic and the rise of the Federation of United Worlds, the planet declared its independence as the Principality of Coruanthor led by Prince Malai. However, despite the monarchical nature of the planet's government, as per the traditions espoused by the Libertus inhabitants, a democratic assembly retained the real power on the planet.


Coruanthor joins the New Republic in a ceremony attended by President Apaltar and Prince Llhriusur.

Early Republic Membership (03 NE - 10 NE)Edit

Coruanthor remained an out-of-the-way world in Cyrannus throughout the Great Cyrannus War and the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, though a dispute arose when House Maraenn and House Capulex debated in the democratic assembly on whether or not to join the New Cyrannian Republic or the Empire. Ultimately, House Maraenn received the most votes and the Principality joined the Republic in a lavish ceremony presided over President Apaltar and Prince Llhriusur, with Coruanthor becoming a vital hub of the Republic as well as its most populous planet.

With the transfer of power over to the Republic's federal system of government, Coruanthor became a principality in name only, with Prince Llhriusur losing much of his political power to Mou'Cyran, however given the allegations of corruption made against Coruanthor's government in recent years, this hand-over of power was regarded positively amongst the planet's populace, pleased to see an influx of wealth and trade from the entirety of the New Republic and its intergalactic territories.

Due to Coruanthor's key position on the Republic Trade Route leading to the nearby Imperial border, the planet's defences increased ten-fold, being placed under the watch of Fleet Admiral Dharvanek of the CRS Arquitens. The planet's residency, particularly those with a well-off background were generally supportive of the planet's newfound membership in the Republic, though in the planet's shady underworld, increased government control on crime was seen in a less than positive light.

Neraida War (10 NE)Edit

Coruanthor remained prosperous during the early years of the New Republic, occupying an influential position within the Galactic Senate, where it was considered to be a stronghold for the Centrist party. During the Neraida War, the planet played host to a meeting of the Mou'Cyran Accords, where a common alliance against the rampaging Neraida Gigamatrix was agreed upon. A few months later however, this coalition failed to prevent the arrival of the Neraida under the command of Aedanius II of Neraida, who, while in command of a nefarious Hypercube annihilated the Republic fleet in orbit over the planet, killing Fleet Admiral Dharvanek before unleashing the planet crushing weapons of the Cube on the city below.

Battle of Coruanthor 02

The Allied Fleet defends Coruanthor during the battle against the Neraida in 10 NE.

Entire regions of Coruanthor were obliterated, killing billions of civilians and undoing hundreds of thousands of years of history in the space of a few minutes. Before the planet could be completely destroyed however, the Pax Infinitus Armada, consisting of vessels from the Accords and their allies such as the Delpha Coalition of Planets and the Talven Empire arrived. Under the command of Fleet Admiral Willelmus Cretacea of the Republica, the Allies managed to seriously damage the Neraida Cube. In a final act of depravity, Aedanius of Neraida, self-destructed the moon-sized Cube, causing a microsupernova which severely damaged the planet's ozone layer and killing millions of the survivors.

Reclamation Efforts (10 NE - 15 NE)Edit

The ruination of Coruanthor was almost complete. The Capital District, Spira Maraean and Spira Capulex were utterly decimated by both the bombardment and the subsequent destruction of the Cube. Prince Llhrisur, much of the planet's nobility and over three trillion Coruanthorans were dead. The New Republic was united in shock and grief about what was soon described as the greatest tragedy in modern Cyrannian history. Rebuilding efforts began almost immediately after the Allied fleet departed to exact revenge against the Neraida, with nanomachines and massive reclamation droids being used to clear the collapsed spires and city blocks. Nevertheless, the Principality of Coruanthor, which had governed the planet for millennia, had been shattered and given the pre-bombardment unpopularity of the aristocracy, it was not reinstated. Instead, under the leadership of Senator Mirax Varos and Praesator Vos'Rame Veerah, a new democratic planetary authority was convened to oversee the lengthy reclamation of the world.

Second Great Cyrannus WarEdit

Coruanthor is on the verge of falling to the Empire, and if Corunathor falls, the Republic might well follow.

- Commodore Helo Roslia
SGCW Battle of Coruanthor

The Battle of Coruanthor proved to be the most destructive conflict of the early Second War.

Two months after the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm and the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War, the Imperial fleet under Fleet Admiral Tharnak Adraci finally arrived in the Coruanthor system. Frightened about what his world could suffer if he defied the Empire, the newly elected Praesator Vel Natalo agreed to hand control over the planet to the Imperial forces. Unwilling to allow the planet to fall so easily, the planet's New Republic defenders rushed to defend it against Adraci's forces. The subsequent battle turned the ecumenopolis into a battleground, with Imperial and Republic troops fighting tooth and claw to claim the planet.

Though the Empire outnumbered the Republic on Coruanthor, the battle, which lasted for months, ultimately ended in the final weeks of 15 NE, when the crew of the Auethnen Raptor and the Aeolus managed to bypass the Imperial blockade and subsequently break it through a combination of the efforts of the Cyrandia Resistance, the Unified Order of Cognalorilos and the Indoctrinate Collective. In the aftermath, Coruanthor was once again left in ruin, though the provisional government of the planet managed to organise an election to elect a new Senator to Apollo's Galactic Senate.

Politics and CultureEdit



Prince Llhriusur and Republic Senator Varos proudly overlook their fine city.

A fully-fledged member of the New Cyrannian Republic, Coruanthor is a united planet with a long tradition under a parliamentary constitutional principality led by a Prince or Princess descended from the first family to set foot on the planet during the days of the Old Republic. Though the members of the Coruanthorian Royal Family were once powerful decision makers on the planet, in recent centuries they relinquished more and more of their constitutional power to the Coruanthorian Parliament, which at the time of the planet's membership of the New Republic, had usurped much of the executive power on the planet.

However, when the planet voted to join the Republic, both the parliament and the Prince were both made subservient to the Republic's intergalactic Senate as well as its President, though popular mistrust of the native government made this transferal of power relatively smooth. The last Prince was Llhriusur, a male Libertus, who was killed during the Neraida Bombardment in 10 NE. His death resulted in the end of the unpopular principality and the institution of a democratic government led by the Velociampu Praesator Vos'Rame Veerah. In the Republic Senate, the Libertus Mirax Varos, who was offworld at the time of the Neraida attack, continues to represent Coruanthoran interests on Mou'Cyran, where he generally espouses policies promoted by the Centrist political faction—advocating for a strong Republic to stand against threats such as the Neraida.


Capital DistrictEdit


The rebuilt Capital District in 14 NE.

  • Name: Capital District
  • Location: Coruanthorian Sea
  • Established: 15,250 BNE
  • Population: 1,600,000,000,000 | Estimate

Arguably the most important region on the planet, the Capital District is a mecca of art-deco architecture, opulent skyscrapers and quaint city-parks. At the centre of the district rises the famous Coruanthorian Capitol Building, a towering skyscraper with a golden spire in which meets the Parliament of the planet as well as the offices of both the Praesator and the Republic Senator. The Capital District runs parallel to the Coruanthorian Sea, the last major body of water on the planet. The sea is a common place to sight intergalactic celebrities enjoying the high-class lifestyle that makes the planet famous, engaging in activities such as yachting. The Capital was the first district to be reconstructed in the aftermath of the Bombardment of Coruanthor in 10 NE, with the rebuilt city incorporating new architectural styles pioneered by architects in the Core Worlds.

Spira MaraeanEdit


Spira Maraean, prior to the Bombardment.

  • Name: Spira Maraean
  • Location: Maraean
  • Established: 11,000 BNE
  • Population: 450,000,000,000

A major city on Coruanthor, Spira Maraean is a diverse hub home to Coruanthor's largest spaceport as well as the famous Maraean Family, a powerful group of aristocrats largely behind the planet's ascension to Republic membership. Famous for its expansive parks and pleasant promenades, the city became a second home for many of the Republic's government officials. The city was hit hard by the Neraida during the Bombardment, with most members of the House Maraean falling to the Neraida. Nevertheless, the survivors returned to the planet in 11 NE to aid in the reconstruction of their home under the new democratic government.

Spira CapulexEdit


Spira Capulex rises above the clouds prior to the Bombardment.

  • Name: Spira Capulex
  • Location: Capulex
  • Established: 10,000 BNE
  • Population: 280,000,000,000

Spira Capulex is located in the northern reaches of the planet and is probably best known for the towering skyscrapers which often emerge above the cloud-line and reach into the lower atmosphere. Home to the Imperial sympathisers of House Capulex, the city was home to the planet's Imperial embassy as well as the residence of the Empire's official ambassador to the New Republic. As with Spira Maraean, Spira Capulex was utterly annihilated by the Neraida bombardment, with only some of the towering skyscrapers the city is known for surviving to touch the damage heavens. Many of the survivors of House Capulex, facing increasing scrutiny since the beginning of the Cyrannian Cold War privately suspect that the Bombardment was a New Republic plot to destroy the planet's ancient nobility. Ultimately however, in the new order of Coruanthor, the preeminence of these aristocratic families has ended.


One of the most diverse planets in our Republic, though the lingering influence of the Cyrannian Syndicate is an issue.

- Apaltar

A lovely planet to visit, especially the Capital District. Truly it is a model for other cities to follow.

- Apollo



  • Coruanthor is named after Coruscant and Trantor, two of the most famous ecumenopoleis in science fiction. However, it isn't based on either. Rather, its culture is inspired by the high-end lifestyle associated with cities such as New York during the roaring twenties.

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