Lo, my home, my bastion, my safe haven. All that us Civatrons have fought for and died for lies in our very home. Civa Prime stood as a Bastion of peace and hope for millennia in the past. It shall be once again.

- Master Kroc

Civa Prime, also called the Tigris Nexus or the Seat of the Civatrons is a planet within the solar Civa System which is located in the great Civan cloud in the "eastern" outer rims of the galaxy as it is commonly referred to. It is the homeworld of one of the most powerful species in the whole universe: the Civatrons, and was the nexus of the majority of interstellar and intergalactic military/economic/commercial affairs for countless millennia in the Tigris Galaxy.

Civa Prime has been the main planet of three different empires on the course of its history. The first and major organization that ever utilized Civa Prime as its capital was known as the Cianju Alliance, which was dominated by the powerful and proud Civatrons in what was probably the apex of the planet's existence. After a devastating siege against the ruthless Xhodocto Congregation, Civa Prime cities were left devastated and almost deforested, which caused the eventual abandonment of the planet by the Cianju Alliance. The Second empire that was known to take it and transform it into the center of the Galaxy was the Nigtrion Forsaken Tribes, which were led by a barren and scarred subspecies of Civatrons. Again, Civa Prime was devastated by another war, in which Civa Prime was left abandoned a second time.


From space, Civa Prime looks like an all-jungle world, without any oceans that could afford sufficient irrigation for the dense flora that fills its surface. However, it is largely known that Civa Prime hides subterranean oceans that provide enough nutrition for the colossal trees and jungles to bloom. Irrigation of the entire planet is done thanks to its natural ebullition of the planet's wetland, combined with strong winds filling the air beyond the lush world, the high concentration of hydro particles that escape the plant-life is then spread by the wind across the entire planet on specific seasons, providing water supplies to superficial swamps who in turn feed water back into the oceans through water currents that lead to the planet's inner layers.

Needless to say, Civa Prime's temperature is warm and humid, making most of its fauna cold-blooded as they evolved to survive inhuman heat temperatures thanks to the air compression in the jungles. Civa Prime has always hung on a tight balance with its temperatures, but it works enough to spring life into being.


This is a description of Civa Prime from before the War of Ages, as the Zhuhultu and the Congregation besieged the planet and presumably destroyed all life before it was retaken by the Civatrons.

Marine life[]

Civa Prime can be considered a harsh world under normal standards, as its seemingly peaceful ambiance and landscapes hide its true, predatory nature. Indeed, the food chain is dominated largely to predatory animals located on its subterranean oceans normally filled with a bioluminescent light that grants them survival and hunting quirks. On the oceans' deep floors and plateaus, heteropod creatures draw their clawed tentacles out of holes where they wait patiently for prey to fall into their glowing traps, their bodies becoming eventually part of the terrain itself. Large apex predators, reptilian in nature, swim across the vast expanses of water in packs, seeking to devour anything that comes in their path. The most dangerous creatures lurk the deepest edges of the oceans, occasionally raiding the surface waters in search for food. The most benevolent of fauna is located in the upper levels of these obscure and night-like habitats, but the water world of Civa Prime is a survival-of-the-fittest territory, where Civatrons used to conduct trials for their coming-of-age younglings.

Terrestrial life[]

On the surface, life is more benevolent and calm, with dangerous flora and fauna growing grim and vicious as you enter the numerous grottos and caverns that lead to the swamps and seas of Civa Prime's underworld. On the surface, Civa Prime's civilian settlements and cities thrived, as they had to worry only about the super-flocks of herbivorous Erracudas, the Civatron's preferred meal, who traverse the planet in a constant planet-wide immigration so to control the planet's seemingly unstoppable plant growth. Some monsters that evolved from the deep managed to make their way into the surface, and thus inhabit the superficial swamps, though Civatrons are the most common creatures in Civa Prime, where they either conduct trials of combat or herd the fauna. Flora is normally left alone as Civatrons normally use rock and precious stones to adorn their buildings, and do not condone agricultural practices.


Civa Prime is known to have only two satellite orbiting at a high distance the planet in an irregular path.

  • Planet symbol.png Civa Secundo (100 million) - Stands as the planet's biggest moon. Rich minerals fill the satellite's landscape, utilized in the past as the main factory for weapons, armor and even shipyards filled its atmosphere. A real industrial machine that exploited its resources at 120%.
  • Planet symbol.png Civa Tertuario (20 million) - In a polar opposition to Civa Secundo, Tertuario orbits Civa Prime during the day timelapse, therefore rendering a whole region of space shadowed by its presence.


Civa Prime is located in the Civa Solar System, which it floats around a cloud of stellar residues of a bigger star that exploded in the past known as the Civa cloud. The Planet seems to be surrounded by a distant emerald nebula when looked from orbit.