Carolinii is a warm, tropical planet located in the Inner Rim of the Cyrannus Galaxy, notable as the homeworld of the saurian Tenerensis. Largely covered in swamps, Carolinii would have been regarded as a backwater were it not for the industrious capabilities of the Tenerensis, who developed their homeworld into one of the Inner Rim's most prosperous worlds, serving as the regional capital within the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. The heart of the Tenerensian Directorate since the species became space-faring in 5610 BNE, Carolinii remained independent from any galactic government prior to the Treaty of Corulus in 4 BNE, which led to the world joining the United Republic of Cyrannus.

After the devastating Great Cyrannus War, Carolinii became a key world in the Empire, though many of its citizens long for a return of the democratic ways of the Republic, resulting in many resistance movements springing up in various locations across the planet. These movements are supported by Carolinii's most famous son, Sesoka of the Cyrandia Resistance.


The Tenerensis evolved in the swamps of Carolinii, where they would develop and diversify across the planet prior to achieving spacefaring capabilities in 5610 BNE. First contact was ultimately made with the warlike Cavaneu, which unbeknownst to either force, were in fact a subspecies of the Tenerensis. Ultimately, war erupted between Carolinii and Neudan, which was ultimately ended with an armistice which resulted in a cold war. Neverthless, the two species would become prosperous allies within the United Republic of Cyrannus when the two governments singed the Treaty of Corulus in 04 BNE.

Test battle

The Basileus ship unknowingly runs into a Republic Star Destroyer over Carolinii during the Great Cyrannus War.

A loyalist world during the Great Cyrannus War, Carolinii would remain peaceful for much of the conflict, though this would change in the third year of the galactic war, when a Basileus officer in the navy of the Confederacy of Allied Systems attempted to conquer the planet from the Republic. However, the Republic was prepared for the attack, with a single Venator-class Star Destroyer and hyperspace interdiction ships awaiting the invader, ultimately destroying him and his vessel.

After the end of the war, Carolinii grew into what many in the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus considered to be the political heart of the Inner Rim—a title contested by the more pro-Imperial ecumenopolis of Tharasavis, as well as the prosperous Coravannis along the Perliama Run. Indeed, Carolinii would emerge as a forceful proponent of the New Cyrannian Republic during the Cyrannian Cold War, much to the chagrin of the Imperial administration, who feared that the planet's proximity to Republic borders made it a tempting target should war erupt.




Suchopolen, the capital city of Carolinii, is notable for its ancient walls.




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