Calcutta is the tropical and warm homeworld of the Calcuttan Aelfe, better known as the Calcuttan. A popular tourist location for the Dutch people and a place of pilgrimage for the Aelfe of the Space in Between. Calcutta is known for its kind and warm people, tropical weather and beautiful beaches, crab dishes and its the Cathredal of Qo-Oh, one of the holiest places within the Space in Between.

History[edit | edit source]

Calcutta and its famous Cathredal

The earliest record of civilization on Calcutta date back to 753 BC when the Aelfe on the planet raised their city and their nation, the Ordinis Sancti of Calcutta. Over the centuries the Aelfe thrived on the planet and around 53 BC construction on the Cathredal of Qo-Oh started and took over 250 years to finish. Over the centuries the planet never experienced conflict and the native Aelfe lived in harmony with each other and nature. Upon the space faring of the Aelfe and other races within their sector, Calcutta became a place of pelgrimage for those wishing to visit and pary at the Cathredal annualy at the 28th of May.

Calcutta was discovered by the Kingdom of the Netherlands around 2800 when they explored the Space in Between. Within the same year the planet grew out to become their most popular tourist location, where many of the Dutch enjoy the sun amongst other humanoids.

Locations[edit | edit source]


The main city Calcutta is known for its medieval style houses, small streets and various terraces. Combined with a warm and hot climate, clean beaches, delicious dishes, and friendly people Calcutta is ideal for tourists and visitors. Most notable feauture is the massive Cathredal of Qo-Oh- dating back to at least 53 BC and a holy place for the Aelfe. Calcutta houses the native Calcuttan, known for wearing swimming attire as they love swimming in the oceans or walking the beaches, they however don't like sunbathing compared to many of their humanoid visitors.

Calcutta houses restaurants, fort like structures and a massive port for space ships to land.

Calcutta Beach and Fortress of Knights

Calcutta Beach, with Qikku's Bar clearly featured

The Calcutta beach is besides the Cathredal, the second main attraction of Calcutta and most popular amongst humanoids like the Dutch, who enjoy sunbathing, the cool waters and oppertunity to snorkeling with the local wildlife. The main beach is a small island in the bay with a clear sight at the Cathredal and the tidal defenses of Calcutta, which act as a bridge as well and protect the city from the tide and high waves in case of tropical storms.

Qikku's Beach Bar is a popular restaurant and bar at the beach, known for its delicious crab dishes and refreshing drinks, with many alcoholic drinks imported from both within the Space in Between and outside like the Quadrant Galaxies and the Cyrannus Galaxy.

Cathredal of Qo-Oh

Cathredal of Qo-Oh, Calcutta

The Calcutta Cathredal of Qo-Oh is a massive fortress like Cathredal and holy place for all Alefe within the Space in Between and beyond, as such it acts as a place of pelgrimage as well and those willing can pray annually to Qo-Oh once a year in May for health, happiness and peace. The Cathredal features a Southern French Gothic Style design and is build out of brick. Notalbe architectural features include the massive bell tower, also known as the Tower of the Rose which stands over 78 meters in height. The doorway of the King resembles for spires for the four elements and is a prized entrance and photograph place.

The inside of the Cathredal features various benches, the pulpit for the Cleric of Calcutta from where he provides his preaches and readings. Within the bell tower the statue of the Fallen Rose is featured, a female Aelfe represents the sad tale of her poisoning and the end of her tyrannical rule, she is wrapped in a red cloack and is rested on a large hand, representing the people of Aelfe who somehow still loved her. Legends claim, that her last words were suppossed to be too late. This is fidelity

Within the Cathredal various statues of Qo-Oh are featured and contains various ancient parchments as well.

Calcutta Port

Calcutta Port, with clear sight on the Cathredal

Calcutta Port, better known just as Calcutta Landing Port is the main embarkation and disembarkation side of Calcutta. The port resembles an ancient fort and can house up to four medium sized vessels, at least eight small freighters and up to twelve fighters. Major operators on the port are the Dutch Trade Company, KLMi and the Legatus Sphyrna Cruise Liner.

Upon arrival at the port people have to pass customs and get their visas for allowance to enter the main city. Though customs is rather relax in handling tourists they are strict against smugglers and do not tolerate the import of spice and dangerous goods, nor do they tolerate the export of captured wildlife or shells from the beaches.

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Wildlife[edit | edit source]

Calcutta is home to various Scions.


Calcutta Crabini large.png

  • Name:Calcutta Crabini
  • Type: Water Scion
  • Lenght: Between 0.2 meter to 0.4 meter, largest specimen 1.2 meter

Crabini is a small crustacean Scion with a strong outer shell protecting its smaller body. Its upper half is orange and has its eyes and two small spikes on top of its head. Its light yellow arms are connected to the upperbody, while its lower body is also light yellow, connected to the lower body are four long thin legs. Crabini feature two large, orange pincers at the end of its arms, mainly used for offense and as a form of balance. In case of losing one, it may regenerate over time.

Crabini walk sideways and are often captured and cooked for the delicious Crabini Dishes.

Crabini live near the edge of salt water and beaches, and can be quite agressive defending its territory. It can create foam to shroud its body, in order to confuse its opponents into thinking it is bigger than actually is. It can also use is pincer to hurt its opponents and shoot small arrays of water from its mouth.

Calcuttan Pelegull Large.png
  • Name:Calcutta Pelegull
  • Type: Water Bird
  • Lenght: Between 1.0 and 1.2 meters

The Calcutta Pelegull are pelican-like Scion whose head and bill make up the majority of its body. It has white feathers with blue marking on its head and tip of the wings. Two large eyes are featured on the head and often give the creature is comedial appearance. Pelegulls bill is a throat pouch that it can use to carry egges, small Pelegulls or capture fish for food. It skimms across the top of waves and scoops down in the water in search of food.

Calcuttan StarseaLarge.png
  • Name: Calcuttan Starsea
  • Type: Water/Psychic
  • Length: Up to 1.6 meters

The Calcutta Starsea is a violet starfish-Scion with five appendages each. It also has a golden formation in the center with a bright red diamond. The Calcutta Starsea is able to both swim under water and fly small distances above wile rotating its body at high speeds.

Its diamond can generate small psychic blast that can send a grown human to its knees. Though the Starsea are actually quite friendly and curious Scions, often going near the shores of Calcutta and allow its visitors to use them as floating beds and are often seen joining tourists in throwing balls.

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