Cyroenia won't hold the title of the galaxy's most prestigious shipyard for long.

- Senator Caesenn

Coruaan is a planet located along the Republica Run trade route in the Coru Secundus region of the Cyrannus Galaxy known for its long history in the service of the democratic governments of the galaxy, from the Old to the New Republics.

Though located outside the Cyrannian Core Worlds, Coruaan is very much a planet with strong Core-sensibilities, sharing a similar culture and opulence. A competitor to worlds such as Cyroenia and Scorpiae for the title of having Cyrannus' largest shipyard, Coruaan briefly became the second largest in the galaxy prior to the upgrades to Scorpiaen Fleetyards by the New Republic in 05 NE.

Due to its strategic importance to the New Republic, Coruaan was the site of numerous battles during the Second Great Cyrannus War, changing hands numerous times throughout the conflict. Conquered by the Empire in 15 NE, during the Coru Secundus Campaign, it was liberated by Fleet Admiral Laege Shavalera a month after the Battle of Coruanthor, though again fell under the heel of the Empire when President Zare'Anne announced the formation of the Occupied Republic. The Coruaan system was liberated once more in the Second Battle of Coruaan in Dekemurios 20 NE.


Early History[]

Coruaan was believed to have been settled by ancient Conkoboli Libertus over 5,000 years before the creation of the First Republic, presumably by using sleeper ships sent from the Core Worlds. Already home to a sentient species known as the Titaano, a great war broke out between the two species, with the Libertus eventually winning the war causing the fiercely honour-bound Titaano to commit mass suicide, leaving the Libertus as the sole inhabitants on the planet. As the millenia went by, Coruaan grew a rich and vibrant, albeit highly militaristic culture, and was known as a thorn in the side for the planets of the Core Sovereignties, the predecessor government to the Republic, which Coruaan joined shortly after it was founded.

As a respected member of the Republic, Coruaan supplied much of the military of early democratic power with Coruaanian ships fighting against both the Phaedric and Nagith Empires. When the Republic eventually fell after the Second Nagith Wars, Coruaan became independent with its mighty shipyards selling starships for the right price to just about any bidder, from pirates to planetary defense forces. Meanwhile, the Coruaanians maintained many starship designs from the era of the Old Republic, constantly upgrading and refitting them to fit with modern technology.

The Republic and the Confederacy battle for control of Coruaan.


When the United Republic of Cyrannus was formed, Coruaan decided to join and became one of the key shipyards supplying the galactic superpower with warships along with Cyroenia. A strong rivalry developed between the two worlds for the title of Cyrannus' most prestigious shipyards. Despite this, both worlds remained under the fold of the Republic. However, when the Great Cyrannus War broke out, Coruaan was attacked by the Confederacy of Allied Systems who sought control over the world's lucrative ship-building facilities. Ultimately however, the battle was won by a joint Republic-Coruaanian fleet.

When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed, Coruaan once again adopted a fiercely territorial policy of independence, refusing to collaborate with the Empire that unlawfully took power away from the people. For three years, the power of the planet dwindled until it became clear that it could no longer compete with Cyroenia, which far outstripped any other shipyard in the galaxy. However, when the New Cyrannian Republic was formed, Coruaan became a willing member bolstered by the newly mapped Republica Trade Route, bringing new wealth and prosperity to the system, which soon emerged as the second largest in the galaxy. This position would be usurped three years later when the Republic completed vast ship-building megastructures over Scorpiae, one of the Libertus homeworlds.

Second Great War[]

The Empire and the Republic battle for supremacy over the critically important world.

When Mou'Cyran was destroyed by the Empire in the opening moments of the Second Great Cyrannus War, the new Republic administration headed by President Apollo ordered Admiral Vinchauk Il'Chahol to rally an armada to bolster Coruaan's defence fleet. Upon the fall of the Mou'Cyran Remnants, and in the aftermath of the Republic Day Attacks, the Imperial First Battlefleet under Fleet Admiral Tharnak Adraci besieged the planet. Though the Republic fought bitterly to prevent the system from falling into Imperial hands, Admiral Vinchauk ultimately ordered a retreat.

The planet thus fell into Imperial hands, though Senator Roth Caesenn, one of the few survivors of the Cataclysm, organised resistance movements on the planet's surface, proving to be a thorn in the Empire's side for months. When Coruanthor was liberated, Republic forces moved south along the Republica Hyperlane, whereupon the Third Fleet under Laege Shavalera liberated Coruaan.

Upon the fall of the Republic and the subsequent establishment of the Occupied Territories, Coruaan was once again appropriated by Imperial forces, and used primarily to decommission the remnants of the New Republic fleet. The planet was raided by Admiral Quarantar's Revanchists several months later, resulting in the destruction of several Imperial vessels and the apparent theft of the Star Destroyer Phoebus by unknown parties.

In Dekemurios 20 NE, Coruaan was the site of a second major battle for control over the system, when Republic Remnant forces led by Admiral Helo Roslia besieged the system with the help of the Aldárae knights Aoirtae Valaeris and Kara Inviá. The planet's defence was bungled by the Imperial commander Hurst Ademan, who was ultimately killed while trying to prevent the capital Thrace from falling into enemy hands. After the battle ended, Senator Roth Caesenn proclaimed the imminent rebirth of the Republic, and pledged his resistance movement to the liberation of the Twelve Worlds.


Senator Roth Caesenn, one of the few survivors of the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm.

Before the arrival of the Libertus, the planet was home to a race known as the Titaano, who fought a great war with the Libertus when first contact went wrong. Believing that the Libertus were warmongering conquerors, the Titaano fought tooth and nail against the reptilians until it became clear that the advanced technology of the Libertus would ensure their victory. A fiercely honourable race, defeat brought about a mass suicide that wiped out the entire race.

In the millennia since, the Libertus natives of the planet developed a new culture with the memory of the Titaano all but relegated to the history books. Considered a passionate and aggressive group, the Libertus Coruaanians are nonetheless devoted to the democratic system, making the world one of the most loyal to the principles of the New Cyrannian Republic.



There is nothing finer than grabbing a cup of Coruaanian coffee on the beachfront promenade of Thrace.

- Senator Caesennius

Thrace is the capital of Coruaan, though it isn't the largest city. Nestled between two gleaming lakes, Thrace was built specifically to function as the capital of the planet and as such is planned to accommodate the planet's most important political leaders such as the current Senator Caesennius. The city is known across the galaxy for being a peaceful metropolis popular with tourists and those seeking relaxation by boating on one of the city's famous lakes. Constructed in a near-circular fashion, at the centre of the city stands the Governor's Palace, where both the planet's senator and governor live when not conducting business on Mou'Cyran.


We never have an unhappy customer.

- Shipyard Administrator

High in orbit over the planet lies the Coruaanian Shipyards, a large company operating out of dozens of gigantic space stations in orbit over the planet. Though officially neutral, employees of the Shipyards are often loyal to the New Cyrannian Republic for obvious reasons, with most of the Republic's vessels being constructed there. Aside from military ships, the yards also produce civilian ships (including Rambo and Imperium designs)as well as catering to foreign civilisations that open up offices on Corunnia such as the Indoctrinate Collective, though these nations are often exclusively allies of the Republic.


Ships Produced[]

New Cyrannian Republic[]



A planet vital for the existence of the New Republic!

- Apaltar

An important asset that must be defended.

- Willelmus Cretacea

An interesting world, with quite a shipyard. Definitely a powerful competition for us.

- President Draicon

Seems a shame that this planet's natives were lost before the them and the Libertus could come to peaceful terms. But the past is the past.

- Maxios Telvenum



  • Coruaan housed the largest shipyards in New Republic space prior to Scorpiae's membership in the Republic.

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