Caeruleo 7.3 is the third large moon of the seventh planet of the Caeruleo system, 2.14 light-years from the Nivenia system. Originally, Caeruleo 7.3 was not of much value, other than its large frozen lakes of water, so colonizing it would still be marginally profitable, and only that because of its relatively weak gravity well. However, it was this inexpensive nature that caused it to be transformed into its current state.


Caeruleo 7.3 was colonized in the late 20's NE, largely by independent miners, homesteaders, and isolationists. It remained relatively undeveloped, with a population scarcely over a billion, for more than a decade, and only began to slowly grow when the Caeruleo system's population exceeded several quadrillion. This development progressed in a similar way to the other moons of Caeruleo 7, and, if the moon had developed normally, it likely would have remained a relatively undeveloped portion of the Caeruleo system, until it was eventually destroyed for materials.

However, the planet's development, and to a lesser extent the development of the planets surrounding it, were dramatically altered with the decision by a decision in Neochios, 43 NE. An organization had formed out of seven of the twelve largest corporations native to Caeruleo at the time, for the purpose of trying to turn a planetary-sized object into a computer. After careful deliberation, they chose Caeruleo 7.3, simply because it was the least developed planet in the system, at least in terms of the amount of wealth stored on it.

Over a little more than the next year, the organization of corporations began to coat the entire surface of the moon in a massive layer of computers, buildings, power planets, air conditioning, and radiators, ten kilometers thick. This project was only finished on Mates 3, 45 NE, leaving a dramatically changed world. The moon was now twenty kilometers wider, and had a massive layer of radiators over it, with a hot side temperature of roughly 1200 K, which allowed it, when its fusion reactors were running at full capacity, to use 1.2 exawatts of useful work. This would be used to support the moon's massive computer banks, and well as reject the heat generated by the hundred trillion researchers the facility was designed to accomodate - which, at full capacity, would exceed the 80 trillion researchers on Nivenia Prime by 25%. However, the moon's computers used extremely unstable software to improve efficiency, featuring unstable-yet-restrained artificial intelligences as a method to quickly and efficiently generate creative ideas. However, due to the high degree of networking between the various computers in Caeruleo 7.3, it would cause an unpredictable chain reaction as trillions of unstable artificial intelligences consumed each other.


Artificial Intelligence[]

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