Even though this was going to happen and we knew it, we could not do anything to stop it. The planet was destroyed by us, and we have no right to blame anyone else.

- Written in the Hyperion Hystorical Scrolls, Chapter 12: Distruzione di Eden.

The planet is the initial residence of the Hyperion Empire. It was a flourishing planet before the Jouiron Incident, 17 billion years prior to the beggining of life on Hyperia. The planet is pressumed destroyed after the incident.


Terra and Biosystem[]

A large planet covered 75% by water and 25% by land. Itis inhabited by various animals and plants. Most of the plants are located in rainforests and jungles, which are the only types of forests on the planet. Most animals and plants are byo-engineered to create an ideal habitat for the the population.


Cestus - III has an unique atmosphere, with high density and very high humidity level. Due to the atmospherical conditions the planet is constantly ravaged by typhoons and hurricanes, as well as a high level of floods.


The oceans are large and uniquelly composed of only freshwater. The medium depth of the oceans is 12 km, and the deepest point is the Taka Abyss with a grand depth of 45,72 km.


The planet is very rich in mineral resources and is te reason why the ihabitants became miners. Yet, the technologies created for mining was the main reason of the downfall of the First Empire.


Due to constant atmospherical hazards the cities on Cestus - III where build with special shields againts them. the technologies where very advanced for those times and the Empire was considered one of the Top of the Galxy.


  • Number of Hours per Day: 18 hours.
  • Number of Days per Month\Year: 25 days\429 days.
  • Number of Months per Year :17 months.

Month Calendar[]

  • Inzio
  • Allestimento
  • Alba
  • Duratta
  • Essere
  • Rissa
  • Lotta
  • Battaglia
  • Guerra
  • Strappare
  • Interruzione
  • Allegria
  • Pioggia
  • Tempesta
  • Crescendo
  • Alto
  • Finale

Jourin Event[]

We see the moon approaching our world, yet iit can not be stopped, by the time someone reads this the planet we once considered Eden, will perish in the darkness of the space.

- Written in the Hyperion Historical Scrolls, Chapter 11: Caduta di Luna.

17.5 billion years prior to the events of Spore, the First Hyperion Empire were experiencing a larger amount of Natural Hazards caused by the planets moon Jourion - III, which was slowly approaching the planet. To stall the destruction, the Empire created special Gravity Tethers, which helped for a total 0.5 billion years. yet on the 15th day of Crescendo month, 17 billion years prior to the events of Spore, the operation of the tethers was reversed by a crazed miner. The moon was being atracted to the planet at a ver fast rate. Upon seeing this the Council of Ten ordered a total planet evacuation. Yet, the order came in too late and Jourion - III crashed into the planets surface, causing it to drift of orbit and sent it into the darkness of space.

Results of the Jourin Event[]

After the Jouin events all life on Cestus - III was destroyed, the planet was sent drifting into space and eventually the surface froze. Once of the First Empire's Spaceships was able to escape with people on board and crashed on planet Hyperia. Due to the dryer and less dense atmosphere the remainers of the First Empire dies on the planet, leaving only a spaceship filled with scrolls which was later found by the Second Hyperion Empire. In a coincidentall turn of events an asteroid holding the last cell of life from Cestus - III crashed into Hyperia starting the rise of the new Second Hyperion Empire.