You're seeing lush green, you're seeing cyan oceans and wide-open skies. You're seeing the silver glint of modern architecture and the flash of blinding sunlight, dusk glittering on the gardens of Centrus. What you're seeing is Ravenrii society.

- Corporate Chairman Valnus Coran of the Maxium Corporation

Centrus is a green, lush planet in the upper half Prathus Arm of the galaxy of Xanthrus Spiral, close to the Core Worlds sector of the galaxy. The planet is covered with extensive silver cities that have grown to encompass hundreds of thousands of miles of land and seabed surface. It is the homeworld and absolute capital of the Ravenrii's vast Empire, the Core Federation, and a political, cultural and economic centre. Centrus is also home to various important personages, including the Federation's Queen, the Ambassadors of a variety of allied Empires, the Xanthrus leaders of the Allied Consortium, and the Royal Envoy of the Sultan of the Goldem Imperium. The planet is currently the base of the Universal Alliance of Nations in the galaxy.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

A Ravenrii spaceport, one of the many traffic hubs that allow access to the planet, surrounded with green gardens and modern buildings.

The entire world is covered by either open green plains, swirling turquoise seas or the gleaming silver of Ravenrii cities. The planet is actually the inspiration all of the Ravenrii's terraformed worlds, which are modeled after Centrus's vegetation, weather and atmosphere. The planet's cyan-colored seas are actually where most of the population resides, which further decreases the contruction of the massive skyscrapers that exist on other of the species's planets. Since the world and its neighbors in the system all have perfectly circular orbits, the planet is stuck in a permanent station of perpetual summer- earning in the nickname of "The Summer World".

The planet's cities have not yet grown to become the sole feature of the planet, and remain open and airy, unlike city-planets such as Concentron or Coros Prime, where the buildings are so high that the ground is buried beneath smooth permacrete. Instead, centrus features the glinting, silver Sylean architecture, with massive, golden statues built in between the skyscrapers. Traffic is not very heavy and open areas are common, found in hanging gardens on the higher levels of the cities' centres and in gardens placed decoratively around the entire world.

History[edit | edit source]

The old city of Centryia Prime, Centrus's capital, before being almost completely destroyed in the Riots of Centrus.

Centrus has been the capital of the Ravenrii's civilization for billions of years, since the Founding] of teh Federation in 34M, F.A., which actually happened in centrus. There, the Seven Minor Empires signed the first Ravenrii constitution, creating an authoritarian kingdom called the raev federation. It had been the capital of the Kingdom of Centrus for millions of years before then, and one of the planets where the Ravenrii regained consciousness at the start of their new civilization in Xanthrus Spiral. Centrus was one of the unnofficial homes of the monarchy in ancient times, though their official residence was planet Certion, in a neighboring system to Centrus's.

The planet saw its share of violence in 92, S.A., when the Ravenrii ousted its corrupt government and the monarch's advisors sent her into exile. It was ravaged during the Riots of Centrus that preceded the Revolution, destroying much of its older city. However, it became graciously safe during the ensuing 10 Civil Wars of Xanthrus, during which despite over 60 factions fought to gain control of the Ravenrii's caoital systems, Centrus remained under peaceful control of then-High Viceroy Carcus Airdone. The monarchy had collapsed and the High Court was decimated, but Centrus finall steered clear and, once Airdone regained control of the Ravenrii, became the new capital of the renamed Federation of the Core Worlds, in a reform passed by the newly-established High Court.

One of the older districts of Centrus, where the green fields at the city's end are not visible.

Although Centrus became the active capital of the Federation, in the following Ages it was never again destroyed or attacked, and came out of the Great War of Xanthrus almost completely unscathed because of its location deep in the midst of the Ravenrii's vast Empire. Billions of years later, it would share power with Concentron as the federation's vice-capital, a gleaming planet of lavish gardens and the personality of an ancient world.

Massive immigration to the planet resulted in the second and fourth ages, when it was certain that the federation would take galactic control and many species seeked asylum from the threat of massive wars. Today, however, the planet's population is almost entirely Ravenrii, though there are inter-species residents as well. The High Court Tower of Centrus was built at teh beginning of the Fifth Age to better house teh federation's congress, and though the royalty moved back to Centrion with the passing of the Royal Reinstitution in 50M, FO.A., several moderate palaces are known to still stand in the planet's governmental and exlusive-residential districts.

Population and Status[edit | edit source]

The High Court Building of Centrus, the official headquarters of the High Court of Centrus, one of the two chambers of the High Court of the Core.

The planet has been inhabited by a variety of species, mostly Ravenrii, for over five billion years. Immigration surged vastly during the Second and Fourth Ages, as it was expected that the Federation would rule the galaxy within those time periods. The planet is not overpopulated, like Concentron, and there are a mix modern buildings and the billion-year old architecture, Archlithic, which is now only found on very few Ravenrii planets. Over half the planet is covered with water, and a large percentage of the population actually live in underwater colonies.

However, the planet remains an important world because its system, Capitalis, is a hubbub of power. One of its neighbor planets, Certion, is covered by Ta'riavna Palace, the official residence of the Ravenrii's nobility. It houses the High Court of Centrus, one of the two chambers of the Ravenrii's bicameral congress, the High Court of the Core, and also teh headquarters of the general Ministry, the prestigious but lower end of the CorFed's bureaucracy. The planet remains soemwhat clustered yet clean and open, to the delight of most Ravenrii, who celebrate its pristine beaches and turqoise seas.

Astrography[edit | edit source]

The planet is found in the Capitalis system, in the upper half of the galactic arm of Prathus. The system contains three planets; Centrus, Contron and Corsen; and Centrus's moon, Corsus. They orbit a blue dwarf star, Capitalis Prime, at different orbits, which are all perfect, circular ones. The planets in the system are completely protected of exploitation by Ravenrii laws-despite this, it is known that Centrus and Contron both have solid Chronium cores-converting them into a priceless treasure, as it is one of the most sought-after minerals in the galaxy. Centrus has an exact radius of 213,245 meters,about twice the Earth's, but the twin pulls of both the star and its moon, and it's rare atmosphere actually make gravity less powerful than usual.
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