Carnthedain, a shiny blue large planet located in the area known as the Space in Between. Space in between can be best explained as a small area between the Quadrant Galaxies and the Cyrannus Galaxy which isn't effected by the massive graviton anomalies surrounding the Quadrants. In fact the Space in Between is the only sector which provides life as it holds a sun. With it, Carnthedain is the largest and most prominent planet in the sector and is often seen as a shiny star from other planets.

Yet Carnthedain holds many dangerous secrets, beautiful wonders and mystical places.


Carnthedain is a lush and green planet, filled with life of differant species and creatures. In past time, a meteor struck the planet, though left little damage the meteor is still seen in the central tundra's, where the Elves and Goblins live.

The result of the meteor was that the mountains in that area were levelled, providing an area where life is slowly rebuilding and is often a migration route for some of the wildlife. As the area holds grass, trees and plants the citizens of Carnthedain often reffer to the meteor side as the tundra's, a place where life struggles to survive.

In the north and south the polar lands of Carnthedain are located, but holds no life as the temperatures are too cold for the Carnthedanians to live on. Moving east and west Carnthedain provides a desert in southern/eastern areas where in the west thick forests locate dangerous species and creepy creatures.


In years long past, even before the coming of the Atlantica Carnthedain was just a lifeless rock, with no atmosphere to substain life. However around 6 billion BQF a meteor struck Carnthedain, and the impact shattered and levelled mountains. The impact, such force and energy coming free actually gave the planet an atmosphere and craters were slowly filling themselves with water, forming the seas of Carnthedain. Over the next 3 billion years the planet was slowly filled with life and soon the first mammals, reptilles, dragons and other species roamed the planet.

Morgandaûr 01

Around 180.000 BQF the elves, strong and wise made their first Kingdom in the central area around the meteor, in which the elves believed brougth Barthande, the Warrior and protector of Carnthedain. As such the elves prospered and grew to great heights, building cities and fortresses around the tundra's. As such the Elves provided information, health and food to other species as well, like humans and dwarves. Angered by the succes of the elves, the goblins refused to listen or obey the Elves and went into hiding in the mountain caves. As such the elves unified most of the tundra's and the western forests. Yet the elves didn't wander into the eastern deserts, home to creepy creatures and homeland of the dragons. As the elves grew richer and richer rumors reached the dragons of a great Kingdom in the central lands, which could be a danger for them and the call of gold also called as dragons like gold and other jewelry. As such in 22.500 BQF the elves and dragons started a war for many years, suffering both sides the Elves lost many of their great cities as they were ruined by the dragons. The dragons in return were eventually defeated as the elves were in greater numbers and outskilled the low numbers of elves. During the war many others were also killed, caught in between the mighty battles between elves and dragons. With the weakened elven Kingdom the goblin took their revenge upon the elves and destroyed most of the remaining elven factions. Within two year, the great elven Kingdom was no more and all species could live their own lives. The elves, reduced scattered to the wind diretions and began living in small villages. The dwarves and humans cut off all contacts with both the elves and goblins and the goblins reigned supreme over the tundra's. For the remaining years their was peace as all factions left eachother alone, though many races still hold grudges against the elves and dragons for the destruction they caused. Around 0 BQF a dark figure arrived at Carnthedain and unified trolls and goblin under one banner. The entity became known as the Sorceror of Carnthedain. He arrived with a flash of light and thunder, bringing cold and darkness with him. He promised the goblin more power and wealth in due time, and they began building a massive fortress in honor of the Sorceror. The other species and kingdoms took no notice to the goblins and only scouts reported back to their kings and queens that the goblins were planning something. Though none listened, why would they as all races were divided and still blamed eachother for the war many thousands of years ago.


Ramashe escapes with aid of Lourdes and a Valaxion

As such in 05 AQF the Sorceror succeeded in his plans. He managed to open a portal to the Choas Realm and Ruviel and the Serindia demonica now also called Carnthedain their home. Within the days following the Sorceror began making plans to conquer Carnthedain and perhaps even siege control over the Space in Between, though the goblins had doubts they could ever travel between the stars. In 05 AQF/02 NE Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation was abducted by the Sorceror of Carnthedain and was locked in a detention cell within his dark fortress.


Mortar and Lourdes overlooking the return of the Elves

From that moment the Sorceror began his plan to unite the Quadrants under his banner, making Carnthedain a target for all who are his enemies. In 06 AQF/03 NE, two month after capturing Ramashe, she escaped with aid of Lourdes- an Elven Princess who wished to escape Carnthedain with her people with aid of Ramashe and her friend, Riordan Rambertan.

While the elves escaped and were brought to the Suiliagothrond II- Empress Ramashe gave the order to Claire Rambo to bring them back to their home and secure it and remove the presence of the sorceror. After a few weeks of travel the station eventually arrived and brought back the elves to their homes. Noticing the goblins had vanished, a clone trooper regiment was left behind to protect the inhabitants from danger. While Claire faced Morgandaûr (sorceror) in personal combat, she managed to defeat him by sheer luck. With the dark presence lift from Carnthedain, the elves began preparing for the day they would become a "protectrate" of Rambo Nation and would be given a Consul to represent them.

In 03 NE/06 AQF Lourdes Windrunner signed the Treaty of Serindianliae, marking the planet as a "protectrate" of Rambo Nation. By 20 AQF however the Legatus Finduilica had plundered the planet from its natural resources, leaving very few things alive.


Central tundraEdit

Carnthedain Elves
Carnthedain Elves 02

The Carnthedain elves are humanoid beings, with enchanced abilties like sight, hearing and smell and are even known to be able to use magic. The female and males are easily recognised, as is well known for humanoids. In past times the elves were once a great people, ruling the tundra's with their grand Kingdom. The elves have a height of around 2.0 meters and are pink colored.

Sadly their expansion and force of will made them enemies with both the goblins and the dragaons which eventually resulted in a terrible war with the dragons. With most of their kingdom in ruins the elves eventually managed to defeat the dragons who were lower in numbers but left the elves vulnrable to the following attack by the goblins. After the war the elves scattered and only a few number of them survived. Now living in villages they are shunned by most of the other races of Carnthedain, as they are held responsible for the war with the dragons. The elven king who led the elves into battle was known as Garlboz, but he is believed to have perished during the war. After the war many elves either hide or were enslaved by goblins and dwarves.

Yet the elves manage to live in peace and harmony with nature at the tundra's and still study the wildlife found at Carnthedain. The elves still hope to one day unite Carnthedain under a single banner again, but they fear that the goblins, under guidance of the Sorceror of Carnthedain will conquer the free cities. Sadly the elves are aware of the goblin army but none will hear their pleas.

Carnthedain Goblins
Carnthedain Goblin 02

The Carnthedain goblins are an evil race living at the tundra's and their caverns found in the levelled mountains near the chrashed meteor. The goblins, small by nature (1.45 meters) are cunning and are experts in using machinery to build walls. Yet they lack in making armor and good swords and as such re-use most of their old weapons once conquered from the elves and humans. The goblin are green skinned humanoid who are capable of climing walls, have enchanced hearing though lack eye sight at day. The goblins like drinking blood and eating meat and managed to ally the trolls of the tundra's.

Evil by nature, the goblin plunder and take all they want. The rule over the elven village found near the meteor and managed to let the elves find their fruit and repair their damaged armor and weapons. The elves themsevles fear the goblin for that.

The goblins follow the Sorceror of Carnthedain who promised them rule over Carnthedain and the possibility of travelling among the starts. As such the goblins, though small are a dangerous enemy who should not be underrestimated.

Carnthedain Tundra Troll
Carnthedain Tundra Troll 02

The Carnthedain tundra trolls, better known in the region as the grey trolls are a primitive race, who have grudges against almost everyone. Plundering and killing without means the trolls were just surviving at the tundra's until the Sorceror of Carnthedain allied them and the goblins. Now the trolls beging understanding the goblin ways and joined them in their army ranks.

The trolls have massive strenght, thick hides though are also a bit slow and dumb. None the less when a enraged troll targets you be affraid, as they will level walls to kill the ones that hurted them. Most trolls wear some sort of boney armor, made from Cerasuarus bones and swing dangerous spikey clubs to chrush their enemies.

The grey trolls are only found at the tundra's.


Wildlife and creaturesEdit

Carnthedain Cerasaurus
Carnthedain Cerasaurus 02
  • Diet:Herbivore
  • Height: Between 2.5 and 3.0 meters

Length: Between 7 and 9 meters Location: Eastern desert, central tundra, western forests The Carnthedain Cerasaurus are an ancient race found at Carnthedain. Hailing from around the same time when the dragons were born the Cerasaurus became their main prey in ancient times. The Cerasaurus are big herbivores, migrating from east to west to find food and a place to raise up their children. Perhaps slow looking, they are fiercely territorial when having children among them and will defend them at all costs. Their three horns are a deadly addition in doing so.

The Cerasaurus are even able to wound dragons with their horns and as such are highly respected by the dragons themselves. Sadly humans like to hunt these creatures of old as they see it as a sign of bravery. As such the Cerasaurus and diminishing in numbers and the elves fear they might become extinct in the near future if nothing is done about it. The Cerasaurus like to eat grass and fruit.

Carnthedain Dragons
Carnthedain Dragon 02
  • Diet:Carnivore
  • Height: Between 4 and 8 meters

Length: Between 8 and 20 meters Location: Eastern desert, central tundra The Carnthedain dragons are an ancient race found at Carnthedain. Known for their pride and stubborness the dragons lived in isolation for ages. The dragons eat everything at their path, have a love for cold and jewelry and believe themselves to be unbeatable. Their wings give strong wind currents and they breath fire! The dragons also hold a great wisdom and have possesion over strong physical strength. The dragons have differant colors, from green to red, from gold to blue.

The isolation of the dragons ended when the great elven Kingdom grew richer and bigger the dragons heard the call of gold and glory and travelled to the central tundra. There the elves and dragons became involved in a terrible war where many of the dragons were killed by elves. Now the dragons are scattered, living in caves or destroyed cities at their golden beds. Still holding grudges against the elves and other species they are a dangerous presence at Carnthedain. The dragons also dislike the fact that they are classified as wildlife and creatures, finding themselves far more supreme than those walking on two legs.

Carnthedain Horse
Carnthedain Horse 02
  • Diet:Herbivore
  • Height: Between 1.5 and 2.2 meters

Length: Between 2.1 and 3.0 meters Location: All around the globe The Carnthedain horses are the most common creature found at the planet. Easily tames both the elves and humans make use of them (though elves no more). The horses feed upon the grass found at every corner of Carnthedain and humans and elves became to love the noble and kind horses.

The horses are often use to ride upon, whether to cross long distances in shorter time or into battle, the horses cannot be missed by the medieval era citizens of Carnthedains. Yet this trait also makes them beloved as prey by dragons and the goblins.

Valaxion 02
  • Name: Valaxion
  • Type: Psychic/Flying Scion
  • Found:Carnthedain
  • Height: Between 2.1 and 3.8 meters
  • Length: Between 2.2 and 6.0 meters

The Valaxion are bright colored bird like scions, flying the horizon for food and water. The Valaxion are noble and gentle beings, who posses a great sense of nobility and pride. As a dual type Scion, the Valaxion posses strong wind type abilities, as well as being able to use psychic abilities.

The Valaxion are natives to the planet Carnthedain, where many of them have been hunted down by elves and dragons, making their numbers dwindle. As such the Valaxion dislike any kind of dragon. Legends at Carnthedain indicate, when in trouble a Valaxion can come to aid if they consider you worthy enough.

Unknown to the inhabitants of Carnthedain, the Valaxion are actually part of the mystical group of beings, the Scions. With powerful psychic and wind attacks, the Valaxion are one of the more impressive Scions.


Elven Tundra Settlement
Carnthedain Elven Tundra

Elven tundra settlement

  • Location: Central tundra
  • Affiliation:Elves

The small elven settlement on the central tundra is one of the last remnants of the once great Elven Kingdom of old. The ancient building style is still seen in the small village, with the porchs and statue of Barthandel.

The yellow stones and bright dark red smagarads resemble the once great pride of the Elven Kingdom. The smagarads are worth a lot, but are protected against thieves by ancient elven magics. The settlement is located near a lake, providing water for the pink elves and the fruit trees that are growing nearby.

The ruler of the settlement is Lourdes, the last of the elven royalty!

Goblin Dark Tower
Carnthedain Dark Tower

Dark Tower

  • Location: Central tundra
  • Affiliation: Goblins, Sorceror of Carnthedain, Trolls

The Dark Tower is a recently build fortress of the goblins and trolls in honor of their ruler, the Sorceror of Carnthedain. Heavily fortified with towers and spikes, a large army is needed to conquer the fortress tower. Her high spiral is almost never seen, as low floating thunder clouds surround her. The clouds in return blockade all light and allow the goblins to function in the city at daylight.

The dark tower houses over 10.000 goblins in her underground caverns, though at first sight they only show less than 1000 goblins. When the caves open they will swarm out to overcome any intruder, the perfect defense. The rest of the Dark Tower remains a mystery to most, as none is allowed to travel there.

Meteor Chrash Site
Carnthedain Meteor


  • Location: Central tundra
  • Affiliation: none

The meteor chrash site holds the stone responsible for allowing life to evolve on Carnthedain. The meteor chrashed at Carnthedain around 6 billion BQF in what later became known as the central tundra For years the area around the meteor remained scarred and burned, though before the coming of the elves and dragons the area became filled with life. Often acting as a migrating route for the animals who travel from east to west for food and nesting. Over time the meteor became overgrown and one with nature, and dwarves even carved into the meteor for minerals until one of the dragons settled himself in the meteor and called it his home. Since then elven tundra settlement lies in the shadow of the meteor, and both elves and dragon leave eachother alone and live in harmony.


The only thing worth in the Space in Between is this lush planet, filled with wonders and myteries!

- Morgandaûr

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