The conditions: Hundreds of trillions of golden lights; thousands of trillions of panes of glass. The result: Concentron in all its splendor.

- Anonymous Ravenrii on Concentron's golden lights

Concentron was the vice-capital of the Core Federation, and regional "capital" of the Core Worlds, the central section of colonies of the Ravenrii's Federation. The planet was a complete ecumenopolis-large swaths or urban territories covered all of the landmasses, making the planet remain in a perpetual period of day even without the planet's massive orbital mirrors. The resulting light was such that the planet was nicknamed the World of the Golden Light. Concentron was the official regent of the Core Federation-should the capital, Centrus, fall or be destroyed, Concentron would become the new capital. The planet was located in the midst of the Core Worlds, a vast barrier of over 20,000 Federation worlds that engulfed what was once the Grox Empire, and almost at the exact center of the galaxy.



Precious mirrors on towering edifices distributed light around the entire planet.

The planet was populated in excess, and billions of years' worth of growth nearly made it a complete ecumenopolis. Even the seabeds were urbanized, as the world had both aboveground and underwater colonies. Unlike Centrus and most other planets in the Prathus Arm, Concentron was never protected from exploitation, and the massive construction of buildings and skyscrapers brought on by intergalactic trade forced the other 5 planets in the system to become suburb planets, where the workers of Concentron actually lived. In its heyday, the billions-year old planet is a large administrative and economic centre.

The planet came to an end while in its fullest glory, as the Federation was rich and thriving. It is usually thought of as the most important world in the entire CorFed, despite not being the capital. It was a hub of intergalactic trade and education, containing the third-largest university in the Federation and housing the High Court of Concentron, one of the two chambers of the Ravenrii's bicameral congress, the High Court of the Core. The planet remained in a perpetual state of day because of its 12 massive orbital mirrors, which constantly reflected the light of the world's old sun, Regis.


Ravenrii city-square

Kuros Avenue, an impressive, towering concourse in the heart of Concentron's business district.

The population of Concentron was the largest in the entire Core Federation-tens of billions of Ravenrii lived both on the planet's land and beneath its seas. Advanced greenhouses aboveground were used to harvest light from the planet's sun, and mantain the horde of beings on it well fed. Enormous nets of golden, ocean-growing algae produced gases to eliminate contaminants from the air, allowing the atmosphere to become thin enough for the Ravenrii. The huge cities on the planet's lights could be seen even from space, converting the planet into a golden, shiny urban sphere. It's enormous orbital mirrors distributed light evenly across the planet, as it's skyscrapers often blocked the sunlight that the Ravenrii need to survive, and continuously orbiting droids siphoned off harmful rays and emissions.
Underater colony

Underwater cities housed tens of billions of Ravenrii on the planet.

Institutions and BusinessesEdit

The World of the Golden Light was, above all, a center of trade and business. This trade was what fueled its massive growth, and, unlike at its twin planet, Centrus, its institutions and conglomerates dwarfed the planet's original features. The world was home to hundreds of thousands of Ravenrii and extragalactic coporations, which chose the planet as their headqarters in the lucrative market of the Core Worlds.

Among these were the headquarters of the Spectrum Design Collective, Core Fleet Systems, the Galactic Archives of the Core Federation, the Ravenrii Kabia Corporation, Slayn Trabn'saa Industries and Grotta Corporation's headquarters, the Great Museum of the Core Federation, the Galactic Republic's Xanthrus Spiral headquarters, the Ravenrii energy giant CorEn Energies Corporation's strategy headquarters, and the Greater University of Concentron, a massive Ravenrii university famous for having foreign professors and where, coincidentally, ex-president of the CSA Fleur Inviere once taught.

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